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Hong Kong’s latest app WeeGo is looking for its first users!

By Localiiz Branded | 22 April 2022

Header image courtesy of Benjaminrobyn Jespersen (via Unsplash) and WeeGo

Our generation is defined by unlimited access to a wealth of information that lies right at our fingertips, so much so that the seemingly endless stream of content has made it difficult to obtain what we are actually searching for from the oversaturated digital content heap.

Hong Kong’s latest homegrown app, WeeGo, is built to sidestep this increasingly common headache. Having just celebrated its launch at the beginning of April, the app is now newly open to users with a keen eye for what’s worth sharing in the city.

Being early—if not the first—to the game for something new in this day and age is an achievement that stokes us right to our basal instincts. For some, it even culminates in the urge to comment “First!” on newly published posts (we shudder at the thought).

So how exactly can you get started with WeeGo? WeeGo works just like any other social media platform you are used to, making for a simple adoption process. Users can follow experts as well as fellow individual enthusiasts to check out their top picks for everything from the best restaurants to niche art spaces and things to do in town.

WeeGo showcases quality guides written from real insight, presenting an authentic view of all the sights, experiences, and scenes to be discovered. With the app arranging and updating information across the city through geotagging technology, it’s never been easier to pluck out the hidden gems that can be found right around the corner.

As the first users to explore WeeGo, early access grants you not only the ever-so-special dibs to securing your desired username, but also the uncharted space to compile your interests and carve out your personalised online domain unique to the app.

You can broadcast your best recommendations and savvy tips and tricks picked up from the places you have visited all around Hong Kong to share with other WeeGo users, and these real-life suggestions can be saved and shared by anyone, letting you make a mark on all the places you really love, and building communities around your interests.

Aside from laying claim to being one of the early adopters to the app, your pins will help to shape the blueprint for the types of guides that will become featured all around the city. Imagine it as your foray into becoming a trendsetter, where your curations and bookmarks can be transformed by WeeGo into trailblazing artefacts to lead the way for other users. What’s more, racking up some popular pins can also land you a spot on the homepage! 

Get on board and sign up to WeeGo now by downloading the app on iOS here, or on Android here.


WeeGo is a platform to save, share, and explore your passions. Sidestepping the excess of repeat recommendations and oversaturated discussion forums, WeeGo streamlines your options to curate a personalised collection of ideas and inspiration to share with like-minded communities.