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Your guide to zero-waste shopping in Hong Kong

By Localiiz 11 September 2018 | Last Updated 19 January 2024

Header image courtesy of Benjamin Brunner (via Unsplash)

Originally published by Amanda Sheppard. Last updated by Jen Paolini and Lily Valette.

We’ve all scrolled right past videos about climate change in a bid to try and escape reality for a minute, but there’s no hiding from the fact that our planet is in dire straits. In Hong Kong, plastic fills up 21 percent of overflowing landfills, with only food waste surpassing it. From water bottles and polystyrene packaging to the plastic wrap on fruit and vegetables in supermarkets, single-use plastics are wreaking havoc in Hong Kong.

The easiest way to do your part in lessening the negative impact we create is by cutting out plastic and single-use packaging. Late last year, Hong Kong announced a ban on single-use plastic, a colossal step in the right direction to be implemented as early as April 2024. To get started right now, head out to these zero-waste stores in Hong Kong.

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Photo: vomFass Hong Kong (via Facebook)

Vom Fass

There’s already lots to think about in regard to dry produce and household goods, but Vom Fass takes care of your liquid staples as well. Find a large selection of oils, vinegar, wine, spirits, and liqueurs to stock your cabinets with, and then some. Simply purchase a container on your first visit, then bring it back whenever you need a refill. Also on offer is a small selection of gourmet food and condiments, though these are not quite packaging-free yet. With two locations in Central and Admiralty, it should not be difficult to pop by in person if you live on Hong Kong Island, but you can also shop its range of products online.

Vom Fass, locations across Hong Kong Island | (+852) 2366 6768

Photo: (via Instagram)

Live Zero

Live Zero is Hong Kong’s first zero-waste bulk food store, created by Tamsin Thornburrow who has also brought us the hip homeware store Thorn & Burrow. We love sifting through the wide range of beautiful and cleverly designed products including kitchenware, body care, and alternative food packaging, on top of various organic foodstuffs. Spread across two locations in Sai Ying Pun and Sai Kung, browsing the wares in person always makes for a fun experience, or you can shop online and have your haul delivered to you.

Live Zero, locations in Sai Ying Pun and Sai Kung

Photo: @seed_hongkong (via Instagram)


This beloved boutique grocer in Sai Kung contains all of your regular kitchen staples such as grains, seeds, spices, and teas, as well as soap and detergent. Everything here is naturally packaging-free, so have your bottles or Mason jars on hand to take home your buys, such as some of Seed’s homemade sunscreen and hand wash. Seed also caters to your four-legged friends, because why shouldn’t pets be environmentally conscious as well? We think the stainless steel reusable coffee capsules are a particularly good investment. No more forgetting to return your used pods to Nespresso and then feeling guilty about it!

Seed, 29 Sai Kung Yee Kuk Street, Sai Kung | (+852) 5703 2223

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Photo: Slowood


Slowood looks like a minimalist Scandinavian showroom promoting hygge, but is, in fact, a haven for sustainable groceries. Browse through the bulk bins and refill stations for an extensive collection of dry pantry staples, ready-to-eat snacks, cleaning products, and personal care items. There are also plenty of raw, vegan, and gluten-free options to choose from. Forgot to bring containers? Muslin bags and glass jars are available for purchase.

Slowood, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: 帶包Shop Thebulkshoppers (via Facebook)

The Bulk Shop

The Bulk Shop is a humble store founded by two friends living in Tai Po, Margot and Ella, who wanted to combat unnecessary packaging. The owners have an optimistic outlook on the zero-waste initiative, convinced that more and more people will join the sustainably-driven community. The Bulk Shop’s small store location is filled to the brim with a diverse and ever-changing range of dry and wet produce with eco-friendly to no packaging! To enjoy treasures from the bulk bins and dispensers, you’ll need to bring your own containers.

The Bulk Shop, Shop 219–220, 2/F, Big Day Mall, 9–13 Heung Sze Wui Street, Tai Po | (+852) 5161 9454

Photo: Organic We 對得住地球基地 (via Facebook)

Organic We

Founded in 2013, Organic We has catered to the city’s conscious consumers for 10 long years before closing its Mong Kok shop back in 2023. Met with the support of many loyal customers, Organic We announced that it would bring back its online store, which has now been relaunched! Its range of products is gradually growing, with a current focus on body, facial, cosmetic, and menstrual care. Just as before, products are sold with reduced packaging, and the shop places an emphasis on nature- and animal-friendly items.

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Beyond Plastic

Beyond Plastic is an online retailer focused on putting an end to single-use plastic. By making alternative products accessible, it has become a trusted supplier for those who want to create a plastic-free home. It stocks a wide range of eco-friendly house products, from personal care items such as toothbrushes, deodorant, and solid shampoo, but also food and beverage containers, kitchen towels, laundry detergent, tap water filters, and much more. The brand’s location in Ap Lei Chau is dedicated to wholesale, but all the products are available for individual buyers to purchase online.

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