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Where to find Asian speciality grocery stores in Hong Kong

By Catharina Cheung 14 January 2021 | Last Updated 1 July 2022

Header image courtesy of Muji

The term “speciality grocery stores” always seems to bring to mind Western gourmet delis, but we should not forget that Hong Kong also has a diverse range of ethnic Asian grocery stores stocking plenty of flavours from India, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, and Korea. Read on to find out where to find Asian speciality grocery stores when you need a good garam masala mix, tamarind, or a specific brand of fish sauce!

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Indian stores

Photo: Maharaja Mart (via Facebook)

Maharaja Mart

Tucked away in Tsim Sha Tsui, the former Maharaja’s Indian Emporium isn’t large but is possibly the best in town for South Indian ingredients. Mainly stock up on masalas, dal, and organic ingredients here, but it does also have a wide range of products across the board—even tickets for Bollywood movie screenings across the city! Orders of over $300 on the online store will receive free delivery.

Maharaja Mart, 205, 2/F, Haiphong Mansions, 99–101 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2756 5611

Photo: StarMart HongKong (via Facebook)

Star Mart

Arguably the largest Indian grocery distributor in the region, Star Mart operates six stores across Hong Kong and one in Macau—the To Kwa Wan branch is the newest and biggest, called Star Mega Mart. With so many locations, Star Mart’s best quality is the convenience in finding them, though their festival special range is worth checking out as well. It also offers store membership, which gives discounts of up to 30 percent on purchases.

Star Mart, Unit A&C, G/F, K.K. Industrial Building, 5 Mok Cheong Street, Ma Tau Kok, To Kwa Wan | (+852) 2366 6534

Photo: @regencyspices (via Instagram)

Regency Spices

Look no further if you need to spice up your life! This family business has been running for generations, and they know their stuff. All the herbs and spices sold here are naturally farmed and processed from each season’s fresh crop. While these are sold in their original whole form whenever possible to retain flavour, the store can also grind them to order. Sticking to what they do best, this isn’t the place to hit up if you’re in need of lentils or curry pastes, but when it comes to spices, Regency’s range is unparalleled.

Regency Spices, 8A, Ming Wah Industrial Building, 17–33 Wang Lung Street, Tsuen Wan | (+852) 3525 0060

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Photo: Shop Easy Superstore (via Facebook)

Shop Easy Superstore

This neighbourhood grocery store stocks all your Indian pantry staples, and always seem to have discounts on products. It will also bring out festive specials in both foods and decorations before celebrations and holidays, be it Navratri or Diwali. From its original store in Tsim Sha Tsui, Shop Easy Superstore has now expanded to three locations including Tung Chung and Central.

Shop Easy Superstore, B/F, Golden Crown Court, 66–70 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2488 8402

Photo: Indian Provision Stores (via Facebook)

Indian Provision Store

Widely known on Hong Kong Island, this grocery store is always well-stocked with grains, pulses, sauces, chutneys, herbs, spices, condiments, and snacks, flown in straight from India. It may be small, but the location is great for ease of popping in when you happen to be in town.

Indian Provision Store, 18–20 Bowrington Road, Wan Chai | (+852) 2891 8324

Thai stores

Ruamjai Thai Grocery

When it comes to shopping for Thai ingredients, there’s no better place to go than Kowloon City, also known as Hong Kong’s “Little Thailand.” Ruamjai is one of the more well-known options, and is a jumble of good quality fresh and dried ingredients—everything you need to make a great Thai meal. Don’t forget to also check out the ready-made curries and desserts.

Ruamjai Thai Grocery, 21 South Wall Road, Kowloon City | (+852) 2716 4808

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Cheong Thai Supermarket

Another popular store in Little Thailand is Cheong Thai, which has been around since the 1970s. We love that they get their produce flown in straight from Thailand several times a week for optimal freshness. Apparently, they are also the supplier for a number of Thai restaurants, and if the delectable eateries nearby are any indication, Cheong Thai’s ingredients are top-notch indeed.

Cheong Thai Supermarket, 25 Kai Tak Road, Kowloon City | (+852) 2382 1988

Stone Nullah Lane

Back on Hong Kong Island, head to a little dead-end road behind Wan Chai Market to find two Thai grocery stores sitting right next to each other. It’s unclear if Tree Thai Grocery and Bangkok Thai Product are technically owned by the same people, but if you’re already there, then you might as well pop into both for a nosey around.

Tree Thai Grocery, Shop 5, G/F, Luckifast Building, 1–13 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai

Shing Fat Coconut & Spices

Technically, this isn’t a Thai grocery store and is actually a Chinese business specialising in coconuts. However, it just so happens that its stock list comprises plenty of ingredients used in Thai dishes, so it kind of counts in our books. This no-frills shop, which originally used to be in Wan Chai, will fulfil all your coconut-related needs, be it fresh coconuts, grated coconuts, coconut milk, or even fresh coconut meat. It also has plenty of spices, sold by the jars or in smaller packets, for very reasonable prices.

Shing Fat Coconut & Spices, 48–49 Praya, Kennedy Town | (+852) 2572 7725

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Filipino stores

Judging by the number of Filipina domestic helpers gathered around the area on Sundays, it makes sense that World Wide House in Central is the place to go for all things Pinoy. Aside from this location, there are also a couple more options specialising in Filipino groceries.

