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Japanese yatai-style concept Jonetz Market to open in Hong Kong!

By Jen Paolini 18 November 2020

Presented by the team behind Don Don Donki, Jonetz Market will debut at the Peak Galleria on 18 December, a food market concept inspired by the culture of Japanese yatai (屋台; mobile food stall). Paying tribute to the festive atmosphere of En-nichi (縁日; festival fairs), Jonetz Market will offer a wide spectrum of food stall delights, perfect for casual grazing after a long hike to the Peak or a food-fuelled outing with friends and family!

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Catering to foodies craving exquisite taste experiences from the Land of the Rising Sun, Jonetz Market will update its menus on a seasonal basis and feature exclusive food items not available at other Don Don Donki shops. Prepare yourselves for a wide range of signature delicatessen and Japanese culinary delights, including national specialities like such as sushi, oden (おでん; fish cake stew), takoyaki (たこ焼き; grilled octopus ball), yakitori (焼き鳥; skewered grilled chicken), okonomiyaki (お好み焼き; Japanese pancake), and much, much more. From Japanese-style fried foods to sweets such as dorayaki (どら焼き; red bean pancake) and candy apples, there’s plenty to nosh on for every palate.

To celebrate the hotly anticipated opening, Don Don Donki will launch two special-edition Octopus cards from 18 December onwards! A black holographic design will be available at all Don Don Donki locations while the signature Donpen version is exclusive to Jonetz Market.

Jonetz Market Peak Galleria, 112-113, 1/F, Peak Galleria, 118 Peak Road, The Peak

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Jen Paolini

Content director

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Germany, and educated in the U.S., Jen is an award-winning creative with a background in illustration, communication design, art direction, and content creation. When she’s not getting lost in a good book, you’ll find her doing crosswords, eating dim sum, covering all sides of a “Hamilton” number, and taking naps.