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Where to find the best healthy desserts in Hong Kong

By Corrine Cheung 16 August 2023

Header image courtesy of Kobby Mendez (via Unsplash)

After wolfing down your meal, what better way to end the experience on a high note than with dessert? If you are worried that indulging is unhealthy or concerned that it would disrupt your diet, we come bearing good news! Here is a list on where to find healthy desserts in Hong Kong so you can enjoy a guilt-free sweet treat.

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XTC Gelato

Down for something refreshing and sweet? XTC Gelato offers freshly-made scoops with no artificial additives. Sourcing ingredients around the world, its desserts are gluten-free and soy-free. Flavours include Madagascar vanilla, Hong Kong’s staple milk tea, the signature chocolate XTC, and the refreshing dairy-free sorbetto limone fresco. Apart from scoops, XTC also has gelato shakes that are sure to cool you down in the summer heat.

If you would rather enjoy gelato at home, XTC also sells take-home tubs, gelato sticks, and a cookie sandwich box, which can be ordered online.

XTC Gelato, Shop B, 45 Cochrane Street, Central | (+852) 2540 0105

Sweet Secrets

Being the first bakery in Hong Kong to cater to various dietary requirements, it is no surprise that this pastry shop is diverse in its products and meticulous in the attention it pays to its customers’ needs. Sweet Secrets offers gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, and keto-friendly options. Selections include the best-selling Nostalgia Cake made with grated coconut and palm sugar syrup, and a fragrant and velvety cardamom chocolate ganache tart. A series of diabetic-friendly cakes is also available, featuring flavours such as goji berry.

From cakes and cupcakes to cookies and brownies, Sweet Secrets has something for everyone. Simply order online or contact the bakery through WhatsApp.

Sweet Secrets, Room 1203, Wing Lee Industrial Building, 54 Tong Mi Road, Mong Kok | +852 9371 9089

Photo: @msvanndiary (via Instagram)

Golden Hall Dessert

For traditional local desserts, head over to Golden Hall Dessert. Located in Kowloon City, this hidden dessert hub strives to serve authentic sweet treats that are low in sugar and calories. We recommend the herb jelly in milk and brown sugar and the taro and peach gum with milk custard in ginger coconut milk. You can also add extra toppings like sweet tofu pudding, a scoop of ice cream, or add a glass of shaved ice to maximise your indulgence.

Golden Hall Dessert, Shop 9, G/F, Shing Nam Road, Kowloon City | (+852) 2383 3102

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Yo Mama

Together with the jokes, Yo Mama offers low-fat and fat-free frozen yoghurt that is sure to make your mouth water. Flavours range from the classic original tart and salted caramel to Ovaltine and the swirly Magical Mermaid. You can also top your frozen yoghurt with lychee boba, gummy bears, marshmallows, and many more. With an abundance of probiotic cultures combined with irresistible flavours and toppings of your choice, you can truly savour this sweet treat while staying—somewhat—healthy!

Yo Mama, locations all around Hong Kong

Photo: Le Dessert

Le Dessert

Want to enjoy precious time with friends and family over a French dessert? Look no further than Le Dessert. Offering a wide pastry selection, Le Dessert has gluten-free options including the Festival Pavlova with French meringue and Chantilly cream and the Louis Pavlova with chocolate Chantilly whipped cream and fresh mangoes.

These treats are available to order on Le Dessert’s website. Make sure to order a day in advance. Pick up your order from Le Dessert or have it delivered at an additional cost.

Le Dessert Studio Kitchen, Block A, 15/F, Fortune Factory Building, 40 Lee Chung Street, Chai Wan | (+852) 9262 1575

Harmony Dessert

Serving low-sugar and vegan-friendly desserts, Harmony Desserts has gelato and ice creams that come in a myriad of flavours. From the dairy-free raw cane sugar series, options include Thai tea, Kyoto Uji matcha, and Musang King durian for lovers of the pungent fruit. Alternatively, you can try the zero-sugar-added series, which features piña colada, pistachio, and red bean and coconut sweet treats. These desserts are available to order online or through WhatsApp. Harmony Dessert also provides delivery services but be sure to order at least two working days in advance. For more information, click here.

Harmony Dessert, locations around Hong Kong | (+852) 9168 0892

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Macaron fans will no doubt love Dalloyau. Coming in gift boxes of nine or 16, these macarons are low in sugar and made with almond paste for a rich, creamy texture. Options include salted caramel, citron, and Earl Grey, just to name a few. You can go with the signature Dalloyau assortment or customise your own to suit your taste buds. If you would like to try these macarons, you can dine-in or order online, but order three days in advance.

Dalloyau, locations around Hong Kong

The Cakery

Serving all things sweet, The Cakery offers desserts that are keto-friendly, gluten-free, and sugar-free. We recommend its yuzu keto mochi cotton cake and Earl Grey black sugar mochi cotton cake for those who prefer a dairy-free option. The Cakery also has a vegan dark chocolate hazelnut millefeuille and an organic Baby Doll cake decorated with pastel-coloured baby macarons. Pop by the shop for instant gratification, or order these sweet treats online, but be sure to do so at least three working days in advance.

The Cakery, locations around Hong Kong

Photo: AlmondDesserthk

Almond Dessert

If you are looking for handmade local treats, check out Almond Dessert. As the name implies, all cakes are made using almonds as the primary ingredient. For a low-sugar treat with zero additives, we recommend the chewy steamed king coconut with double-skin milk, steamed egg white with almond sweet soup, and a vegan-friendly matcha tang yuan to sweeten your day. Pair your dessert with a carabao mango drink to quench your thirst.

Almond Dessert, locations around Hong Kong

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Sweetpea Café

For foodies with a bigger budget, Sweetpea Café offers cakes that are vegan, keto-friendly, and dairy-free. When you stop by, be sure to check out their signature Love Yourself double Earl Grey cake and purple sweet potato coconut cake. For drinks, try the homemade vanilla cashew milk or the Blue Dream latte if you are feeling adventurous. Sweetpea also offers chiffon and crêpe cakes. With such diverse options, there is something for everyone! Simply head over to the website and make sure to place the order three days in advance.

Sweetpea Café, G/F, 4 Shin Hing Street, Central | (+852) 6018 9131

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