Photo: Quezon Pinoy Xpress Mart (via Facebook)

Quezon Pinoy Xpress Mart

When it comes to Filipino foodstuff, Quezon Pinoy pretty much has a monopoly on the market in Hong Kong. It has a total of eight branches, including three just within Central itself, so you’re bound to find one without much trouble. We like going here for speciality Filipino snacks, but it does stock a wide range of pantry staples and ingredients as well.

Quezon Pinoy Xpress Mart, locations across Hong Kong | (+852) 2899 2498

Free Market

Free Market is mainly a distributor and wholesaler of Filipino products in Hong Kong, but it also operates a storefront for walk-in customers. They stock everything required for cooking authentic Pinoy meals, daily necessities, as well as items for traditional festivities.

Free Market, 50 Praya, Kennedy Town | (+852) 3162 3931

Indonesian stores

Similar to World Wide House, visit East Point Centre in Causeway Bay for Indonesian speciality stores. Avoid going on Sundays so you don’t have to jostle with the throngs of Indonesian helpers who only have one day to themselves to purchase their necessities.

Indo Market

As one of Hong Kong’s largest Southeast Asian supermarket chains, Indo Market operates a whopping 23 stores across the territories, so this one-stop-shop is bound to stock everything you want and more. The largest branch is the Causeway Bay flagship, but there’s bound to be a location near you.

Indo Market, locations across Hong Kong

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Japanese stores

It’s no secret that Hongkongers are obsessed with pretty much everything from the Land of the Rising Sun, so it’s not difficult to get your hands on Japanese foods and supplies from our city’s various Japanese department stores such as AEON, Sogo, Yata, or city!super. If you want even more specialised stores, however, then read on.

Photo: Guu San

Guu San

This 5,000-square-foot store has already captured the hearts of Hongkongers with its beautiful space. Its grocery section stocks fresh fruits and vegetables flown in from Japan, as well as ready-to-eat meals like bento boxes. Visit the Kome corner for onigiri rice balls and the Sawaya counter for zero-waste groceries sold by weight.

Guu San, Shop 01–02, G/F, H Zentre, 15 Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2892 0868

Don Don Donki

Everyone’s favourite chaotic Japanese shopping destination has multiple locations in Hong Kong. Its discount megastore concept means that you can score some great deals, provided you aren’t intimidated by the huge array of products, glaringly bright packaging, and incessant jingle playing throughout the stores. Aside from fresh ingredients and household goods, no visit to Donki is complete without loading up at the cooked food counters.

Don Don Donki, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Tasting Table Japan Premium

Tasting Table Japan Premium

We love Tasting Table for being the lazy person’s grocery store (guilty as charged), because a lot of their food comes either ready-made or already prepped in some way. Hidden away in a Causeway Bay apartment building, they specialise in imported washoku (和食; traditional Japanese cuisine) and yōshoku (洋食; Western-influenced Japanese cuisine) so expect to find dishes like marinated saba and hamburger steaks. There are also frozen foods, pantry staples, seasonings, and—as with most Japanese food stores—plenty of samples.

Tasting Table Japan Premium, Flat 1A, 1/F, 5–7 Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2562 2560

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Veggie Labo

Vegetarians rejoice! Founded by a Hongkonger and her Japanese husband, Veggie Labo is a unique grocery store specialising only in plant-based foods sourced straight from small-scale Japanese farmers and producers. Everything it stocks is vegan, and often also gluten-free or organic. Pair these ingredients with recipes thoughtfully created by the founders themselves, or even keep an eye out for the semi-regular cooking classes.

Veggie Labo, Unit 503, 5/F, Cheung’s Building, 3 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan

Muji Telford Plaza

We trust everyone is already familiar with Muji’s minimalist products, but did you know that the Telford Plaza branch also stocks Japanese groceries? Expect to lose yourself amongst the fruits and vegetables, condiments, seasonings, frozen foods, Japanese grains and staples, and loose-leaf teas in the 24,000-square-foot space.

Muji, Shop 401–402, 4/F, Telford Plaza II, 33 Wai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay

Korean stores

The area around Kimberley Street in Tsim Sha Tsui has long been known as the Koreatown of Hong Kong, so naturally, you’ll find lots of grocery stores dotted in-between the various Korean restaurants. Here are some good options, though we recommend simply strolling down the street and going into whichever catches your fancy. Note: make sure you’re not one street over on Kimberly Road instead!

New World Mart

New World Mart is one of the older Korean speciality stores in the area and has been around since 1995. Expect to find absolutely everything you need, as well as stuff you didn’t realise you needed, including meats, frozen foods, snacks and confectionery, Korean red ginseng, Korean cosmetics, and even weight loss products.

New World Mart, MW Tower 2, 5 Kimberley Street, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2311 3783

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New World Korean Food

Confusingly, this shop only has its name in Korean and Chinese, both translating to “New World Mart”—same as the aforementioned store. You’ll easily be able to tell them apart though, because this shop is much bigger and less weathered-looking. If the windows full of Korean snacks and instant noodles don’t entice you in, we don’t know what will.

New World Korean Food, 22 Kimberley Street, Tsim Sha Tsui

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Catharina Cheung

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