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12 best summer date ideas in Hong Kong

By Ching Yuen 30 June 2020

Header image courtesy of Cordis Hong Kong

Summer is here and so is the heat! And when we say heat, we’re talking about the sun as well as the flush of blushed cheeks and fluttering heartbeats signalling love, love, love. To make the most of your summer holidays this year (minus the travelling opportunities), here are some summer date ideas and suggestions for both outdoor and indoor activities across Hong Kong!

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Surprise your date with a fruit-picking adventure

Hong Kong is a renowned concrete jungle, but people seem to forget that half the city is actually covered in greenery, too. New Territories, in particular, has a lot of farms and eco-parks that make for great day-trip destinations to soak up Hong Kong’s natural beauties and the whimsical pastime of fruit-picking. That’s right—you can pick your own fruits in Hong Kong and you’ll get hauls that are not just strawberries, either!

We’ve got Muscat grapes from Japan, pineapple patches, sugar canes, and a wide variety of vegetables for you to take your pick. Do remember to dress appropriately and be mindful of the heat, but take your time to pluck the firmest and juiciest fruits from the vines. Pop some into each other’s mouths to share the romance! Here are some of the best fruit-picking farms in Hong Kong.

Get artsy and handsy at a pottery studio

Gentle caresses, a sneaky pinch here, and a heartful squeeze there... Woah, what are you thinking about? Just to be clear, we’re talking about an inspiring trip to a local pottery and ceramics studio and having a go at clay manipulation, but what a wild imagination you have!

Book a class with your date for a hands-on bonding session with wet clay and spinning wheels. It’s cute that you can make something together with love and take it home with you. Unlike children, your creations won’t require constant feeding. Click here to find out more on pottery and ceramic studios in Hong Kong.

Take your love to the stars

Grab your partner and run away from the hustle and bustle to immerse yourselves in the stars of the night sky. (Honestly, that sentence sounds more romantic than most of our previous love expeditions!) If you get far enough away from Hong Kong’s skyscrapers and glistening towers, you will notice that there are many astronomical hotspots for stargazing. You can even download a star map or astronomy app and try to find stars for each other. Click here to discover the best stargazing spots in Hong Kong.

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Go on a trip around the globe

Are you feeling the travel itch after months of being confined to Hong Kong? Well, here’s a globe—point at any country in the world and we will take you there! Are you in the mood for Japan, Italy, Laos, or maybe Tasmania? They say Hong Kong is a world city, so why not take your date travelling without a passport?

Surprisingly enough, there are plenty of places around the city that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to another country. Plus, you’ll be saving money on flights! Click here to discover bucket-list places worth visiting in Hong Kong and once you’ve exhausted that list, here are some more.

Challenge each other to a round of board games

It doesn’t matter if you are five years old or well into your seventies—board games are fun for anyone. Most people will be familiar with the classics like Uno or Monopoly, but there are a hundred different kinds of board games out there worth exploring with your partner. Board game cafés provide a comfortable haven for you and your date to relax in and have a go at a range of games in-store. Here are a few of the best board game cafés in Hong Kong to get you started on ideas.

Enjoy the cleanest beaches and water spots

Hongkongers are all about the beach life and poolside hangs come summertime but sadly, our beaches are famous for their waste and litter problems, especially if you coincide your visit with an incoming tide. That’s precisely why you have to be smart and use our lovely guide to the cleanest beaches in Hong Kong if you are looking to impress your date with pristine sand and waters! As a side note, everyone should clean up after themselves after their day trip, so make sure you do your part and don’t leave any rubbish lying around. Click here to discover the cleanest beaches and water spots in Hong Kong.

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Cruise along on a cycling trip

If you’re tired of hiking around Hong Kong’s peaks and are now in search of a more active (and faster) way to take in the natural beauties of New Territories and beyond, why not try cycling? Your choice of cycling trails decides how effortless or challenging your day trip is going to be, and you don’t even have to put on full cycling gear to prepare for your leisurely ride! It‘s the perfect opportunity to put your well-coordinated athleisure attire to good use. Here are some of our favourite cycling trails in Hong Kong.

Go on a staycation

This may be a cliché summer date idea but honestly, there has never been a better time for a Hong Kong staycation! With travel bans in place across the world, we have to make the most of the city we live in. Hotels everywhere are doing special staycation deals, with benefits such as complimentary afternoon teas and dinner, and creative twists such as cinema screenings in bed and wellness retreats.

Since we will be saving on flights and trips this year, why not splurge on a weekend stay in one of the many hotels dotted along Victoria Harbour? Click here to find out more on current staycation deals in Hong Kong.

Find a secret beach together

Home to over 100 beaches, Hong Kong is one of the only places in the world where you can be surrounded by skyscrapers one second, and the next, you’re dipping your toes into the sand and surf. Since there is absolutely nothing fun about going to beaches that everyone knows about, how about impressing your date with a day trip to some of the best off-the-beaten-path beaches in Hong Kong? If you’re curious about where to find these sandy spots, click here to see the best secret beaches of Hong Kong.

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By Catharina Cheung 4 November 2019
By Catharina Cheung 19 June 2020

Chase after waterfalls with your date

Wading through rock pools, dipping your feet into pristine waters, snapping a few pics for your social feeds, and most of all, getting a true sense of nature in Hong Kong—how is a waterfall adventure not romantic? Most of Hong Kong’s waterfalls—of which we have many—will require a hike of some sort, so you get to combine outdoor activities with an epic cooldown. Better polish up your photography skills to make the most of these picturesque waterfalls! Here are our favourite secret waterfalls across Hong Kong.

Chill out at a picnic

Another cliché but undeniable favourite among summer activities is the picnic—just because hikes and anything else that requires constant movement is a bit too much in the summer heat. Why not invite your date to a picnic spot instead and get a picnic hamper for the occasion? Do keep in mind to pick the perfect spot with plenty of shade, in case you and your date can’t handle the glaring sunlight.

Another good thing about picnics is that most Hong Kong picnic spots double as dog parks, so that’s some extra furry fun you can throw in! Click here for more information on where to have your picnic and here for some tips on where to picnic hampers.

Stay in and binge anime

Sometimes, you just feel like staying in and enjoying the wonderful human-made technologies known as air-conditioning and internet. Instead of aimlessly scrolling through Netflix hoping to strike gold, how about binging on some tried-and-tested Japanese anime?

You can explore different genres and brand-new series with your date and discover each other’s interests! Who knows—your date might even be an anime nerd (like us) without you realising it. Here is a full list of new anime releases we would recommend to get you started.

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Ching Yuen


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