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Best online delivery services for wine, spirits, and beer in Hong Kong

By Jenny Leung 12 September 2018 | Last Updated 20 January 2022

Header image courtesy of Connor Home (via Unsplash)

Originally published by Jenny Leung. Last updated by Alisa Chau.

Are your kitchen cupboards crying out to be refilled, but the thought of tackling the supermarket crowds is too much to handle? Don’t worry, because grocery delivery services are flourishing in Hong Kong, and we are here to ease the burden with one simple click. Whether you’re looking to order set ingredients for a slap-up meal to cook at home, restock your shelves with the basics, or simply fill up your wine cabinet for the weekend, they’ve got you covered.

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Boasting a unique and ever-rotating catalogue of everything from regional wines to exotic spirits, DrinksDeli opens up your home bar to craft and boutique tipples from all over the globe. Novices and experts alike can delight in its top-notch essentials, as well as explore new drinks options. What’s more, DrinksDeli has curated plenty of bundles that take the thinking out of your party planning and are guaranteed to impress at your next get-together!

How much: Delivery costs $100, or free with orders over $800


There’s probably nothing the French are better known for than their love of wine, and My Market is the perfect embodiment of this. It fills a gap in the Hong Kong market for high-quality, imported French goods, geared towards expatriate consumers in the city. For two years, Maxime and his team developed their range of products, and now offer more than 300 products and 60 French brands. They also have a whole new collection of alcohol: from wine bottles, to classic spirit, ciders, and beers from the Ninkasi brewery that works well for picnics, apéro, and dinner gatherings!

How much: Delivery costs $50, or free with orders over $500

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Photo credit: Wine Brothers HK

Wine Brothers

Stocking goodies from the land Down Under, Wine Brothers specialises in Australian small-batch wine brands that are guaranteed to be absolutely delicious. Voted one of the top five local wine delivery stores, rest easy on your comfy couch as they prepare for same-day dispatches and direct delivery to your home. Their product list updates with new additions each month and even includes Aussie spirits, beers (craft brews and classics), ciders, as well as spirits!  Throwing in a little something extra for our lovely Localiiz readers—simply enter the code Localiiz15 upon checkout for 15% off all items from now until 21 December 2021.

How much: Free shipping on orders over $750, next day delivery available

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HK Brewcraft

Whether you are a beer connoisseur, a brewmaster, an aspiring homebrewer, or just want to have some fun making your own beer, HK Brewcraft is the one-stop-shop for all your needs. A vision brought to life by a small group of homebrewers in Hong Kong, you can find high-quality homebrewing ingredients and equipment, as well as their favourite picks of craft beers from all over the world. They stock over 350 different labels and flavours, including beers from local breweries and curated party packs, so it’ll be easy to choose a favourite amongst them.

How much: Delivery costs $80, or free with orders over $800


With a focus on New World wines, Wine’n’things saw a gap in the market back in 1993 and seized the opportunity. They are now Hong Kong’s largest New Zealand wine importer, whilst also offering excellent red and white varietals from Australia, South Africa, the United States, and Chile, as well as spirits, dessert wines, rosé, sake, and more. They curate monthly specials with great discounts to offer their shoppers a chance to try different labels!

How much: Delivery costs $120, or free with orders over $1000

HK Liquor Store

Since 2012, HK Liquor Store has been building up one of the most extensive online alcohol libraries in Hong Kong, so whatever you’re thinking of stocking up on, chances are that they’ll have it. If you don’t have a particular bottle in mind, there’s a tab for weekly specials for you to explore different types of alcohol and lesser-known local breweries, including up-and-coming local gin distillery Two Moons. HK Liquor Store also offers limited-edition bottles of global liquor brands like Hennessy VSOP and Johnnie Walker for the collectors amongst us.

How much: Delivery costs $100, or free with orders over $800

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The Bottle Shop

Life should be all about small, affordable luxuries, and that’s what The Bottle Shop believes in as well. They feature some of the best craft beverages the world has to offer, establishing themselves as a one-stop-beverage-shop at an affordable price point. In their shop, you can find gins, whiskies, rums, tequilas, crafts beers, and more, and non-alcoholic spirits like Seedlip as well for those who want to join the party without imbibing.

