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9 best chocolate shops in Hong Kong

By Beverly Ngai 8 October 2021

Header image courtesy of @charbonnelhk (via Instagram)

If there is one confection that blows every other sweet treat right out of the water, it’s chocolate. A welcome gift for any occasion, a source of soothing comfort in times of stress, and a reliable pick-me-up on a long day, chocolate is practically a love language in its own right; and it only makes sense that chocolate-making has been taken to the artisanal level of craftsmanship and appreciation that it deserves. So if you’re looking to sample this fiercely adored confection at its finest, ditch the supermarket stuff and send your taste buds on an indulgent journey with the best chocolatiers in Hong Kong!

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Photo: @lamaisonduchocolat_hk (via Instagram)

La Maison Du Chocolat

Nothing spells appreciation like a classy box of gourmet chocolates, especially when every morsel is handcrafted in France and made using quality natural ingredients. Recognised for their tell-tale recyclable cardboard boxes and delicately complex chocolates to match, La Maison Du Chocolat is a reliable go-to for all your gifting needs. Delight your senses with a whirlwind of flavours and textures that go far beyond the standard varieties—from blackcurrant and passion fruit flavoured to caramelised mousse-filled and salt-flecked. We’ll bet that their unique and tempting creations will have you coming back to try them all!

La Maison Du Chocolat, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: @roycechocolate (via Instagram)

Royce’ Chocolate

Hokkaido is world-famous for its rich dairy products, so it’s no surprise that this Hokkaido-based chocolate maker churns out some truly exceptional truffles using high-quality milk chocolate and fresh cream. Shipped straight from Japan, Royce’ Chocolate’s best-selling nama truffles are rich and luxuriously creamy, coming in a slew of interesting flavours that range from mild cacao ($115) and bitter chocolate ($115) to au lait ($115), matcha ($115), and champagne ($115). If truffles are not to your taste, they also deal in individually wrapped chocolate squares, wafers, cookies, and chocolate-covered nuts and potato chips!

Royce’ Chocolate, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: @lucullus_hk (via Instagram)


Lucullus’ premium Belgian chocolates are more than just confection, they are miniature works of art. You’ll find marbled gemstone chocolates and adorable animal-shaped truffles stunningly displayed on the shelves and in glass cases like fine art alongside cakes, cookies, and other pastries. Never settling into wearying repetition, their team develops new themed chocolate collections every season, so customers are always in for a delightful surprise. For first-time patrons, their dark chocolate gift box ($248) is the perfect way to graze through some of their finest creations.

Lucullus, locations across Hong Kong

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Photo: @godivaasia (via Instagram)


It is not by chance that this century-old Belgium chocolatier has established such a formidable presence across the globe, with nearly 20 outlets in Hong Kong alone—Godiva’s broad-ranging collection of truffles, bars, biscuits, hot chocolate, and other cocoa-packed indulgences exude innovation and refinement. Whether you want to treat yourself to a premium chocolate bar, gift an expertly-curated chocolate box, or pick and choose your own assortment for someone special, Godiva has something for every occasion that calls for chocolate. If you happen to visit one of the selected stores that carry soft serve, do yourself a favour and grab a dark chocolate ice cream cone ($50) on your way out.

Godiva, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Hakawa Chocolate (via Facebook)

Hakawa Chocolate

You’d never guess that behind Hawaka’s quaint black-and-white storefront on Gough Street, chocoholic duo Mary and Sally are roasting, grinding, tempering, and moulding cacao beans into bars, chocolate-coated nuts, and drinkable chocolate right there on-site!

One of the city's few bean-to-bar chocolate makers, Hawaka take their craft to next-level seriousness, sourcing organic beans from Sri Lanka, Ecuador, and Peru, and ageing them for three months to develop flavour. While their chocolate almonds ($88) and 78 percent dark chocolate bar ($80) certainly deserve their moment in the spotlight, no order is complete without their housemade drinking chocolate (starting from $45), which can be enjoyed hot or cold, and with varying cocoa percentages!

Hakawa Chocolate, Shop 1B, 49–51A Gough Street, Central | (+852) 6163 3563

Photo: @belzimshk (via Instagram)


Founded by Belgian cacao connoisseur Jacky Vergote, Bel-zims offers much to swoon over for the chocolate purists among us. With an emphasis on local artisanal production and minimal processing, this homegrown brand manifests in decadent chocolates free of additives or preservatives, allowing the subtle flavours of Belgium chocolate to shine in their purest form.

They are also known to boast a diverse and eclectic repertoire of chocolatey treats, including artful pralines, spreads, nuts and dried fruits, and their claim-to-fame chocolate cereal clusters, which are available in adventurous flavours like milk chocolate wasabi ($98), white chocolate raspberry ($88), dark chocolate sesame ($98), and more. You can visit them at one of their pop-up booths around the city or shop their full selection online.

Bel-zims, locations across Hong Kong

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Boasting an unprecedented menu of single-origin drinking chocolate, cold brew cacao tea, and chocolate-based desserts, this new cacao-focused café in Tai Hang has taken Instagram and chocolate lovers by storm, offering a unique way to experience all the diversity this tropical bean has to offer.

Although Chokohood is known for its speciality chocolate beverages and light bites, they are equally a good place to stock up on handcrafted chocolate. You’ll find here a solid range of artisanal chocolate bars from various international brands, such as Firetree Chocolate and Solkiki from the United Kingdom, and Definite Chocolate from the Dominican Republic.

Chokohood, Shop 92(E), G/F, 90–96 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang | (+852) 9190 5992

Photo: @venchi_hk (via Instagram)


Another household name when it comes to luxury chocolate, Venchi draws on the finest ingredients and over 140 years of chocolate-making expertise to craft world-class Italian pralines, bars, spreads, hot chocolate, and even gelato. Displaying shelves upon shelves of acrylic containers overflowing with colourful, individually-wrapped chocolates, it’s hard to walk past one of Venchi’s beautiful boutiques and not stop in for a slice of cacao heaven. Take your time picking and mixing your own bag from over forty indulgent chocolate varieties, or opt for one of their luxurious pre-made gift boxes!

Venchi, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: @charbonnelhk (via Instagram)

Charbonnel et Walker

One of Britain’s earliest chocolatiers, Charbonnel et Walker has managed to retain its endearing vintage charm by way of design and time-honoured culinary methods while keeping up to date with modern flavours and influences. Having made its way to our shores in 2020, the British-based chocolatier is best known for its velvety and uber-smooth chocolate truffles, with dark sea salt caramel ($228) and dark marc de champagne ($228) standing out as best-selling flavours. Your inner child will also delight at whimsical riffs like milk sea salt billionaire shortbread ($228) and strawberries & cream ($228).

Charbonnel et Walker, Shop 104, 1/F Landmark Alexandra, 18 Chater Road, Central | (+852) 9303 6782

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