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Hong Kong’s best vegan and vegetarian food shops

By David Yeung 6 October 2020 | Last Updated 16 January 2024

Header image courtesy of Live Zero (via Facebook)

Originally published by David Yeung. Last updated by Ashley Siu.

Over the years, the subject of veganism has been widely talked about globally. With many health benefits both physically and mentally, many people have been switching to this more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Here in Hong Kong, there has been a gradual rise in eateries, shops, and groceries that either specialise in or have plant-based foodstuff. Read on for the best places to visit in Hong Kong for vegan and vegetarian produce, snacks, and items.

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Photo: (via Instagram)

Live Zero

Being the first zero-waste bulk store in all of Hong Kong, Live Zero has branches located in Sai Ying Pun and Sai Kung for your vegan and vegetarian food needs. It offers snacks, foods, and produce that are not only environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced, but also organic, vegetarian, or vegan. This includes a comprehensive array of products such as nuts, coffee beans, and other dry foods. Live Zero also has a range of reusable products available, such as toothbrushes, beeswax food wrap, silicone straws, and more. And if visiting the store in person is inconvenient, Live Zero also has an online shopping platform, with home delivery and pick-up services available.

Live Zero, locations across Hong Kong Island and New Territories

Photo: Green Common (via Facebook)

Green Common

Green Common started off as a grocery that focuses on healthy, organic, and sustainable items. Over the years, it has quickly turned into a leading role model of the green eating and vegan industry here in Hong Kong, with a store, an online shop, and wholesale specialising in vegetarian, vegan, organic, and natural foods. Green Common is the place to go if you are looking for some healthy substitutes to munch on. Staff members show their passion through their in-depth knowledge expertise in all the products that they sell, making it very helpful if you are in need of any assistance or are confused.

Green Common, Shop 101, 1/F, Nina Mall 2, 98 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan | (+852) 2662 0553

Photo: Reineckea Cafe (via Facebook)

Reineckea Café

Reineckea Café is both a restaurant and shop that cooks up and sells healthy organic products, with a wide range of vegan and non-vegan options. This fine establishment is located in Sai Ying Pun and offers a variety of both Western and Chinese foods, both frozen and dried, including a selection of imitation meats from different brands and companies for you to bring home.

Reineckea Café, Shop 22, G/F, Kwan Yick Building Phase 2, 343 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Ying Pun | (+852) 5707 1151

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Photo: Food For Life (via Facebook)

Food For Life

With providing a healthier and more holistic lifestyle as its main goal, Food For Life sells all kinds of natural, organic, and vegan products and snacks. From food and skincare to health supplements, this place is truly a gem if you’re interested in improving and maintaining your personal well-being. From different vegan milk substitutes to health vitamins and supplements, Food For Life is a good shop to bookmark if you are looking to change your diet and lifestyle. For those that find themselves overwhelmed by the food items provided, the staff is happy to help and recommend products tailored to your needs. You’re also welcome to shop on the website.

Food For Life, locations across Hong Kong Island

Photo: Batata Greens (via Facebook)

Batata Greens

Batata Greens attempts to tackle social issues regarding the climate and environment through the promotion of a more sustainable way of eating and cooking. Batata Greens has three stores in Hong Kong in all three main regions, selling over 700 types of produce including frozen foods, rice, noodles, and others mainly sourced from Malaysia and Taiwan. Besides frozen and dried produce, there’s also a variety of healthy snacks and beverages available.

Batata Greens, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: (via Instagram)


Slowood is a grocery staple among the sustainable community, with its main focus being to promote bulk purchases and reusable items. But did you know it also has a selection of vegan products on offer? Besides its collection of environmentally-friendly gadgets for your kitchen and your home, Slowood also sells organic pasta, vegan chocolate, and plant-based spreads, to name a few. For those leading a vegan lifestyle, this store also stocks cruelty-free organic soaps and fragrances. You are also able to make your purchases on Slowood’s website—even the items sold in bulk!

Slowood, locations across Hong Kong

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Photo: @seed_hongkong (via Instagram)


For those looking to buy vegan foods with Asian flavours, look no further than Seed. This shop boasts types of organic rice and noodles that are difficult to find elsewhere, including pumpkin brown rice noodles, 10-grains knife-pared noodles, and more. It also offers a wide range of vegan sauces, spices, coconut-based products, as well as curry powder and pastes. Peckish vegan and vegetarian enthusiasts can also get their fill of healthy snacks at Seed, such as organic cashew brittle, sun-dried apricots, and fruit strips. While you are here, stock up on sustainable items for your personal and household care. Head to Seed’s store in Sai Kung, or shop from the website.

Seed, 29 Sai Kung Yee Kuk Street, Sai Kung | (+852) 5703 2223

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