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Best mooncakes to buy this Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

By Jianne Soriano 19 August 2022 | Last Updated 5 September 2022

Header image courtesy of Fortnum & Mason

Originally published by Jianne Soriano. Last updated by Celia Lee.

Is Mid-Autumn Festival really complete without mooncakes? The annual celebration is the perfect time to be munching on the delicious treat together with friends and family. With a range of options available, you might be scratching your head on what to get. Below are the best mooncakes to get in Hong Kong, covering both modern and classic flavours.

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Photo: The St Regis Hong Kong

The St Regis Hong Kong

You are in good hands with The St Regis Hong Kong’s selection of mooncakes, as its range is all about traditional flavours, including the white lotus seed paste mooncake with double egg yolks ($588), mini red bean paste mooncake with mandarin peels ($508), and assorted nuts mooncake with dried figs ($478). Each coveted flavour comes in an exquisite custom gift box. Mooncakes can be redeemed at Rùn.

The St Regis Hong Kong, One Harbour Drive, Wan Chai | (+852) 2138 6988

Photo: Ying Jee Club

Ying Jee Club

Ying Jee Club upgrades its usual Mid-Autumn offering by adding refreshing kumquats for a citrusy kick! The mini egg custard with kumquat mooncakes have a velvety egg custard filling and is wrapped in a crispy butter crust. The mooncakes are presented in a set of six and are kept in an elegant teal jewel box. Get it for $438 or enjoy a special discount if you purchase it on or before 26 August. Buy 10 to 19 boxes for only $398 per box! Place your orders at Ying Jee Club in person, call ahead, or email at [email protected].

Ying Jee Club, Shop G05, Nexxus Building, 41 Connaught Road, Central | (+852) 2801 6882

Photo: Cova


Cova’s mooncake collection gets a facelift this year! Inspired by the full moon integral to the annual celebration, the mooncake box (starting from $508) features a hot shade of orange matched with a touch of gold. Cova also debuts a new flavour, the lava chocolate mooncake, which is crafted using its renowned chocolate. Each piece of the sweet delight is filled with an indulgent chocolate centre as its lava-like texture oozes out with every bite. Other flavours include egg custard, white lotus seed paste, and cranberry and assorted nuts.

Cova, various locations across Hong Kong

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Photo: Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Leave it to the Landmark Mandarin Oriental to make mooncakes fashionable. The hotel group is bringing back its eye-catching mooncake handbag ($438) this year. Intertwining sustainability and fashion, the bag contains six mini egg custard mooncakes. Crafted using premium ingredients, expect a smooth and rich texture with every bite! The uniquely designed handbag is made sustainably, using only responsibly sourced paper for the packaging. Order here and remember to place your order at least 48 hours in advance.

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central | (+852) 2132 0188

Photo: Shangri-La


The master chefs at Shangri-La are presenting several mooncake flavours this year, created with a base of 50-year-aged mandarin peel and red bean paste: original, rose, and caramelised chestnuts. Regular egg yolk and white lotus seed paste mooncakes are also available. Shangri-La Circle members can enjoy 25 percent off on any purchase using the promo code MASLC22 while non-members can still get 20 percent off on selected products using promo code MAFEB22. Order here and sign up here to unlock more exclusive features!

Photo: The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton

You can never go wrong with egg custard mooncakes. The Ritz-Carlton is offering the classic flavour in boxes of eight ($418), housed in a sophisticated jewel trunk in complementary shades of blue and orange. The packaging design is inspired by the mythical jade rabbit and elements from the creative hub of the West Kowloon Cultural District. Even better, you can also get your hands on the Tin Lung Heen limited-edition mooncake gift set ($768).

The Ritz-Carlton, ICC, 1 Austin Road West, West Kowloon | (+852) 2263 2263

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Photo: The Langham

The Langham

The Langham’s annual mooncake offering is a true feast for the eyes, packed in the hotel’s coveted floral boxes. Crafted by the culinary team at the three-Michelin-starred T’ang Court, there are two classic mooncake flavours, egg custard ($528) and white lotus seed paste with double egg yolks ($568), each containing meticulously selected ingredients to ensure the highest quality. Click here to purchase online or visit T’ang Court in person.

