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15 best all-you-can-eat dim sum deals in Hong Kong

By Localiiz 30 August 2019 | Last Updated 12 August 2021

Header image courtesy of Duddell’s (via Facebook)

Originally published by Gigi Wong. Last updated by Alisa Chau.

Forget stale and cold dim sum buffets, slowly wilting away underneath a subpar heating lamp! There is nothing better than having piping hot, made-to-order dim sum coming straight out of the kitchen to your table, elegantly served in steaming bamboo baskets. Chuck in an all-you-can-eat deal and you can chow down on as many fluffy char siu bao and meaty siu mai as you desire!

If just reading the above has triggered your appetite, read on to see our picks of the best all-you-can-eat dim sum deals in Hong Kong, where you can savour more than 30 varieties of Cantonese delicacies at all price points.

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Affordable (under $150)

Photo: Sheung Moon Chinese Cuisine

Sheung Moon Chinese Cuisine (常滿百家菜)

Here’s something for those with a formidable appetite. Located in Tsuen Wan, Sheung Moon Chinese Cuisine offers all-you-can-eat dim sum every day at bargain prices, including weekends and public holidays for an extra blip of an additional fee (starting from $8). You can indulge in all kinds of buns and bite-sized delicacies, as well as Cantonese dishes. The dining period is divided into a luncheon session from 11 am, teatime session from 2 pm, and a dinner session from 6 pm but you’re welcome to eat out for the whole five-and-a-half hours—should you be able to stomach it.

Food-wise, it serves understated but palatable cuisine, including Tainan-style Ta-a noodles, Mongolian lava egg custard buns, and their signature pork-stuffed Goubuli steamed buns. Considering that it’s very competitively priced, the dining experience is bound to be a bit cramped, so be prepared to sit back-to-back with other patrons.

Sheung Moon Chinese Cuisine, 12/F, Emperor Plaza, 55 Chung On Street, Tsuen Wan | (+852) 3188 9978

Photo: Fai Gor Gourmet (via Facebook)

Fai Gor Gourmet (輝哥私房菜)

Evoking nostalgia for family yumcha (飲茶; traditional dim sum and tea brunch) sessions, this homely space presents a bang-for-your-buck deal of up to 50 varieties of old-school dim sum items. If you are looking to try something special, their menu also offers various signature siu mai (燒賣; pork, shrimp, and mushroom dumpling) varieties, loaded congees, wok-fried main dishes, as well as greens. Some standout options are definitely the bouncy quail egg siu mai that wedges a juicy mushroom inside its filling, the distinct pork liver siu mai, and the ginger and spring onion beef puff.

The all-you-can-eat deal is available from Mondays to Fridays at the whopping price of $78, and $98 over the weekends and public holidays. Be sure to swing by for your 90-minute meal during one of two of their daily sessions which start from 11.45 am and 1.30 pm.

Fai Gor Gourmet, 2/F, Place 18, 18 Cheong Lok Street, Jordan | (+852) 2606 7278

Photo: Star of Canton

Star of Canton (利寶閣)

As a highly-regarded Cantonese restaurant, Star of Canton’s all-you-can-eat luncheon is an unbelievable bargain. Luxuriate in dozens of types of made-to-order dim sum for two hours. Several fixtures are offered as the must-east options, including the crystal skin har gow (蝦餃; prawn dumplings) and spongy oat cakes, whilst there is a limited-edition menu on offer each season which highlights a special ingredient. For example, the coriander menu earlier this year featured the gooey green coriander lava bun, or the black truffle line which stars a decadent black truffle shrimp toast.

The free-flow deal is available on business days at $134 for adults and $67 for children, and costs $158 and $79 respectively over weekends and public holidays. The latter has two sessions per day, with designated seating times of 11.00 am and 1.15 pm.

Star of Canton, locations across Hong Kong

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Photo: @carmenonfoodiemode (via Instagram)

Ming Bistro (名館)

Bringing stylishness and new-school flair to dim sum, Ming Bistro specializes in Chinese cooking that fleshes out newfangled flavours from regional cuisines. Classic small bites have been revamped with a chic touch, like the stuffed glutinous rice mochi now dipped in a coating of berry-red puffed rice crisps, or the handmade black Iberian pork zongzi. Tuck into their brilliant roster of items for a full 90 minutes, and be sure to take some cute snaps of the hexagonal bamboo steamers (only at the Causeway Bay branch) and quirky presentations that are doled out. Do keep in mind that the pricing differs between their Hysan Place branch and their Whampoa location, with the former charging $138 for their all-you-can-eat selection, and the latter, $98.

