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9 places for the best grilled cheese sandwiches in Hong Kong

By Natalie Fung 28 April 2020 | Last Updated 7 October 2020

Header images courtesy of No Milkshake No Life (via Facebook) and BaseHall Bar

Popularised in the United States during the Great Depression, grilled cheese sandwiches are a simple snack, yet it tastes just heavenly. It might not be a staple dish found in many restaurants around Hong Kong, but you just have to know where to look. Here, we’ve done the searching for you and come up with a list of scrumptious grilled cheese sandwiches in Hong Kong. So, what are you waiting for? Go cheddar them out!

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Photo: BaseHall

BaseHall Bar

Among the wide variety of eateries located in Hong Kong’s latest must-try destination, BaseHall Bar stands out with its focused menu of tipples and mocktails, but they also offer moreish bites in the form of sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches. Sink your teeth into the Classic ($128), a delightful mix of Mandarin Oriental’s “secret” cheese blend, caramelised onion, and chives, and be sure to get some booze from the bar to complement this ooey gooey cheesy snack!

BaseHall Bar, Shops 9A, 9B & 9C, LG/F, Jardine House, Shops, 1 Connaught Place, Central


Doubleshot by Cupping Room

Available on weekdays in the late afternoon during happy hour from 4 pm to 7 pm, the grilled cheese sandwich ($68) from Doubleshot by Cupping Room is one of the cheaper snacking options on this list—but don’t let that fool you. A succulent blend of melted cheese in-between brioche bread (not sourdough this time, as opposed to many other choices in this list), it goes perfectly with the café-bar’s curated selection of coffee-inspired sips. Get here early to try and snag a seat near the windows to enjoy the iconic bustling city views of Central while you savour this cheesy sando!

Doubleshot by Cupping Room, 1/F, Hilltop Plaza, 49 Hollywood Road, Central | (+852) 9225 6639

Photo credit: @bellywongs (OpenRice)

No Milkshake No Life

Renowned for its signature Crazy! Cheers! Cheese! ($78) which is fiery red in colour, No Milkshake No Life—with one branch in Sai Ying Pun and the other in Shek Kip Mei—offers one of the most extensive menus of grilled cheese sandwiches in Hong Kong.

Ranging from savoury options like Crazy! Spicy Sichuan Chicken! Cheese! ($92) to grilled cheeses with a slightly sweet taste like cranberry grilled cheese ($70), all their sandwiches are guaranteed to be super cheesy, gooey, and immensely filling. Don’t forget to try their famous milkshakes, which seamlessly complements grilled cheeses—the ultimate indulgent treat.

No Milkshake No Life, locations across Hong Kong

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Photo credit: @abitesize (Instagram)

Morty’s Delicatessen

While Morty’s Delicatessen prides itself in a variety of meat sandwiches, especially the classic American Reuben, The Ultimate Grilled Cheese ($90) is equally scrumptious. Melted mixed cheddar cheese oozes out of two thick slices of bread of your choice, be it white bread, rye, or ciabatta. For those looking for something more flavourful, feel free to have extra add-ons like avocado or even meats like duck or turkey.

Morty’s Delicatessen, locations across Hong Kong

Photo credit: Kala Toast

Kala Toast

Strategically located on The Peak, Kala Toast is prestigious for its Insta-worthy rainbow toast ($69), which should bring back memories from a few years ago when rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches were all the rage. Extremely gooey, the toast can be stretched for up to metres, thanks to a combination of four kinds of cheese in total.

For those who tend to shy away from artificial colours, don’t be cheesed off: The rainbow effect in question comes from natural ingredients including tomatoes, basil, and lavender. Other than the rainbow toast, there is a handful of other intriguing options, including coffee cheese toast ($55) and even durian cheese toast ($62). Happy exploring!

Kala Toast, Shop G11, G/F, The Peak Tower, 128 Peak Road, The Peak

Photo credit: @fiveguys (Instagram)

Five Guys

Although American fast-food chain Five Guys is well-known for its hamburgers and milkshake, its grilled cheese ($45) is most certainly worth a try. Coming in at quite a low price (compared to most other restaurants), the sandwich consists of a huge amount of oozing yellowish cheese enveloped by two slices of thick white bread. Don’t forget to snack yourself silly on a free-of-charge peanut extravaganza as well!

Five Guys, locations across Hong Kong

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The Flying Pan

As its name suggests, longstanding breakfast and late-night stalwart The Flying Pan is famous for its grilled delicacies, and grilled cheese sandwiches are no exception. Made with a total of five kinds of cheese, the classic grilled cheese ($41) is a true gem.

There is also an array of other grilled cheese options for you to choose from. Give your grilled cheese sandwiches a breakfast twist with the bacon-and-eggs-stacked breakfast grilled cheese ($50) or increase the indulgence with a French onion grilled cheese sandwich ($60), complete with sauteéd mushrooms, slow-cooked onions, and brie. Time to feta-fetch them out!

The Flying Pan, 1/F, David House, 37–39 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai | (+852) 2528 9997

Photo credit: @theshutterwhale (Instagram)

Elephant Grounds

With quite a few branches in Hong Kong, Elephant Grounds offers grilled cheese sandwiches only on weekends from 10 am to 5 pm. Made with cheddar cheese and mozzarella, the grilled cheese ($100) is simple yet extremely scrumptious. Also noteworthy is the accompanying tomato soup and side mesclun salad, which complement nicely with the savoury sandwich.

Elephant Grounds, locations across Hong Kong


Hotal Colombo

Last but by no means least, we’ve found a magnificent grilled cheese in a place that you would least expect it: a casual Sri Lankan canteen. Under the helm of chef Gisela Alesbrook, bright flavours and fiery spices come out to play. Among her colourful dishes, the cheese & seeni sambol toastie is the undeniable star, prepared with a filling of moreish onion relish. Available only on the weekend brunch menu (we weep), you’re going to have to set aside some time and plan ahead for a taste—especially since it’s served on the side with her addictive fried chilli potatoes (seriously, addictive).

Hotal Colombo, 31 Elgin Street, Central | (+852) 2488 8863

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