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Hong Kong’s best eco-friendly & sustainable fashion brands

By Localiiz 15 January 2019 | Last Updated 7 January 2022

Header image courtesy of The R Collective

Originally published by Jenny Leung. Last updated by Tara Prakash and Alisa Chau.

Did you know that one of the biggest polluters in Hong Kong, and around the world, is the fashion industry—or more specifically, fast fashion? While we understand that fashion is a fun and exciting world to explore, there’s no reason that you can’t look good and feel good about helping the environment, too. Just take a look at these sustainable and eco-friendly fashion brands available in the 852.

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Combining environmental sustainability with ethical manufacturing practices, 2°EAST produces beautiful timepieces that deliver on quality and affordability with minimal damage to the planet. Every watch sold is also 30 trees planted by Trees for the Future, the official partner of the label, as a future-facing strategy to help reduce deforestation as well as poverty and hunger resulting from climate destruction. Its ultra-chic designs come in a range of sizes and materials, with interchangeable straps being an option that allows for great versatility and longevity.

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The R Collective

A social impact fashion brand that pairs creativity with consciousness to craft timeless pieces that will add an extra smidge of class to your closet, The R Collective is the whole package. The brand collaborates with sustainable fashion designers to breathe new life into salvaged materials and donates 25 percent of their profits to Redress, their parent charity, which works tirelessly to encourage the use of eco-friendly practices and materials in Hong Kong. You can even try pieces on before you buy—just book an appointment.



From its signature block printing styles to suave velvet jackets, Ekam is quickly becoming one of the city’s up and coming brands with a focus on slow fashion. Produced in small batches, with tender loving care, it aims to create easy romance through breathable yet chic designs that are made to minimise waste. Not only are they green-minded but with every purchase, they donate five menstrual pads to local women in need. Keep your look fresh and funky, all while supporting a great cause.

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Skin of Nature

The name says it all. The goal of this brand, which was born in Hong Kong but is now worldwide, is to connect the clothes we wear with the beauty of the natural world. Skin of Nature produces high-quality activewear, made from upcycled materials, that celebrates nature by mimicking its designs. With a team of seasoned experts in conscious fashion, Skin of Nature produces nearly zero-waste and chemical-free loungewear, without compromising the necessary stretch and quick-drying qualities we all crave.



Originally from San Francisco, Unspun harnesses the power of 3D printing to create sustainably produced, custom-fitted jeans that are revolutionising the fashion industry. Such an approach has the smallest environmental impact, as textile waste becomes a thing of the past. Their garments’ extended lifespan is kind to the planet and your wallet! Not to mention that they are incredibly comfortable and you can do the digital scan from the comfort of your home, all with the In3D app.

Unspun, 4/F, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Pat Street, Tsuen Wan



Pronounced “flow”, this brand advocates balance. Visible in their minimalist constructions, Phvlo’s creations are made for a “25-hour lifestyle” that reduces your need to multiply purchases for different occasions. The folks behind this ingenious label strive to counter the environmental damage that seasonal designs incur. With some exquisite takes on contemporary fashion, this brand is perfect for all the functional yet voguish looks you know you want to add to your closet.

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Tove & Libra

A Scandinavian-inspired label that focuses on modern essentials that don’t cost the earth, Tove & Libra stitches together thoughtful designs and feel-good materials that are easy to care for. While selecting premium, natural materials, they turned to Tencel, an eco-fibre produced in a closed-loop system, that requires less water and energy than traditional cotton farming practices. The best part? Tencel is perfect for the Hong Kong humidity!

Tove & Libra, S306, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central | (+852) 2723 2952


Basics for Basics

Offering a range of sporty, chic, and minimalistic apparel, Basics for Basics is an ethical online fashion brand based in Hong Kong. Dedicated to finding the best solutions for a lower carbon footprint, the brand works hard to ensure that all products are made with care by using mainly surplus fabrics, organic cotton, and other sustainable materials. Without losing focus on creating fashionable garments for your everyday wear, this local fashion brand has all of your wardrobe essentials covered.

Basics for Basics, 11D, E-tat Industrial Building, 4 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang


A.C.F. Clothing

With a design mission to make chic streetwear for the ethically and environmentally conscious consumer, online fashion brand A.C.F. Clothing uses “deadstock” fabrics—textiles that would otherwise be thrown away in landfills by factories—to create bold silhouettes, unique colour combinations, and gender-neutral garments. This also means that no harmful chemical dyes are used during the production process. Made to be long-lasting and trans-seasonal, A.C.F Clothing can satisfy your fashion needs without any of the guilt.

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Canto Soul

Inspired by traditional Chinese silhouettes, Canto Soul is a home-grown brand founded by two siblings who wished to create garments that could showcase their Cantonese heritage without seeming out of place in daily wear. Partnering with Profit Funds Global, their sleek, East Asian-inspired pieces utilise upcycled fabrics that would have otherwise been discarded. Their women’s collection mostly consists of organic cotton, while their men’s items are usually made using lyocell that has been recycled from wood pulp fibres.

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