Ming Bistro, locations across Hong Kong

Club One

Aside from offering a gorgeous multipurpose venue at several prime locations around Hong Kong, the ClubOne spaces in Tsuen Wan and Whampoa also dish up a three-hour dim-sum sesh for lunchtime (11.30 am to 2.30 pm) and afternoon tea (3 pm to 6 pm). Sure to bring a smile to your face, as the deal costs only $148, with a minimum booking of two parties. Each guest will be served a platter of caviar and abalone puffs, soup dumplings in king coconut, snowy BBQ pork bun, as well as chocolate lava cake, with a choice of nourishing Chinese soup. Their menu includes 36 items, including standouts like bitter melon in golden egg yolk and the vibrant sweet-and-sour pork. If you don't feel like making a trek, their Tsim Sha Tsui spot in Empire Centre also offers the same promotion, but for the slightly higher price of $168.

Club One, locations across Hong Kong

Mid range ($150—$300)

Photo: @sichuanlab (via Instagram)

Sichuan Lab

If you like your dim sum with a bit of a spiced kick, Sichuan Lab has put together a sizzling line of delicacies that will delight your lust for the piquant. Embodying the signature seven flavours of the cuisine—sweet, sour, peppery, hot and spicy, bitter, fragrant, and salty—beloved Cantonese delights blend seamlessly into this fiery regional fare. Step into their sleek gilded restaurant and make the most out of their open salad bar filled with deliciousness amongst the likes of sliced local pork in garlic and sweet soy sauce, and hot & sour flat noodles. Each made-to-order, indulge in freshly made Sichuanese food like scallion cake with diced Sichuan chili hot sausage or the flaming hot & sour pork wonton soup with dried flat chilli. The menu is all-you-can-eat for 90 minutes, and can be ordered on weekends as well as public holidays.

Sichuan Lab, G/F, 28 Tai Wo St, Wan Chai | (+852) 9821 1066

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Photo: 點一龍 dim sum bar (via Facebook)

Dim Sum Bar

Situated in Harbour City at Tsim Sha Tsui is the stylish and elegant Dim Sum Bar, and it’s not like the typical dim sum diners you’ll find in town. With a touch of modernism, it boasts an exquisite crimson interior, and much like its decor, they offer elegant dishes made with top-tier ingredients. Highlights include the king's dumpling in lobster bisque in a luscious wrapping and flooded with delightful savoury broth. The precision-made steamed beef and pork balls with bean curd sheet, replete with vigorous meaty flavours, is also stunning. For a two-hour dining limit, the all-you-can-eat teatime dim sum ($188) is an incredible steal; dishes that normally cost $50 and upwards can now be served endlessly to your table.

Dim Sum Bar, Shop G103, G/F, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2175 3100

Photo: 南海一號 Nanhai No. 1 (via Facebook)

Nanhai No. 1 (南海一號)

Up for a culinary journey brimming with scrumptious eats and a panoramic sea view? This classy Tsim Sha Tsui establishment provides gorgeous views of Hong Kong Island to accompany its free-flow dining experience. For $188 between the hours of 11.30 am to 4.30 pm, Nanhai No. 1 plates up a line of selected Chinese dishes, including dim sum, seafood, meat and vegetables. Delight in classics like pan-fried radish cake and braised e-fu noodles whilst exploring exciting twists like the popular crab meat dumpling and crispy cod samosa. There are also exquisite vegetarian bites like the black truffle vegetarian dumpling and fungus with aged vinegar for those who are looking for meatless delicacies. As a complementary palate cleanser, recommended red and white wines are available on the side at $100 for two glasses. Say cheers to great food with a gorgeous view!

Nanhai No. 1, 30/F & 31/F, iSquare, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2487 3688

Photo: W Hotel

Sing Yin Cantonese Dining at W Hotel (星宴)

For a delectable dim sum and seafood selection that has been steamed to perfection, head over to Sing Yin at W Hotel, which hosts a cozy setting to top notch iterations of Cantonese comfort food. Each afternoon-tea session takes place between 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm daily for $228 on weekdays, and $248 on weekends and public holidays. Guests are allotted three rounds per person for ordering, though there is no limit on how many boxes to tick on each round. Adding a sophisticated edge to well-known and much loved items, their signature wok-fried rice flour rolls in Sing Yin signature XO chilli sauce and baked Spanish Iberco pork puffs with sesame show their eye for contemporary reworks that really do work.

