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6 unusual places in Hong Kong to hang out with your kids

By Gabriella Lynn 8 July 2022 | Last Updated 13 July 2023

Header image courtesy of Oleksandr Pidvalnyi (via Pexels)

After a long period of strict social distancing measures, we—and our hyperactive little ones—could all use a breath of fresh air. Now that public entertainment venues are open again, you might be wondering where else to take your tots to besides amusement parks and the neighbourhood theatre, especially during the summer holidays. Whether you want to stay out of the scorching heat or get up close and personal with nature, we’ve compiled a list of exciting and unusual places in Hong Kong to visit with your kids.

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Photo: TAMYAMMIA SHA (via Wikimedia Commons)

Children’s Discovery Gallery

Museums always know how to make learning fun. Created for children aged four to 10 but suitable for people of all ages, the Children’s Discovery Gallery at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum is where you can learn about wetland species, “work” as an archaeologist, and explore local history. A total of eight play zones are featured, plus a special exhibition showcasing Hong Kong’s vintage toys and board games where the whole family can play together. Kids can also design their own pottery and live a day in the life of a New Territories villager. Admission is free for permanent exhibitions. More details here.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin

Photo: Cup Noodles Museum

Cup Noodles Museum

Have you ever wondered how cup noodles are made? At Nissin’s famous Cup Noodles Museum, ramen lovers can customise their own instant noodles from design to flavour and even make them from scratch (starting from $60 per person)!

If you’re not into noods, there is also a world-exclusive workshop for you to build your own granola cup ($60 per person). Now that you have an air-pumped bag of personalised cup noodles in hand, head to the museum’s gift shop for some savoury souvenirs or get to know about Momofuku Ando—the father of instant noodles—at one of the exhibitions.

Cup Noodles Museum, Shop 26–35, 2/F, China Hong Kong City, 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Kids Kids Car

If your little one is obsessed with cars, trains, and everything on wheels, take them to Kids Kids Car for a thrilling ride! Separated into areas designated for miniature racecourses, ball pits, a fake kitchen and supermarket to play pretend, and more, this all-in-one indoor playground comes complete with electric luxury cars and bouncy castles. Rides start at $60 per 10 minutes and play zones start at $120 per 50 minutes. Click here for more information.

Kids Kids Car, locations across Kowloon and New Territories

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Photo: Road Safety Council

Road Safety Town

Riding (wink wink) on the theme of wheels, Hong Kong’s road safety towns are also a great—and free—option for children to whip out their bikes or scooters. An exact model of roads in real life with stop signs, traffic lights, footbridges, and subways, these government-constructed road safety towns can teach your tots about different road signs and systems without having to worry about the zooming cars. Bookings are required to visit on weekdays, but all road safety towns are open to the public on weekends and public holidays.

Road Safety Town, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: @kewpie_the_corgi (via Instagram)

Cinderella Farm

For families with kids and pets in Hong Kong, leisure farms are always a fun-filled solution to an empty weekend. Just a stone’s throw away from suburban Tai Po, Cinderella Farm is an Instagrammable wonderland with Hobbit-inspired décor, rope swings, a petting zoo, and horse-drawn carriages for little princes and princesses. If your kid has a particular knack for animals, they can feed and learn about how to take care of the farm’s white Percheron horses. Just can’t get enough of nature? Cinderella Farm also has a combined package deal with Butterfly Valley and Pineapple Farm. For more details, see here.

Cinderella Farm, 8 Fung Yuen Road, Tai Po

Happy Garden Farm

No farm in New Territories is complete without vegetable gardens and strawberry patches! At Happy Garden Farm in Yuen Long, families can pick the freshest produce in season and grill them right on the spot, all while taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The farm is also fully equipped with playground essentials like swings, bouncy castles, and slides, so the little ones can roam free and enjoy themselves! The barbeque package starts at $80 per child and $160 per adult; click here for more information.

Happy Garden Farm, 24 Tai Tong Shan Road, Yuen Long (towards Tai Lam Country Park)

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A laidback grandma at heart, Gabriella loves to crochet, bake bread, and play Solitaire while listening to her 78-hour-long Spotify playlist. She enjoys all the simple things in life, but is also down to go crazy once or twice (or thrice) in a while.