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Where to Find the Best Dog Trainers in Hong Kong

By Stephanie Lown 1 April 2019

We can’t resist their cuddly charm and unconditional love, but not all of us are dog whisperers, and there's nothing more important than teaching your pup some basic etiquette. From basic obedience group classes to veterinary behaviourists for more specific 'behavioural issues', we get the lowdown on the best dog training services in Hong Kong to help make your buddy a very good boy.

Group Classes

Obedience training is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged friend, and group classes offer a great introduction to socialising your pup to new people, dogs, and environments. Not only are the following classes trusted and run by professionals, but you will also be helping animals in need through supporting these incredible organisations.

HKDR Positive Partners

Aptly described as a “Dog-Human Training Course”, Positive Partners – which is run by Hong Kong Dog Rescue – aims to coach human parents (aka pawrents) in understanding and communicating with the new addition to their family by using positive reinforcement to bridge the communication gap between man and dog. The classes last an hour and a half, and are held over the course of four weeks at Whiskers N Paws, in either Chinese or English. The classes cover basic cues, socialisation, and important training techniques.

How much: $1,800 for HKDR adopted dogs or $2,300
Location: Whiskers n Paws, 10/F Horizon Plaza 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau


The SPCA offers hour-long Behaviour & Training Courses – or Obedience Courses – which are held regularly every month, over the course of six weeks, across the organisation's Hong Kong and Kowloon centres. The classes are open to pups over 18 weeks of age and their pawrents, and are held by breed size: Large dog (>10kg) and small dog (<10kg). The only prerequisite is that your little fur baby must be fully vaccinated. If your pup doesn’t quite reach the age limit just yet, you can opt for the Puppy Socialisation Course, which aims to teach them important house training and socialisation skills. If neither of these classes quite fit your situation, whether it’s a behavioural issue or simply down to scheduling – then you can seek out private classes with SPCA’s trainers or even book a one-to-one session with a Behavioural Consultant.

How much: $2,200 for SPCA Members or $2,600 for non SPCA Members
Locations: Hong Kong Centre: 2/F Terrace, 5 Wan Shing Street, Wan Chai
Kowloon Centre: 1/F Classroom, 105 Princess Margaret Road, Kowloon
Visit the website for more information, or contact the training staff on (+852) 2232 5567

Behavioural Trainers

If the type of training your pup requires is more along the lines of rehabilitation or 'behaviour modification, then you might want to seek advice from a veterinary behaviourist or behavioural trainer, who can put together a more tailored training programme. Here are some good options around Hong Kong.

Pet Behaviour HK

Established by ex SPCA veterinary surgeon, Dr. Cynthia Smillie, back in 2010, Pet Behaviour HK provides a holistic approach to dealing with behavioural problem, offering preventative counselling, pre-selection consultation (for clients looking to adopt), as well as follow-up rehabilitative training. An initial consultation will take place in the comfort of your own home, and may take between two and a half to three hours, to identify the issue and come up with a comprehensive plan moving forwards.

How much: $2,100 for dogs ($1,800 for cats)
Location: Home visitsVisit the website for more information

Dog Man Go Woof

Another favourite among the Hong Kong Dog Owners community in Hong Kong is Dog Man Go Woof, helmed by Mark Peters and his team who have experience working with rescue dogs that may have had a bad start with humans. Mark and his team offer one-hour sessions at your home and in the local area, dealing with everything from basic puppy care and beginners training, to advanced command work and behavioural and social issues. Each session is tailor-made to suit the need of your dog, which is based on a one-hour assessment, and subsequent classes thereafter may require one-to-one training with the trainer, or include primary dog carers and family members.

How much: $500 with a junior trainer, or $800 with Mark himself
Location: Home visitsVisit the website for more information

Board and Train

If you're too busy during the week to train your buddy, or planning on heading out of town for business or pleasure, you can always opt to enrol your dog in day care or a boarding and training programme, such as the following.

Dogs, Inc.

Dogs, Inc is a firm favourite among many followers of the Hong Kong Dog Owners Facebook Group. Owner Clare Benson offers training in Sai Kung and the surrounding areas, including dog boarding, day care, and adventure play dates for your four-legged friend. All services are tailor-made to suit each and every pawrent and their hound, with prices starting from $560 for training (depending on your location). And judging by the many happy snaps of smiling dogs on the company's Facebook page, you know your pup will be well looked after – and there are plenty of cuddles to be had!

How much: $560 to $700
Locations: Home Visits (Sai Kung)Visit the website for more details

Petworld Resort

With two pools, two grass play fields, and spacious boarding suites, Petworld Resort is the ideal holiday spot for your pets to enjoy when you go away on vacation. But did you know that this resort also offers day care, grooming, and hydrotherapy services top of training? The general Lodge & Learn programme offers boarding and training over the course of four to six weeks, but if your canine companion requires a bit more attention in certain areas, you cal always opt to enrol them in the Custom Lodge & Learn Programme or Private Dog Training Programme, which are available at the resort or in the comfort of your own home.

How much: $12,000
Location: No. 351, Shui Mei Tsuen, Kam Tin, Yuen Long

Advanced Training

If you are looking for a service that goes beyond your average obedience class, then you may want to consider one the following courses, which are available in Hong Kong.

Dog Training Hong Kong

Run by training director and environmental consultant James Leung, Dog Training Hong Kong offers professional dog training services and solutions, from Basic Obedience classes and pet nutrition advice to Canine Behaviour Modification. James has extensive experience working with canines, receiving numerous dog training certifications throughout his career, which includes working at the Police Dogs Centre Holland, and training and handling dogs in search and rescue, service and therapy, tracking, canine scent detection, protection, and police K9 units. With such impressive experience, you can rest assured that your four-legged friend will be under the guidance of the best teacher possible.

James specialises in pet obedience and behaviour modification, helping dogs and owners make the necessary adjustments to achieve a more harmonious balance. He uses a combination of positive reinforcement and proven training methods to create a balanced training system that fosters the desired behaviour. The techniques used are innovative and tailored to suit the needs of both the dog and owner. James understands that clear communication between handler and dog is essential to achieve the desired results, and he firmly believes that training should be enjoyed by both dog and owner for the best outcome. James is also certified and trained to handle narcotics, explosive, and bed bug detection dogs, and incorporates similar training techniques to teach pet dogs to improve their nose work and find odours such as Anise, Clove, and Birch.Here are just a few of the many courses on offer:

Agility Training

As seen on the tv show Crufts, the dog handler and dog get to tackle an obstacle course of weave poles, ramps, tunnels, and jumps, helping them to develop a deeper bond with their pet, while stimulating them both mentally and physically.

How much: $880 per class
Location: Unit 1506 Harbour Industrial Centre, 10 Lee Hing Street, Ap Lei Chau

Canine Scent Detection

Just like you see straight out of true crime detective shows, you too can train your dog to recognize and search for a pre-determined odour through scent work, and final indication!

How much: $880 per class
Location: Unit 1506 Harbour Industrial Centre, 10 Lee Hing Street, Ap Lei Chau

Bed Bug Detection

Dog Training Hong Kong is currently trialling a new course to provide an entirely alternative method to detecting bed bugs. Dogs can be trained to alert their owners on a small number of live bed bugs, and differentiate between a live and old infestation. If the trial period succeeds, who knows, we may all have bed-bug detecting dogs in our homes soon enough.

How much: $4,580 to $6,800, depending on the course
Location: Unit 1506 Harbour Industrial Centre, 10 Lee Hing Street, Ap Lei ChauVisit their website for more information

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