Sing Yin, 1F, W Hong Kong, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon Station, Kowloon | (+852) 3717 2222

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Photo: Madame Fu

Madame Fù

Boasting an artfully styled interior nestled within the 1880s colonial Tai Kwun building, Madame Fù is an artistic oasis of cushy comforts and fabulous eats. Helmed by Chef Mo, who has years of passionate expertise in southern Chinese style dim sum, their daily free-flow dim sum meal showcases a beautiful range of Cantonese flavours. Running between the hours of 11 am to 3 pm, a 90-minute session costs $258 per person. For an extra $280, there is also a two-hour-long free-flow package of sparkling, red, and white wine available to wash it all down. Be sure to dig into a helping of Chef Mo’s exclusive crystal shrimp dumpling which has been perfected using his secret al dente technique. For a fun spin on classic dim sum, try their fusion items like the mozzarella spinach and bamboo pith dumpling as well as the assorted mushroom and black truffle dumpling.

Madame Fu, 3rd Floor, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central | (+852) 2114 2118

Luxury ($300 and above)

Photo: The Kowloon Hotel (via Facebook)

Loong Yat Heen (龍逸軒)

Fixed at the junction between busy East Tsim Sha Tsui’s Nathan Road and Middle Road, The Kowloon Hotel’s Cantonese restaurant Loong Yat Heen hosts an all-you-can eat lunch that’s fit for a chilled afternoon pick-me-up. From Mondays to Fridays, enjoy a full spread of varied and delectable dim sum during the hours of 1.15 pm to 3.15 pm. From steamed crab meat and vegetable dumplings to minced fish soup with snow fungus, there is a treasure trove of things to try out. Enjoy a 15-percent discount off the initial price of $323 when booking via the hotel website!

Long Yat Heen, 2/F The Kowloon Hotel, 19-21 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2734 3722

Photo: New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel 千禧新世界香港酒店 (via Facebook)

Tao Li (桃里)

With a spectacular view of the Victoria Harbour, Tao Li is a choice dining space that brings authentic Cantonese cuisine to new heights pairing top notch cooking with elegant presentation. A yum cha experience that has you covered from the appetizers to dessert, this all you can eat offer is an executive lunch available Mondays to Fridays from 12 pm to 2.30 pm. Choose from a rotation of over 20 entrées, like stewed beef tendons with turnip and chu hou paste, amongst other delicious goodies such as baked shredded turnip pastries with Jinhua ham or simmered bitter squash with garlic in supreme soup. The deal, however, requires a minimum of two diners and costs $660 in total, levelling out to $330 per head.

Tao Li, 2/F, 72 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East | (+852) 2313 4222

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Photo: The Mira

Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira (國金軒)

The best part about dim sum is being able to have a little bit of everything. Head over to The Mira between Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, during 11.30 am for a two-hour-long feast that gives you a well-rounded taste of Chinese cuisine. Those who like the sweeter things in life should be happy to find out that there are always up to seven freshly made dessert options on the roster, with the dessert soup being updated on the daily. Of course, must-eat items on the dim sum checklist like steamed barbecue pork bun and steamed rice flour rolls stuffed with prawns are still up for grabs. The offer costs $388 per person, and can be booked via WhatsApp at (+852) 6273 3588 or The Mira's website.

Cuisine Cuisine, 3/F, The Mira Hong Kong, Mira Place, 118 – 130 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2315 5222

Photo: Hyatt Regency

The Chinese Restaurant at Hyatt Regency (凱悅軒)

Step back in time upon entering The Chinese Restaurant, as its 1920s-inspired decor is reminiscent of an old-school teahouse where people used to spend their days chatting over scrumptious bites and steamy fragrant brews. Located within the Hyatt Regency, this classy dining room shows a broad variety of distinctive Chinese eats, and its amazing dim sum range is definitely one to head over for. At $328 per person, their assortment of delights are offered daily from 10 am to 2.30 pm, with a 30-percent added discount if you return the table before noon. Indulge in some juicy barbecued pork and crispy shrimp spring rolls whilst lounging with your loved ones.

The Chinese Restaurant, 3/F, Hyatt Regency, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 3721 7788

Photo: Duddell’s


What better way to savour a weekend brunch than swathed in the lap of art and style? A chic getaway in the heart of busy Central, Duddell's gathers swanky curations to put on display in a sleek yet inviting interior space designed by Isle Crawford, and marrying it with mouthwatering eats devised by an in-house Michelin-starred team. Swing by for their weekend salon brunch ($588), served fresh upon order, and savour the best of classic dim sum items. Nibble on plump pork and shrimp dumpling with crab roe, heavenly Peking duck, and crunchy deep-fried bean curd roll, with an unending stream of fresh juice and soft drinks to boot. Turn that into a boozy brunch by trying out their espresso martini as part of their free-flow option ($888), premium package ($1,208) or Krug prestige package ($1,988).

Duddell's, 1 Duddell Street, Central | (+852) 2525 9191

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