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Hong Kong’s best local farms for fresh produce

By Beverly Ngai 22 February 2021

Header image courtesy of @patchu (via Instagram)

From enduring long lines at the supermarket to braving chaotic crowds at the wet market, grocery shopping is often thought of as a tedious chore done on autopilot more than anything else—but it doesn’t have to be that way! Living in Hong Kong, we are privileged to have convenient access to vast swathes of lush countryside, where you can enjoy lungfuls of fresh air and delicious seasonal produce grown by local farms. If you’re looking to live a little greener or simply want to turn grocery shopping into a fun adventure, head down to one of these local farms this weekend and get your fill of farm-fresh edibles straight from the source!

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Photo: @jodiecymc (via Instagram)

HKFYG Organic Farm

Set by the remote and unspoilt waters of Ho Pui Reservoir, HKFYG Organic Farm definitely has location in its favour when it comes to nurturing healthy and happy crops. Spanning 160,000 square feet, this countryside farm abounds with tasty organic produce year-round. After exploring the sprawling grounds on a guided farm tour and getting hands-on at one of their horticulture workshops, end your visit with a bountiful harvest of leafy greens, root veggies, and aromatic herbs.

Alternatively, for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of travelling, you can also order your fresh goodies online and have them delivered straight to your door! How’s that for making produce shopping easy?

HKFYG Organic Farm, No. 1 Family Walk, Ho Pui Reservoir, Pat Heung, Yuen Long | (+852) 2838 4808

Photo: @samsam1115 (via Instagram)

Lo Yu Strawberry Farm (老徐農莊)

There’s no better way of savouring the farm experience than by getting out into the fields and picking your own seasonal produce. Located in the far-flung reaches of Fanling, Lo Yu Strawberry Farm is a fantastic place to escape the city madness and recharge with some fruit and veg picking fun.

This strawberry farm draws enthusiastic crowds of berry-seeking visitors every year from December through April, but its pickable crops go far beyond what its name suggests. In addition to French, Korean, and Japanese strawberries, you can also get your hands on tomatoes, cabbage, starfruit, dates, and sweet potatoes!

Lo Yu Strawberry Farm (老徐農莊), Ping Che Road, Fanling | (+852) 9168 8931


Nature’s Harvest

Billing itself as an organic farm-cum-leisure getaway destination, Sai Kung’s Nature’s Harvest has much to offer in the way of production and recreation. Bedecked with wooden house displays and a striking red windmill, you’ll find it hard not to get snap-happy the moment you step foot onto this picturesque farm!

Wander into the fields and you'll be further captivated by rows upon rows of flourishing vegetables waiting to be handpicked at their prime. Stock up on cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and cucumbers to make a mean salad, or pick up some bok choy and Chinese chives if you’re in the mood for a nutrient-packed Asian stir-fry!

Apart from offering a diverse selection of organic produce, Nature’s Harvest also regularly plays host to a variety of activities for the kids and adults alike, such as plant-potting, bread-baking, and handicrafts. So bring out the whole family and make a day of it!

Nature’s Harvest, Pak Shui Wun, Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung | (+852) 5112 9195

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Photo: @slimcheung (via Instagram)

AuLaw Organic Farms

Irrigated with natural groundwater and free from pesticides, the produce at AuLaw Organic Farms is among the freshest and purest you can find! Distinguishing itself from the rest, this local farm stocks not only your staple farm crops like lettuce, beetroot, carrots, and kale, but also a range of unique artisanal products like gac fruit and lemon jam ($150) and Taiwanese-style golden kimchi ($100)! You can pick your own produce on-site, order online for delivery straight to your home, or pick up your purchase at one of three select farmers’ market on Sundays!

AuLaw Organic Farms, Kam Tai Kong Po Tsuen, Yuen Long | (+852) 9108 1731

Photo: Herboland (via Facebook)


Surround yourself with the soothing aromas of fragrant herbs and sip on freshly-brewed tea at this hidden oasis in Lamma Island. Open on weekends, Herboland operates as an organic herb farm and teahouse, boasting a wide variety of herbs including the usual suspects of rosemary, sage, turmeric, the less-common curry leaf and pandan, and over 40 varieties of herbal teas to boot!

If you need a little help navigating all their different herbal products, look to their menu which very helpfully lists out the health benefits of each plant. From alleviating anxiety and insomnia to aiding digestion, they have got a fix for whatever ails you!

Herboland, Hung Sing Yeh Beach, Lamma Island | (+852) 9094 6206

Photo: Kam Pok Farm (via Facebook)

Kam Pok Farm (錦壆路農場)

This humble farm in Yuen Long was originally set up to cater to wholesale customers, but since transforming into a community-oriented retail business in 2017, it has welcomed visitors of all ages to pick and purchase produce fresh from their fields.

Manned by 82-year-old farmer Chau, Kam Pok Farm keeps it simple and efficient, specialising in lettuce and just a small selection of other common vegetables. Yet, what it may appear to lack in variety, it makes up for in quality and value. For just $40, you can expect to get eight whole heads of fresh and crisp romaine lettuce and a rewarding experience of farm life close-up!

Kam Pok Farm (錦壆路農場), Kam Pok Road, Tam Mei, Yuen Long

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