T’ang Court, The Langham, 8 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2132 7888

Photo: Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason

Who doesn’t love tea with their mooncakes? Fortnum & Mason has enhanced the joy of the occasion with its mooncake and tea pairing gift box ($608). It pays homage to the Mid-Autumn legend of Chang’e and comes in several flavours infused with Fortnum’s teas: Earl Grey, matcha, and the all-new Royal Blend. Each flavour is paired with a 25-gramme tin of decadent tea. Buy the gift box on or before 21 August to enjoy the early-bird discount!

Fortnum & Mason, Shop 022, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 3916 8181

Photo: The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel

The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel

The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong, which recently opened its doors in July, is also debuting its first-ever mooncake collection. The box ($618) contains the delicious pastry in various traditional flavours, such as white lotus seed paste, egg custard, red bean paste with citrus peel, and red bean paste with egg yolk, presented with an ornate design.

The elegant turquoise gift boxes are adorned with gold-accented imagery of peonies and the majestic peacock, echoing the nature theme of the hotel. In addition, you can also purchase the gift sets with three South Asian delights ($1,088), including the Singaporean signature Ong Lai pineapple tarts, sambal ikan bilis, and prawn crackers. A portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to Mother’s Choice. Click here to order online!

The Fullerton Ocean Park Hong Kong, 3 Ocean Drive, Aberdeen | (+852) 2166 7388

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Photo: Rosewood Hong Kong

Rosewood Hong Kong

Other than its signature mooncake collection ($498) featuring white lotus seed paste with double egg yolks by Chinese executive chef Li Chi-wai, Rosewood Hong Kong has also invited celebrated chef May Chow to create a limited-edition mooncake ($988). Her creation pays homage to the local lemon tea, well-loved by generations of Hongkongers.

Chow uses Fujian oolong and infuses it into the white lotus seed base for maximum flavour. Meanwhile, hints of chocolate, umami, and caramel are also added, along with a touch of fresh lemon juice. All of these delicious delights are boxed into a harmonious collectable packaging designed by creative studio RCS. Place your orders online here.

Rosewood Hong Kong, K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 3891 8888

Photo: Flash Coffee

Flash Coffee

For the first time ever, Flash Coffee is launching its handmade custard mooncake set ($268). Collaborating with local business LY Bakery, the mooncakes come in a set of six, created with the finest custard. The packaging is inspired by and plays along with a series of comical local memes. It represents the workers’ attitude across the city with quotes that resonate with many Hongkongers. You can purchase the set at any of Flash Coffee’s 12 locations.

Flash Coffee, various locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Duddell’s


Duddell’s is much-loved for its annual Mid-Autumn gift box series. This year, new executive chef Yip Kar-on and his team bring back the signature lava cream egg custard mooncakes, but what’s different is the bold packaging designed by Hong Chong Ip that comes in three styles: the signature gift box ($428), the limited-edition LED lantern gift box ($618), and the premium gift hamper ($2,488). In a bid to adopt a more eco-conscious approach, the gift boxes and hampers are made from tea residue-based packaging that is biodegradable.

Duddell’s, 1 Duddell Street, Central | (+852) 2525 9191

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Photo: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

One Harbour Road

Grand Hyatt is back for another year of mooncakes, and One Harbour Road is presenting a selection that will satisfy both modern and traditional tastes. The One Harbour Road collection box ($438) comes with six mini mooncakes in three flavours: egg custard with crystallised ginger, mango and coconut lo mai chi, and red date, dried tangerine peel, and osmanthus. Order on or before 31 August to enjoy a special discount!

One Harbour Road, 8/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai

Photo: China Tang

China Tang

You cannot help but marvel at the beautiful packaging of China Tang’s mooncakes. The eco-friendly gift boxes are elegantly infused with the brand’s classic Chinoiserie motifs while the mooncakes are made with the finest ingredients, ensuring a melt-in-your-mouth sensation with every bite. Priced at only $388, the white lotus seed paste with double egg yolks gift box also includes the egg custard flavour. The gorgeous box can also be repurposed into a jewellery box after you’ve enjoyed all the mooncakes. Get the early-bird offer of $278 per box if you purchase on or before 31 August or $308 per box on or before 29 September.

China Tang, various locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Dynasty


Craving for something classic? One we trust is the Dynasty’s mooncakes. The white lotus seed paste and salted egg yolk mooncake ($408) bring a velvety-smooth texture when you pop it in your mouth. If you fancy something with a modern twist, the pandan and salted egg yolk mooncake ($408) is a treat. You will love the aromatic pandan fragrance as much as the taste. How about something innovative? The Musang King durian mooncakes, imbued with rich durian purée, will instantly captivate your taste buds from the moment you take a bite. Make your purchase online by 4 September to enjoy 20 percent off!

