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Hong Kong’s best Mexican restaurants

By Annette Chan 14 December 2020 | Last Updated 29 March 2022

Header image courtesy of Chino HK (via Facebook)

Originally published by Annette Chan. Last updated by Janice Lam and Tommy Yu.

The question of where to get authentic, honest-to-goodness Mexican food in Hong Kong is somewhat divisive—at least, that’s the impression we got while researching this article—but despite what the detractors may say, tasty Mexican food does, in fact, exist in Hong Kong (and yes, there are even a few Taco Tuesdays in town).

No, the restaurants don’t all make corn tortillas from hand-ground masa (maize dough) and no, you simply are not going to find a taco for less than $10 (sorry, LA expats). But there are definitely some delicious bites out there—from Pueblan sandwiches to inventive Mexican-Japanese fusion and hearty, cheesy Tex-Mex, here are our favourite places to get Mexican (and Mexican-ish) food in Hong Kong.

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Photo: El Macho (via Facebook)

El Macho

With an abundance of colourful sombreros covering the ceiling, sugar skulls everywhere, and sarapes for patrons to try on, El Macho ensures a fun and vibrant Mexican culinary experience. Try the satisfying weekday set lunch ($98) or come around at happy hour for a delicious margarita served in a decorative skull glass, as well as their renowned pulled pork nachos ($148). Besides, they are a social enterprise restaurant—all the more reason to go and show them some support.

El Macho, G/F, 1 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun

Photo: Taco Chaca (via Facebook)

Taco Chaca

Have a craving and want reasonably priced Tex-Mex food? Look no further than Taco Chaca. Their quesadillas are some of the most beloved items on the menu, with the pollo quesadilla ($76) and Thai peanut chicken quesadilla ($78) being the most popular among all. Taco Chaca also has some creative fusion flavours such as mid-Wilshire taco ($68) with Korean bulgogi beef and kimchi that seem to be well-received among their patrons.

Taco Chaca, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Verde MAR (via Facebook)

Verde Mar

With two adorable sloth pinatas hanging from the ceiling, Verde MAR takes on a light aesthetic. Other than regular dishes you would expect to find in a Mexican restaurant, Verde MAR also offers a variety of vegan items, from which the avocado dishes are obviously a favourite—taking up a whole page of the menu.

There are the avocado fries ($79), the avocado burger trio ($149)—it's a burger with avocadoes for buns—and most impressive of all, an avocado ice cream ($88 à la carte) topped with a dollop of mango sherbet as the pit.

If you want to try the avocado ice cream but find it a bit out of your price range, consider coming in at lunch on weekdays. Order the lunch set and at a more affordable price of $38, you can have a taste of Verde Mar iconic avocado ice cream.

Verde Mar, 41 Water Street, Sai Ying Pun | (+852) 2810 0888

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Photo: Tequila On Davis (via Facebook)

Tequila on Davis

Branded with a fiesta theme, Tequila on Davis is best known and loved for its generous portions. Their Mexican platter ($228)—piled on with nachos, potato wedges, deep-fried calamari, chicken wings, skewers, and cheese-filled quesadillas—is definitely a must-order if you are here with a group of friends. The 12-inch big burrito (from $182), true to its name, is packed with tender meat and other regular burrito toppings, and served with Mexican rice, red salsa, and black bean—some even say it is enough to feed two people.

Tequila on Davis, G/F, 1 Davis Street, Kennedy Town | (+852) 2818 1766

Photo: @finley_food_die (via Instagram)

Te Quiero Mucho

Since opening its doors in 2018, Te Quiero Mucho has quietly amassed a cult following for its authentic Mexican food, stellar hospitality, and energetic atmosphere. The seasonal menus feature a mix of internationally renowned dishes like tacos al pastor ($85) as well as more playful items—i.e. the Trump tacos ($50), which come piled with “heaps of beef tongue” and “walls of chicharron” (crispy pork rinds)—and regional Mexican favourites like the Pueblan-style cemita chicken sandwich ($120). Swing by in the afternoon for an affordable and incredibly filling lunch set, or drop by in the evening to people-watch from the terrace with a margarita or agua fresca in hand.

Te Quiero Mucho, The Sheung Wan, 286 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan | (+852) 3423 3290

Photo: Xoco Mexican Cantina & Bar (via Facebook)

Xoco Mexican Cantina and Bar

For a taste of Tex-Mex right here in Hong Kong, head to Xoco Mexican Cantina and Bar in Mid-Levels. This hole-in-the-wall eatery by the Mid-Levels escalator may be small, but more than makes up for it in flavour and value-for-money. The service is warm and friendly, the portions are extremely generous—as in, you can stuff yourself silly in one sitting and still have enough leftovers for the next day—and the chips are free. What’s not to like?

