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Where to find the best leisure farms in Hong Kong

By Beverly Ngai 12 August 2021 | Last Updated 22 November 2023

Header images courtesy of 448農莊 (via Facebook) and 大棠有機生態園 Tai Tong Organic Ecopark (via Facebook)

As much as Hong Kong’s rolling hills and secluded peaks offer tranquil refuge to frazzled city dwellers, sometimes you get a little bored of seeing the same old leafy scenery and dirt-covered paths, and aimlessly wandering around in nature without an itinerary and planned activities to zero in on.

Luckily, nestled within our expansive countryside are pockets of visitor-friendly farms that not only serve as sources for fresh local produce, but also one-stop recreational destinations. Whether you want to go fruit-picking, pet furry animals, or nurture your green thumb, here are the best leisure farms in Hong Kong for your next outdoor day trip!

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Holiday Farm

Gather the whole family and dive into the idyllic paradise of Holiday Farm! Set up in 1992 as an educational and interactive farm, Holiday Farm is dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and green living through a diverse array of family-friendly outdoor attractions.

Start your journey of discovery with a tour around the botanic gardens and farming area—don’t forget to say a friendly hello to the resident farm animals along the way! Then, move on to the interactive workshops and exciting line-up of fun outdoor activities, like bumper cars, slides, and zip-lining. Once you’ve worn yourself out with a day of being out and about, fire up a grill and settle in for an evening barbecue amidst tranquil surrounds!

Holiday Farm, 62C Tai Lung Hang Village, Sheung Shui | (+852) 2668 4055


Go Green Organic Farm

Strawberry fields and vegetable gardens are a dime a dozen in the New Territories, but have you ever ventured into a pineapple patch? Themed around the sweet tropical fruit, Go Green Organic Farm gives visitors an opportunity to learn about how pineapples are grown, participate in handicraft workshops centred around pineapples, and sample a variety of delicacies made with organic pineapples fresh from the fields, including ice cream, pork chop rice, and refreshing drinks.

Besides pineapples, Go Green Organic Farm’s other claim to fame is their alpaca petting zoo. Ever since four alpacas were imported to the farm from Australia in 2019, children and animal lovers have turned out in droves to pet and feed these irresistibly fluffy fleece-covered creatures!

Go Green Organic Farm, Si Pai Shek, Kam Tin, Yuen Long | (+852) 5579 2178


Nature’s Harvest

You don’t have to jet off to the Netherlands to get a taste of its countryside charm—experience it right in Hong Kong’s backyard. Tucked away on the southern coast of Sai Kung in Pak Shui Wun, Nature’s Harvest prides itself as an organic farm-cum-wellness getaway. Honing in on a laid-back European setting, the premise is beautifully decked out with red-and-blue Dutch windmills, white picket fences, and long, neat rows of farm crops.

A day spent here could see you getting your hands dirty in the fields, buying fresh organic produce, and partaking in culinary workshops and other crafty activities. If you want to extend your stay and make the most out of their amenities, book an overnight glamping experience at the farm!

Nature’s Harvest, Pak Shui Wun, Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung | (+852) 5112 9195

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Butterfly Valley

Butterflies are only one of the many highlights at this all-encompassing leisure farm. It’s true that the rural backwaters of Tai Po are a sanctuary for butterflies, housing 80 percent of Hong Kong’s butterfly species; but beyond the delicate winged creatures, Butterfly Valley is also named after its thriving trademark plant—butterfly pea flower. With an abundance of the violet-hued blooms found throughout the farm’s 46,000-square-metre expanse, it's easy to feel as though you’ve entered a whimsical floral dreamscape.

Take in the vibrant spectacle on sight-seeing boats or with a three-tiered afternoon tea set by the pond. For kids who prefer more action-driven activities, they will find much entertainment climbing on the rope net, picking their own fruits and veggies, and petting alpacas!

Butterfly Valley, Le Jardin, 8 Fung Yuen Road, Tai Po | (+852) 6583 5111

Photo: 448農莊 (via Facebook)

448 Farm

For stellar backdrops to your next Instagram post, look no further than 448 Farm. Part organic farm, part multi-purpose recreational resort, and a full-on feast for the eyes, this Yuen Long destination is every photographer’s dream. In addition to the usual suspects of cute farm animals and greenery aplenty, you’ll also encounter rainbow-like flower beds and unlikely sights like a vintage double-decker bus and a red telephone booth!

Just as varied as the scenery are the activities here, which range from picnicking and planting to mini go-karting and camping. There ought to be something for the whole family to look forward to. If you can, plan your visit on a weekday and enjoy entrance tickets discounted to only $50 per person!

448 Farm, Lam Tai East Road, Lam Tai Village, Yuen Long | (+852) 6684 1448


Tai Tong Organic Ecopark

At Tai Tong Organic Ecopark, you don’t just get to pet and feed the animals—you can strap on a helmet and catch a pony ride, too! With 30 acres of sprawling grounds and the largest private stable in Hong Kong, horseback riding is no doubt a star attraction here, but there is also a plethora of other family-friendly activities waiting to be discovered. Make a day out of strawberry picking, biking, feeding goats, and more. After you’ve had your fill of fun, cap off your trip with a relaxing stroll by the lotus pond and bask in the zen-inducing scenery!

Tai Tong Organic Ecopark, Tai Tong Shan Road, Yuen Long | (+852) 2470 2201

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Photo: @a_piece_of_wood_leisure_farm (via Instagram)

A Piece of Wood Leisure Farm (緣木花園休閒農莊)

Located in the rural backwaters of Sheung Shui, A Piece of Wood Leisure Farm’s intimate venue may feel more like an oversized backyard, but it packs a punch in terms of scenery and activities. You can easily spend an afternoon within its gorgeous, picket fence-bounded space planting crops and flowers, enjoying a barbecue, playing with small animals, and dabbling in all sorts of crafty workshops like soap-making and tie-dying. To really take advantage of the remote environment, pitch a tent and spend the night out gazing at the starry heavens!

A Piece of Wood Leisure Farm (緣木花園休閒農莊), Wah Shan Village, Sheung Shui | (+852) 5643 5497

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