Dynasty, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai | (+852) 2802 8888

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Photo: Nina Patisserie

Nina Patisserie

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a season of celebration and a time to get together with friends and families under the full moon. Knowing this, Nina Patisserie has refreshed its mooncake packaging for an elegant yet modern appeal. If traditional flavours are more to your taste, the white lotus seed paste mooncake with two yolks ($338) can’t be missed. The perfect choice for indulging in a light taste of sweetness is the egg custard mooncakes ($308) while the red bean paste mooncake with mandarin peel ($308) boasts a balanced flavour. Enjoy up to 20 percent off if you purchase online on or before 25 August. If you purchase 100 boxes or more, you can even get up to 29 percent off!

Nina Patisserie, various locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Ming Court

Ming Court

Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant Ming Court retains both traditional and contemporary flavours in its mooncake offering. The white lotus seed paste with double egg yolks ($488) and the egg custard with kumquat mooncakes ($438) will satisfy every palate. In addition, the new mooncake assortment gift box ($438) is bound to impress aficionados. It features the luscious egg custard mooncake, traditional white lotus seed paste with egg yolk mooncake, and the red bean paste with mandarin peel mooncake all in one box!

Ming Court, Cordis, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok | (+852) 3552 3388

Photo: JW Marriott Hong Kong

Man Ho

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with exquisite mooncakes from Man Ho! The Michelin-starred restaurant at JW Marriott is introducing a sumptuous selection of mooncakes, presented in a beautiful gift box. Executive chef Jayson Tang crafted the classic white lotus seed paste mooncake with ginger and double egg yolks ($468) and the eye-popping eight-inch royal supreme mooncake with white lotus seed paste, ginger, and eight egg yolks ($888) to treat your taste buds to a spicy ginger and smooth lotus seed paste.

Also back by popular demand is the egg custard mooncake ($468), perfect for those looking for a sweet treat. You should not miss the red date and rose mooncake ($468), a newly launched flavour delivering an alluring aroma and the right amount of sweetness. Order online by 8 September to enjoy a 10 percent discount!

Man Ho, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty | (+852) 2810 8366

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Photo: Agnès B

Agnès B

Back in the day, Hongkongers used to make lanterns using pomelo peels. Riding on the nostalgia, Agnès B is launching a mooncake gift box (starting from $360) inspired by the traditional pomelo lanterns. On top of the classic lava custard and lava chocolate mooncakes, Agnès B Is also presenting a vegan low-sugar Earl Grey mooncake! The gift box is designed with the brand’s classic star prints with a LED light at the bottom. Once you have finished the mooncakes, you can turn the packaging into a starlight lantern. Get a complimentary Agnès B coffee coupon when you purchase a box of mooncakes.

Agnès B, various locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Pacific Place

Pacific Coffee

Pacific Coffee is not just joining in the Mid-Autumn celebrations, but it is also celebrating its thirtieth anniversary! As part of the festivities, the coffee brand is presenting two mooncake flavours: lava custard and Altura coffee and molten mooncake ($298). The former has a golden, buttery crust filled with creamy lava custard, while the latter is made using Altura coffee beans for a good balance between bitterness and sweetness.

Pacific Coffee, various locations across Hong Kong

Photo: The Peninsula Hong Kong

Spring Moon

A lot of mooncake offerings come and go while new ones sprout every year, but one that has stood the test of time is The Peninsula’s. For more than 25 years, the Michelin-starred chefs at Spring Moon have made egg custard mooncakes to accompany your Mid-Autumn festivities. This year, under the new leadership of chef Lam Yuk-ming, the team is debuting a new flavour, the sesame paste mochi mooncake ($688), alongside its beloved egg custard mooncake ($628). The new offering is inspired by Chef Lam’s own childhood memories of enjoying steamed sesame and lotus seed paste buns with his family. A contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional delicacy, the new flavour features a smooth, multi-layered texture with a rich aromatic filling.