Xoco Mexican Cantina and Bar, Shop 2, G/F., Ryan Mansion, 31-37 Mosque Street, Mid-Levels | (+852) 3620 2323

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Photo: 11 Westside

11 Westside

Much fanfare was made about 11 Westside before it opened—after all, the man at the helm is the “LA Taco King” himself, Esdras Ochoa. Between the guacamole trolley, glittering chandeliers, and literal frescoes of cherubs, the vibe doesn’t exactly scream “taco truck”—thankfully, the food stands up for itself, with signatures being the taco al pastor ($48), Baja fish taco ($58) and the churros three ways ($88). Considering that the guacamole is made tableside to your specifications, it’s safe to say that the guac costs extra here—$150, to be exact—but in fairness, it’s more for the spectacle than anything else.

11 Westside, 1/F, The Hudson, 11 Davis Street, Kennedy Town | (+852) 9300 8068 (WhatsApp)

Photo: Black Sheep Restaurants

Taqueria Super Macho

Any restaurant that moved into Yardbird’s old spot on Bridges Street was bound to have a lot to prove, but it’s been more than a year and Taqueria Super Macho shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, they may have traded the yakitori for DIY condiment trays, but the vibe is still decidedly hip, from the neon-lit bar to the cute enamelware containing the aforementioned condiments. For a fuss-free Mexican meal, go for the Super Macho classics: charcoal-grilled street corn ($42), habanero-marinated steak taco ($38) and Baja ceviche cocktail ($128), and wash it all down with a Paloma ($108).

Taqueria Super Macho, 33–35 Bridges Street, Sheung Wan | (+852) 2333 0111

Photo: Chino HK (via Facebook)


Helmed by LA native Erik Idos and his partner, pastry chef extraordinaire Tracy Wei, the food at this underrated Kennedy Town spot is contemporary Mexican food that utilises Japanese ingredients and techniques.

Start your meal off with the scallop agua chile ($148) with pickled jicama for a burst of freshness, or go for the taco platter to try classics like the Wagyu beef tacos ($78) with shishito peppers. In our opinion, the tostada menu—comprising signatures like the scallop and uni ($90), tuna poke and arbol miso ($70), and furikake-seasoned kanpachi tostadas ($50)—is where Chino’s Japanese influences are most evident. If you drop by on a day when Wei’s famous Thai tea tres leches cake is available, don’t leave without ordering a slice (even if it’s to go).

Chino, 1B–1C New Praya, Kennedy Town | (+852) 2606 0588

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Photo: Studio City by Cali-Mex

Studio City by Cali-Mex

When it comes to Mexican food in Hong Kong, Cali-Mex is a sure staple in conversations and recommendations. Studio City by Cali-Mex, the group’s latest restaurant concept, made its splashy entrance on Food Street in Causeway Bay early last year, featuring an all-new menu highlighting the best and boldest flavours of Mexico.

Unlike its Cali-Mex Taqueria counterpart, this menu elevates its recipes with dishes such as the revamped nachos grande (starting from $178) and your choice of street tacos ($58), with options like marinated port shoulder, grilled cactus, and more.

If you are hoping to pull out all the stops, the braised beef short rib ($368)—a slow-cooked USDA beef short rib with chocolate mole—is sure to please. Order the interactive tableside guacamole ($148), which comes with customisable toppings like fresh jalapeños and pomegranate seeds, amongst others.

With its attractive interiors featuring blue, teal, and terracotta colour tones, along with a pet-friendly alfresco dining area out front, guests can also kick back with a drink from Studio City’s cocktail lounge, featuring one of Hong Kong’s largest range of tequilas and mezcal.

Studio City by Cali-Mex, Shop C, Towning Mansion, 50–56 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2889 1696

Photo: Chicano


Co-founded by Gabriel Perez and Edgar Vigo, Chicano is a neighbourhood restaurant that honours the culinary legacy of Perez’s grandmother, serving homemade, traditional Mexican food that most diners will find welcoming and familiar—the type of eatery that puts heritage and identity first and dishes up flavours to remind us of home.

Hop on the lunch set menu with the exceedingly juicy enchiladas de pollo ($158) and top off with a warming cup of café de la olla ($28). For a full spread, the Mexican food canon would not be complete without the culinary classics—opt for the tacos de pescado ($128) and the tamales de pollo ($128) to round out the gustatory ode to Mexico.

Chicano, G/F, 15 Gough Street, Central | (+852) 5595 3334

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