How much: Delivery costs $80, or free with orders over $680

Wine Moments

Whether you are having a fancy celebration on the cards, an intimate dinner for two, or a catch-up with your best buddies, there’s a wine for every occasion, and Wine Moments will help you find the right one you’re looking for. Simply browse through their Wine Moments category, click on the winner, and pay online, and your wine will be delivered within 24 hours to your home. Better still, it’s free delivery when you order over $500—a great excuse to invite your friends over. Alternatively, you can host a mini wine tasting event with their curated sets, which come with 12 mini bottles of wine!

How much: Delivery is free for urban areas


Whether you’re after a simple red or white to enjoy with dinner or seeking the crème de la crème of bottles, this premier wine retail and auction website has got you covered. Founded by Links Concept—one of the largest importers and distributors in Hong Kong—and some of Asia’s largest wine collectors, wine experts, and sommeliers, it’s hardly surprising that Bidvino offers a huge collection of wine ranging from around $40 to the $3,000 mark. Those looking for rarer, vintage wine will no doubt enjoy bidding for their bottles in the weekly auction and enjoying free next-day delivery too.

How much: Delivery costs $100, or free with orders over $1,000

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Offering everything from premium sake to Japanese whiskey and wine to vodka, Cuvées is the boutique 48-hour delivery service that will keep your liquor cabinet fully stocked. Need a quick turnaround? Order before the daily cut-off time and your bottles will arrive on the same day.

How much: Delivery costs $90, or free with orders over $1,500


Whether you run out of wine at your dinner party or want to stock up before the guests arrive, Hong Kong’s first one-hour wine delivery service will come to your rescue. With no minimum order or delivery fee, a speedy driver will deliver delicious European wines wherever you are, in under 60 minutes. Trust us—we timed them! The BottlesXO app is free to download from the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store. Bottoms up!

How much: Free delivery!


Beers, whisky, wines, vodka—whatever the occasion, Chillers has got you covered. Not only that, but their menu also provides mixers such as Red Bull and coconut water, and drink sets like their Vodka, Lime, and Soda Set ($215) and Gin & Tonic Set ($268), so you don’t have to make your way to the nearest supermarket for just a few lemons and limes. We like us a considerate delivery service that thinks five steps ahead! Promising to deliver whatever alcoholic beverage you need in just 40 minutes, Chillers is your go-to online store for a drinking session to remember—or forget! Plus, they’ve made the ordering process super easy by hosting their services on Deliveroo and Foodpanda. Just type in your delivery address to see the full selection.

How much: Delivery fees vary

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Sure, this is a list about the best delivery options in Hong Kong for booze, but for those who wish to imbibe without the alcohol content, Sipfree is here to offer you the best of everything non-alcoholic. Newly-launched Sipfree—a sister company of local brewery Gweilo Beer—offers fantastic non-alcoholic craft beers from breweries across the globe as well as a range of zero percent spirits from Australia.

Whether you’re in the mood for a bock, stout, or IPA, or even spirits like whiskey, rum, gin, amaretto, coffee liqueur, and vermouth, you’ll be surprised to find that Sipfree carries them all in non-alcoholic shape and form. They even offer alcohol-free absinthe (wait, is that even a thing? Yes, it is). You can browse through a wide range of spirits from Lyre’s and craft brews from vandeStreek Playground, Big Drop Brewing, and Mikkeller for purchase in their online shop. Here’s a fun coronavirus at-home activity: Order an alcoholic and non-alcoholic option of everything and see if you can taste the difference!

How much: Delivery costs $50


Since 2009, Liquidz has been busy bringing the best of all things alcoholic right to your doorstep. From fun liqueurs and hard-to-find spirits, fine wines, or fabulous champagnes, their curated selection makes choosing your next drink all that much easier. Stocking everything from Iron Ball gin and Nikka Taketsure whisky to liquor cabinet staples like Cointreau, Hennessy, and Casamigos tequila, Liquidz also frequently runs exclusive flash sales, parting ways with premium bottles for discounted prices—this is your chance to stock up on supplies!

How much: Delivery costs $50, or free with orders over $799.

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