Spring Moon, The Peninsula, 22 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2920 2888

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Photo: House of Orient

House of Orient

Make your Mid-Autumn celebrations even brighter with House of Orient’s mooncakes. The gift box includes classic Cantonese-style red bean mooncakes made from dried tangerine peel from Lingnan. House of Orient has also asked its tea expert to select three premium teas to pair with the mooncakes, which include the Iron Buddha oolong ($398), the sweet phoenix oolong tea ($368), and the rich laoman’e pu’er ($488). Purchase on or before 31 August to get 15 percent off. Purchase 10 gift boxes for 20 percent off.

House of Orient, Shop C&D, 2/F, Entertainment Building, 30 Queen’s Road Central, Central

Photo: Cuisine Cuisine

Cuisine Cuisine

Cuisine Cuisine spices things up with its mooncake range! Presenting Mid-Autumn mythology in a Renaissance style, the mooncake gift box speaks of elegance and style. It includes the traditional white lotus seed purée mooncakes with double yolk ($518), egg custard ($488), and four assorted flavours of the “petit four mini mooncakes” ($518) which are egg custard, rose purée, pineapple purée, and the all-new organic fig with hawthorn fruit and kumquat purée. Buy by 1 September to enjoy discounts!

Cuisine Cuisine, various branches across Hong Kong

Photo: Regal Hotel

Regal Hotel

Whether you are into contemporary mooncakes or traditional ones, Regal Hotel should be on your radar. There are two new flavours this year: creamy custard ($408) and Earl Grey egg custard ($388). Meanwhile, the classic collection ($488) consists of two golden lotus seed paste mooncakes with double egg yolks and two red bean paste mooncakes with Mandarin peel. If you love all things custard, be sure to get the custard collection ($428).

Regal Hotels, various locations across Hong Kong

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Photo: Yuè


Michelin-recommended restaurant Yuè returns with two fun and healthy mooncake collections. Its white lotus seed paste mooncake with double egg yolks (starting from $378) comes with an adorable “Fly Me to the Moon” board game, while the health-conscious among us are well-catered to with the low-sugar white lotus seed paste mooncake with pine nuts (starting from $288), a nutritious yet authentic alternative.

Yuè, LG/F, Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, 1 Castle Peak Road, Gold Coast, Tuen Mun

Photo: Taste Gourmet Group

Taste Gourmet Group

Taste Gourmet Group returns with two new flavours this year! The brand-new Earl Grey custard and Arabica coffee custard mooncakes make up the curious collection ($308) and are the perfect complement to the classic collection ($308) of molten lava egg custard, Uji matcha, and white lotus seed with salted egg yolk mooncakes. Both collections come in a beautifully designed presentation box with a sliding drawer and individual compartments that can be repurposed to hold elegant trinkets. Mooncakes are redeemable till 9 September. Be sure to snatch up a box before they’re all gone!

Taste Gourmet Group, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel

Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel

If you are looking for a jaw-dropping gift box for your loved ones this Mid-Autumn Festival, the pomelo lantern mooncake gift box ($498) by Dang Wen Li is sure to impress. Packaged in a pomelo-shaped paper box, the glowing parcel casts shadows of gorgeous constellations around your home while paying tribute to a classic Hong Kong childhood practice. The box includes six locally handcrafted mooncakes in two flavours: chocolate custard and classic custard. This Hong Kong-exclusive seasonal creation will surely bring back memories of Mid-Autumn celebrations from your younger years!

Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel, locations across Hong Kong

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Photo: Hyatt Centric Hong Kong

Hyatt Centric

Hyatt Centric’s limited-edition mooncake package doubles as a priceless piece of art to be displayed well beyond the Mid-Autumn Festival. Collaborating with artist Don Mak, six mini mooncakes come in a one-of-a-kind collector’s box bedecked in an illustration of the North Point neighbourhood, the artist’s home district. Feast on the delicious Earl Grey and tieguanyin tea-infused mooncakes whilst admiring this heart-warming piece of art.

Hyatt Centric Hong Kong, 1 North Point Estate Lane, North Point | (+852) 3762 1234

Photo: Dynasty Garden

Dynasty Garden

Dynasty Garden is offering a deluxe collection of mooncakes this year that will appeal to modern tastes! Packaged in a seasonal and illustrated box are six rustic mini egg custard mooncakes ($298) with a creamy egg custard and salted egg yolk filling—a wonderful union of contrasting flavours that is sure to bring the family together.

Dynasty Garden, Level 1, Goldin Financial Global Centre, 17 Kai Cheung Road, Kowloon Bay

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