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6 best fried chicken restaurants in Hong Kong

By Jen Paolini 4 June 2019 | Last Updated 1 August 2021

Header image courtesy of Uncle Padak (via Deliveroo)

Forget about Popeyes and KFC—this is where the best fried chicken in Hong Kong is at. Chick out our top picks!

Photo: @unclepadakhk (via Instagram)

Uncle Padak

Uncle Padak in Sai Ying Pun has gained an almost cult-like following amongst devoted Korean fried chicken fans, and for good reason. A serving of the best-selling Padak chicken ($138) is perfect for two or three diners, though whether you would want to share these dangerously addictive, boneless chicken pieces is another question in itself.

Served with a melange of rice cakes and fried dumplings, and topped with green onion and a homemade sauce of your choice, this golden fried chicken is one of the best we have ever tried in Hong Kong. Swill it down with a few bowls of makgeolli ($88) and we guarantee you’ll be in K(orean)FC heaven.

Uncle Padak, Shop D, 53–65 High Street, Sai Ying Pun | (+852) 2117 9792

Photo: Wingman (via Deliveroo)


Wingman burst onto the chicken scene with a start as a month-long pop-up at PMQ Taste Kitchen while the owners were experimenting with their concept, but that’s ancient history. Now armed with three brick-and-mortar shops in Central, Wan Chai, and Mong Kok, these wing-lovin’ dudes are here to spread the joy of fried chicken.

We’re big fans of the signature hoisin & black sesame flavour, as well as the sweet and sour Thai sweet chilli with dried garlic option. Heat enthusiasts will dig the Carolina Reaper style. Wings are available in sets ranging from six to 48 pieces. Wingman is now open for lunch, dinner, and they also do a two-hour all-you-can-eat deal ($350) that includes all items from their wings and nibbles menus as well as selected small plates and wraps.

Wingman, locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

Photo: @foodtravelbabe (via Instagram)

Big Birdy

This popular Australian-style eatery used to be small and snug when it lived its first life as Little Birdy, but after a period of closure, it has returned as Big Birdy—bigger and badder than ever. Its attention is focused exclusively on hormone-free chicken in all of its delicious forms (and the occasional healthy greens and superfoods), from fried and grilled to rotisserie-style.

We particularly like to shop for our meal in the “naughty corner” of the menu, where there are treats like the Heisenberg ($80), a crispy chicken burger topped with cheddar, pickles, and garlic aioli. Its fries, too, are hands-down some of the best we’ve come across in Hong Kong. Also, Big Birdy is one of the only places in Hong Kong that serves a mind-blowing chicken and waffles! Y’all ain’t ready for this.

Big Birdy, locations across Hong Kong Island

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Photo: Dodam Chicken (via Facebook)

Dodam Chicken

Another contender on the market for superb KFC is Dodam Chicken, whose chicken is famous for its consistently crispy skin, succulent meat, and intoxicating aroma. Armed with a variety of flavours and styles—from sweet soy sauce chicken ($192) and original fried chicken ($182) to the more on-trend salted egg yolk chicken ($198)—Korean export Dodam is fully prepared to cater to a myriad of different tastes. And if you are dining with health-conscious friends, know that baked and roasted chicken are also on the menu—though you’ll definitely get more divine enjoyment out of the fried options.

Dodam Chicken, 18A Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2333 8365

Photo: Jollibee Hong Kong (via Facebook)


No fried chicken list would be complete with a Jollibee mention. The Philippines’ most iconic export continues its Hong Kong expansion, now with 11 locations across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories—and boy, their shops are hard to miss, luring you in with a tantalising fragrance of fried chicken.

A regular order of the famous Chickenjoy ($40)—which includes both a drumstick and a thigh, a side of fries, and a drink—is served piping hot, with a crunchy, crisp exterior and wonderfully tender meat. Best of all, you don’t walk away with an oily aftertaste.

Jollibee, locations across Hong Kong


Chicken Hof & Soju

We think Chicken Hof & Soju is one of Hong Kong’s best-kept secrets. This mom-and-pop shop does one of the most authentic versions of Korean fried chicken in town. Also referred to amongst in-the-know foodies as “Lee Family Chicken,” step inside this no-frills, K-pop-blasting hole-in-the-wall for a taste of genuine chimeak (치맥), which is, simply put, a winning combo of chicken and beer.

Be prepared to queue to get your hands on double-fried chicken doused in sweet & spicy ($160) sauce, or honey & garlic ($180) seasoning, or simply good ol’ salt & pepper ($150). Chasing each bite of chicken with a swig of Korean lager is a must.

Chicken Hof & Soju, locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

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