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Hong Kong’s best pet photographers

By Kopal Manglik 6 May 2021

Header image courtesy of Paula Weston Photography

Our pets are an integral part of our family, and capturing their essence is no easy feat. While your camera roll might be filled with pictures of your fur-baby, it takes a professional to snap that perfect photo that you’re going to want to frame. In just a short afternoon of fussing over your furry friends, these professional pet photographers in Hong Kong will provide you with photos that you can cherish for a lifetime!

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Photo: Paula Weston Photography

Paula Weston Photography

Paula Weston, born and brought up in New Zealand, has been living in Hong Kong for the past nine years. She specialises in taking natural pet photographs in her home studio (perfect for keeping dogs calm and happy) and outside in urban areas, beaches, or a country park environment. 

Her style is fun, colourful, energetic, and entirely focused on capturing real moments while you feel comfortable and enjoy your experience with your pet. Weston’s goal is to spend time with you and your pet to capture the love and connection you have and create lasting memories!

Photo: Kan Man Photography

Kan Man Photography

Kan Man studied photography and worked as a fashion and portrait photographer in Belgium for five years, where he was born. In 2014, while working on a project in Hong Kong, he had the opportunity to explore his Chinese heritage, thus sparking a move to Hong Kong. 

His life-changing experience has brought him to Biru, a stray mongrel puppy he found in a dumpster! Although initially, raising a pet did not fit his lifestyle, Biru has not only enriched his experience, but also opened up a different direction within his photography. His mission is to showcase and reveal the features and characteristics of your furry companion while having a paw-some time!

Photo: Paws Studio

Paws Studio

Paws Studio, an acclaimed and internationally recognised pet photography studio with numerous international accolades under its belt, is the epitome of professionalism and creativity. Instead of just taking a photo, they work on it as a piece of art, and deliver it with the best quality guaranteed. 

Armed with more than a decade of experience in photography, design, and creative advertising, they have developed amazing skills and expertise in taking pet portraits. Paws Studio also donates five percent of their photography proceeds to Animals Asia Foundation and Society for Abandoned Animals. Nurturing a universal love for animals, Paws Studio promises to capture your furry friends’ unique personalities and charming expressions for you to cherish forever!

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Photo: MC Production

MC Production

MC Production was started by Man Ching, who began his love for photography with his Shiba Inu. Initially, he just wanted to record his life, but as his skills grew, his sensitivity to the lens gradually improved. He has since travelled around the world to capture animals. He is the Hong Kong champion of the Sony Global Animal Photography Competition, where he also lectures on pet photography.

MC has also been invited by The Ritz-Carlton to be their designated pet photographer. He strongly believes that dogs and their natural environment can always form a special connection, and it is the discovery of this unique connection that makes him the photographer he is today.

Photo: Elena Mathew Photography

Elena Mathew Photography

Elena Mathew aspires to make art out of the ordinary. As the mother of a two-year-old son and two large dogs rescued from HKDR, she truly understands and appreciates the chaos and magic of capturing the true essence of the ones you love the most—your family. She specialises in taking natural pet photographs at home and outside in urban and natural areas, where they can run freely and play.

She also volunteers at adoption events for HKDR, helping photograph the moment when someone connects with their canine companion. Her style is fun, artful, raw, and true to life. For Mathew, there is no other type of photo that can totally freeze time like a lifestyle picture.

Photo: Phase Studio

Phase Studio

Phase Studio was founded by two lifelong pet lovers who own five cats and two dogs. MoMo, their first dog, passed away six years ago, leaving a massive hole in their lives as they never had a formal photograph with her. Thus, the aim of Phase Studio Pet is to capture your pet’s natural personality in a minimalist way so you can come away with images that you love and can treasure for a lifetime. 

Phase Studio offers a range of artwork, from canvas products and cushion dolls for you to showcase your pet’s portraits. Pet photography sessions can also take place at your chosen location as some older pets may prefer and appreciate secure surroundings and home comforts.

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Photo: Bisou Photo

Bisou Photo

“Bisou” means “kiss” in French, and James Yeung, the lead photographer at Bisou Photo, believes that photos taken from the heart can touch the emotions and soul of anyone. He is an experienced and award-winning photographer, having won the 2015, 2016, and 2020 editions of PX3, one of the largest photography competitions in Europe and Hong Kong. 

As a pet lover, he understands how to capture both the animal and the close relationship between pet and owner. In advance, Yeung will communicate with the owner to find out about the unique character of the pet. He has experience photographing not just dogs and cats, but also rabbits and hedgehogs!

Paws n Pals

Hong Kong-based photographer Jake Wong specialises in creative storytelling. Along with portrait, wedding, and product photography, he is well-versed in animal photography. His goal in photography is not to just take pretty photos, but to go beyond the visuals and create a personal connection between the photograph and the audience. 

He thrives on building this connection between animal, owner, and camera, creating a greater purpose and meaning to the shot. Jake also works with several dog charities, including Love Fluffy Home, to help capture the beauty, playfulness and of course, cuteness of animals available for adoption. He hopes to help rescue animals find their fur-ever homes!

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Kopal Manglik


As a copywriter, Kopal works with companies and individuals to help them find and create their brand voice across platforms. Find out more on or on Instagram at @andshedoes. When not working, she loves fostering puppies, drinking coffee, meeting interesting people, and, of course, writing about it.