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10 irresistible truffle fries to try in Hong Kong

By Ching Yuen 29 October 2019
Photo courtesy of Devon Café
Truffle is one of the three most luxurious delicacies in the world, so popular that it has made its way even into the most common of dishes. We are sure you must have seen the word “truffle” mentioned more than once in menus, from truffle cheese and truffle risotto to truffle dumplings and truffle steak. The slight mention of the word is enough to justify sky-high prices, but there is a loophole. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you the evergreen truffle fries!

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vea truffle fries hong kong

1. VEA

After having VEA’s Truffle Fries ($68), we can confirm that there is an art to truffle and fast food! A handful of short fries are cooked to the perfect crunch, poured into a small bean sack, and topped with a dusting of Parmesan cheese. To round up the rustic presentation, a shovel filled with truffle mayo is placed next to the sack, along with a gardener’s glove for some good ol’ farmyard aesthetics. The fries are delightful on their own but also go perfectly with the cocktails curated by genius mixologist Antonio Lai. VEA, 29–30/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong | (+852) 2711 8639

little bao diner truffle fries hong kong

2. Little Bao

Truffle Fries ($98) take on an Asian twist at Little Bao Dinner, as with the rest of celebrated chef May Chow’s innovative menu. This particular dish is one for the mushroom lovers, since there’s not only truffle mayo, but the fries are tossed with shiitake tempeh too. To top it off, a generous layer of pickled daikon cuts through the greasiness. Be sure to grab everything in a mouthful for the full experience. Chopsticks might work better than your hands in this case! Little Bao, Shop H1, G/F, 9 Kingston Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2555 0600
lee lo mei truffle fries hong kong
Photo courtesy of Babyloveseating

3. Lee Lo Mei

Lee Lo Mei, one of Central’s quirkiest dining destinations, returns to the bustling corner of Lyndhurst Terrace, re-joining Lee Ho Sing in the Lee family of restaurants. We absolutely adore the dish names as well as the drink names, often using Cantonese puns that also roughly translate into something funny in English as well. Our ultimate favourite is, of course, the Extra Fries Not Exercise ($98), served with a blob of fragrant truffle mayo and salted egg yolk dust. The ridges of the fries are perfect for scoping up the truffle mayo and also gives the fries extra crunch! Lee Lo Mei, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central | (+852) 2896 7688

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bib n hops truffle fries hong kong

4. Bib N Hops

Mixing seaweed and truffle, Bib N Hops does a Korean-fusion version of Truffle Fries ($78). Served in a little steel basket, the dish matches perfectly with the urban, loft-like space with a sophisticated industrial design aesthetic. With a spacious patio and dining room with natural light, the venue is open and airy. The exposed brick walls and modern graffiti give a cool, relaxed vibe so you can chow down on your aromatic fries like a true hipster. Bib N Hop, locations vary

espresso alchemy truffle fries hong kong

5. Espresso Alchemy

Just because you’re heading off to a café to chill doesn’t mean that you have to drink coffee. In fact, you can nosh on fries, too! Though Espresso Alchemy is better known for coffee, their Truffle Fries ($49) are equally attractive. This mini bucket of fries comes with sprinkles of truffle salt, and ketchup and truffle mayo on the side. It’s the perfect snack to go with a beer for a lazy afternoon. Espresso Alchemy, locations vary
potato corner truffle fries hong kong
Photo courtesy of hkfoodie90s_ig

6. Potato Corner

This French fries chain from the Philippines has proven their worth by opening locations in more than 12 cities in Asia. Their fries are made to order, and before it cools down, they sprinkle powdered flavouring on top and toss them to create some of the most intensely-flavoured fries in town. Their Truffle ($28) flavour is a must-have and, if you simply can’t get enough, you can choose even more flavours by opting for a bigger bucket size! Potato Corner, locations vary

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pause it truffle fries hong kong

7. Pause It

Bringing something slightly different to the list, Pause It does a creative version of truffle fries that we’ve seen nowhere else—Black Truffle Poutine ($62)! The fries are piled high onto a plate before they pour a layer of thick cheese on top and specks of truffle are drizzled onto the gooey layer. The fries may not be as crunchy as the rest, but since it’s poutine, it compensates with satisfying stretches of cheese each time you pull a fry away from the pile. Pause It, G/F, 84 Shantung Street, Mong Kok | (+852) 2348 2138

burger joys truffle fries hong kong

8. Burger Joys

Fries are the loyal companion to burgers, and Burger Joys proves this perfect combo right time and time again. Their Black Truffle Fries ($59) are light and airy, with truffle salt and crumbles on top. One bite of burger and juicy patty and then another bite of truffle fries, oh, and maybe a sip of milkshake or soda to wash that down… oh dear, we’re drooling already! Burger Joys, Shop E, G/F, De Fenwick, 42–50 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai | (+852) 2787 1288

wingman truffle fries hong kong

9. Wingman

For a shop that specialises in chicken wings, Wingman does a surprisingly good job with their Black Truffle Fries ($65). Fried in truffle oil, the long crispy fries are a standard side made to go with their wings. The intense truffle pairs well with almost all wings flavour, and it’s not uncommon to see at least three servings of wings ringing the table with a crown of fries in the centre. It’s just a wingman thing, you know? Wingman, 6/F, Cheung Hing Commercial Building, 37–43 Cochrane Street, Central | (+852) 3426 2418

glasshouse truffle fries hong kong

10. Glasshouse

Truffle fries with a view? Now that is something we can settle for. Glasshouse in IFC serves their Signature Crispy Fries ($58) with a side of truffle mayo. Their fries are fried to golden perfection and always served fresh. Slightly thicker than regular fries, these can give you more bite and more substance. Now that sounds like our kind of afternoon tea! Glasshouse, Shop 4009, 1 Harbour View Street, Central | (+852) 2383 4008

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