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Decluttering Your Browser Tabs: How to do it with WeeGo

By Localiiz Branded | 18 July 2022

Header image courtesy of Trent Erwin (via Unsplash)

With the Internet as our fastest-growing resource, it’s safe to say that we are living in an era of information overload, where the dilemma of choice even applies to choosing which channels to engage with. Simplifying the arduous journey of searching, WeeGo is Hong Kong’s latest online recommendation platform, setting out to change the way you discover.

Just how many more pages of the same exact content will you have to scroll through? How many other social media platforms do you have to browse before landing on something that actually matches what you are searching for? Redefining the way we seek inspiration, save important information, and share our thoughts, WeeGo merges the movement of community-driven Internet recommendations with cutting-edge personalisation.

Starting from your home feed—the centralised base that pulls together personalised, relevant recommendations—all the content that makes its way to you has been caringly curated to match up to your interests. As you save more pins, WeeGo does the thinking to connect you with more guides and suggestions that suit your needs.

Your pinned attractions are integrated into a geolocation map, linking you with the destination through real-time directions so you can keep the whole world in your pocket. On the other hand, if you are stumped on what to explore around you, WeeGo can also put forward some new suggestions in your area for you to check out. It only takes a few taps to expand your discovery, allowing you to venture headfirst into exciting new spots.

Ensuring a standard of information that prizes quality over hype, all of the recommendations that make it to your WeeGo feed have been shared and written up by real users. Reviews and suggestions are authentic and fully user-based, making for tried-and-true advice garnered from first-hand experience rather than hollow promotions.

What’s more, you can also fill in the gaps by offering your own secret finds! Sharing your unique recommendations is incredibly easy, with the added option to create groups so that you can find like-minded communities to share your thoughts with.

From drafting up an itinerary based on expert tips to take your next vacation off the beaten path, to finding novel ways to view your city through new eyes, streamline your searches and land on the right results by signing up for WeeGo here.


WeeGo is a platform to save, share, and explore your passions. Sidestepping the excess of repeat recommendations and oversaturated discussion forums, WeeGo streamlines your options to curate a personalised collection of ideas and inspiration to share with like-minded communities.