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6 incredible ice-cream inspired stays around the world

By Alisa Chau 11 April 2022

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Speak of summer and it is inevitable that you will start itching for a scoop of ice cream. Icy, luscious, and sweet, this delicious treat has been added to local ingredients all over the world, churning out creative combinations that are worth crossing land and sea for. 

If you missed out on the special ice cream-themed getaways presented by for Ice Cream Day, here is a selection of the most inventive flavours to keep an eye (and empty stomach) out for, as well as the places that have inspired them.

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Homer, Alaska: Alaskan Moose Tracks

Known for its beautiful wilderness, there is no better place to immerse yourself in the acres upon acres of wintry forestry than Alaska. Down south of the state lies the Juneberry Lodge, a quaint log cabin with views encompassing the glacial Kachemak Bay. Revel in the pastoral charm by admiring the snow-covered alpines out on the horizon, taking to the aquamarine waters, or kayaking out to spot whales, harbour seals, and sea lions.

Follow along the gigantic, burnished hoofprints in the snow and you might just chance upon the live inspiration behind the iconic Moose Tracks ice cream flavour! Living up to its moniker, the flavour features swerving grooves of chocolate fudge trails dotted with peanut butter cups, all imprinted into a creamy vanilla base.

Santa Cruz, Chile: Helado de maíz

Aside from gracing the world with some of the best varieties of wine, Santa Cruz also holds a history as a grand source of maize for thousands of years. Just about 10 kilometres or so east of the city, amongst the basin of the Colchagua Valley, the Clos Apalta Residence Relais & Chateaux stands, giving way to an elite panoramic view. Soak in the surrounding cascading ridges of farmland and vineyards by bike or on a hike through the historic crops, soaking in the vibrant traces of an age-old agricultural history, before cooling off in the infinity pool with a scoop of helado de maíz in tow.

Not just a familiar face in Chile, this sweet corn ice cream is a staple in Central and South America as well. A mix of sweet corn with eggs, cream, brown piloncillo sugar, and cinnamon into a rich batter, its delectable flavours can be likened to custard or eggnog.

Siracusa, Italy: Blood orange gelato

A sort of bucolic charm belies the Italian coastside, drawing in groups of visitors to the villages around Catania, Enna, and Siracusa (otherwise known as Syracuse). An auburn-bricked villa with open courtyard, the La Frescura Agriturismo is a peaceful farmstay where you can spend your days wading through the sea, and your nights dining under the stars.

Lining the cobblestoned grounds are verdant trees exploding with bursts of red-yellow Sicilian blood oranges, like dangling lanterns that light the way to ancient Roman ruins further out. Enjoy this saccharine, ruby-hued citrus as the locals do: mixed into traditional Italian gelato, resulting in a unique flavour to lap up under the sun.

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Nairobi, Kenya: Kenyan coffee crunch

Famed for the premium coffee bean farms in its neighbouring regions, Nairobi is a coffee lover’s paradise. Nestled in the heart of the capital is the Villa Rosa Kempinski, a luxurious manor that serves as a premier pitstop for your foray into the world behind your cup of joe. Providing door-to-door pick-up to the Karunguru Coffee Farm, the guided tour there will have you become an expert in the processes behind coffee, from harvest to roast. Venture further out into the city to explore the Maasai Market, or turn to the wild by paying a visit to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an animal conservatory that fosters elephants and rhinos.

Experience coffee in a whole new way by tucking into Kenyan coffee crunch ice cream blend—the mesmerising fragrance of mocha melds with crunchy chocolate nibs to showcase the multidimensional notes of Kenyan beans.

Ureshino, Japan: Japanese green tea

On the upper ends of Nagasaki on Kyushu Island sits the city of Ureshino. As a hot spring town, traditional inns and ryokan, like the Onyado Takasago, are the best way to soak in its relaxing aura. Enjoy a quintessentially Japanese multicourse meal—known as kaiseki-style dining—and dip into the private onsen bath for a relaxing finish.

Also known as a hotspot for seemingly endless plots of green tea, neatly cropped rows of verdant leaves are on full display in Ureshino, making for gorgeous photos and fresh ingredients to turn into ice cream. Acerbic yet sweet, the earthen notes of matcha make for a flavour that relaxes yet impresses the taste buds.

Taha’a, French Polynesia: Tahitian vanilla

Polynesian vanilla is favoured around the globe for its unique flavour, and the French Polynesian island of Taha’a is its key production base. An idyllic tropical oasis, it neighbours the picturesque summertime destinations of Tahiti and Bora Bora. Find your calm amidst the stilted boutique villa huts at Le Taha’s by Pearl Resorts, which is only accessible by boat. Swim beside exotic marine life and admire beautiful coral reefs in the blue waters.

Accompany your star spa treatment with the ambrosial flavours of ice cream made from their homegrown vanilla. Although the flavour is a classic, Tahitian vanilla is anything but plain, showing a more fruity aroma than its Mexican or Madagascan siblings.

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