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Where to get Hong Kong’s best fish & chips

By Annette Chan 28 October 2020

Header images courtesy of @sunyoung371 and (via Instagram)

Look, fine-dining is great—truly, an art unto itself—but sometimes you just can’t help but crave a bit of grease and comfort. One of the greatest comfort foods, in our opinion, is the classic British pub favourite of fish and chips. Whether you like yours traditional—no fries, please!—or fancy trying something a little more jazzed up, we’ve got just the thing for you. Read on for our favourite places to get the best fish and chips in Hong Kong.

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As per the signage outside this tiny takeaway, “one bite and you’ll be hooked.” We’re inclined to agree—between Hooked’s delicious fish and affordable prices, this is an underrated gem in the suburban area of Mid-Levels. Hooked also comprises the upscale fishmonger next door, meaning that the battered hoki ($55) and breadcrumbed blue cod ($85) on the menu is about as fresh as it can get.

While Hooked is proud to be a New Zealand-style chippy, the customisability of its menu screams Hong Kong cart noodles to us—you can adjust absolutely everything, from the size of your chip portion to the flavour of your vinegar and salt, to your liking. We’re big fans of chicken salt—a favourite in Antipodean takeaways—paired with tangy pickled onion vinegar.

Hooked, 80–99 Caine Road, Mid-Levels | (+852) 2915 1118

Photo credit: @so_ban_ana (via Instagram)

White Beard Fish & Chips

Purists, look away—while this Soho spot does do “classic” fish and chips (which even comes wrapped in faux newspaper), the rest of the menu isn’t exactly old school. Besides the signature fish and chips ($75), White Beard’s most popular dishes include the red hot chilli fish and chips($78) and our favourite, the tom yum fish and chips ($88).

If you’re not a fan of thick-cut British chips, you can even sub them out for onion rings, salad, mashed potatoes, hash browns, or garlic bread. Traditional? No. Delicious? To quote our favourite talking dog, “Oh yes.”

White Beard Fish & Chips, 55 Peel Street, Central | (+852) 2803 0082

Photo credit: @loveufoodie (via Instagram)

Chip In

Not only is this little Sai Kung shop a great, authentic chippy, but it’s also a socially responsible business, with the owner making a point to hire ethnic minorities, mentally disabled people, and rehabilitated offenders as staff. Chip In has also given out biodegradable cutlery since day one—which, in their case, was 2012.

All of this helps to offset our guilt about eating their decadent deep-fried Oreos ($20 for three) and large beer-battered cod and chips ($78; comes with a free deep-fried Oreo). If you take the “in for a penny, in for a pound” kind of approach to your meals, consider the other chip shop classic that Chip In offers—battered sausages ($25).

Chip In, 9 King Man Street, Sai Kung | (+852) 9761 5091

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Photo credit: @hkgstreetphotographer (via Instagram)

The Globe

Soho regulars need no introduction to The Globe—this warm and welcoming gastropub is even more of a Graham Street institution than the GOD mural. Pop in for a pint or two after work—just like the pub itself, the beer selection is surprisingly large—and line your stomach with the generously portioned beer-battered fish and chips ($180). Crispy, flaky, and fresh, this is a fish that always hits the spot.

The Globe, 45–53A Graham Street, Central | (+852) 2543 1941


This relaxed Aussie-style brunch spot may be best known for its soft-shell crab burger and spicy crab pasta, but you shouldn’t sleep on their fish and chips ($158) either. The malt vinegar mayo and pea ketchup that come on the side aren’t exactly authentically British, but who cares about all that when malt vinegar mayo exists?

Catch., 95 Catchick Street, Kennedy Town | (+852) 2855 1289

Fish & Chick

This restaurant has branches in both Kennedy Town and Sai Ying Pun—both of which are equally good—but we reckon the waterfront Kennedy Town location has more of a classic fish and chips vibe (sans seagulls, which is a huge plus in our books).

Out of all the restaurants listed here, Fish & Chick has the widest selection of fish by far, with nine varieties ranging from popular choices like haddock and cod (both $140) to less-common options, like New Zealand monk fish ($145). If your dining partner happens to be seafood-averse, don’t worry—as per its name, Fish & Chick also does a mean rotisserie chicken.

Fish & Chick, locations across Hong Kong

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King’s Belly

You might not expect to find authentic British fish and chips out in the New Territories, but you probably wouldn’t be expecting to find King’s Belly, either. This popular Tai Po watering hole is a “proper” British pub—read: lots of beers and ciders, footy on the telly, hearty pub grub—and as such, does a “proper” beer-battered fish and chips ($78), complete with homemade tartare sauce (the peas are decidedly un-mushy, though).

King’s Belly, 6 Wan Tau Kok Lane, Tai Po | (+852) 2663 3550

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