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Virtual Medical Consultation: 6 benefits you should know

By Localiiz Branded | 18 July 2022

Header image courtesy of Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong

Our health should always be a priority, but even more so in the past few years as the pandemic continues to drastically affect our lives. In-between lockdowns, quarantine, social distancing, and trying to isolate oneself to minimise getting infected by others, it is a challenge just to physically visit the doctor for a consultation. A simple cough or headache could be a symptom of an underlying illness and you wouldn’t even know.

Before you settle into the doom and gloom, the good news is that digital healthcare has become a viable option! Virtual medical consultation allows those with medical needs to seek advice remotely via video conferencing technology. We speak with Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, a private hospital in the city that strives to provide the best healthcare services and is now offering this online service to patients. Let’s find out the benefits of a virtual consultation.

Photo: Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong

What you need to know

Things are more digital than ever during the pandemic—from working remotely and ordering food to receiving medical care. Gone are the days of lining up for hours at hospitals to just see the doctor, minimising the risk of infection during a pandemic.

At Gleneagles, there are two types of virtual consultations: general medical service for new and existing patients, and specialist service for existing follow-up patients of designated specialities such as neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology and hepatology, and more. Patients with COVID-19 or their close contacts can opt for a virtual consultation as well.

This new virtual mode of consultation provides a modern and convenient way to receive appropriate healthcare without compromising your own personal needs. As such, there are various benefits to a virtual consultation over a traditional one.

Photo: Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong

You’re not alone

Family and moral support are beneficial to any person going through a health crisis. With virtual consultations, family members are able to participate together, provide support, and assist with communication if the patient has difficulties doing so, such as the elderly and children. If patients require a second opinion on treatment options or a follow-up consultation, it can easily be done together without the hassle of having to take time off to physically visit the doctor.

Save time

Get the medical advice you need from the comfort of your home! With a virtual consultation, all you need to do is go online for your appointment and choose to have your prescribed medicine delivered straight to your door. You can also cut down on travelling time and still receive timely healthcare if you live somewhere remote.

Photo: Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong

Enjoy the flexibility

It can be difficult to balance work or school with your medical appointments, and you might be forced to choose one over the other. A visit during the weekends is not ideal either, since clinics and hospitals can get crowded. But through a virtual consultation, you can arrange your medical appointments based on your own schedule and needs. This flexibility also helps ease your mind, making consultations less stressful and time-consuming.

A service for all

For persons with limited mobility or those who have difficulty travelling, digital healthcare allows easy access to medical services regardless of physical distance. It can be quite a hassle to also worry if the hospital or clinic has barrier-free access. With a virtual consultation, all you need is video conferencing technology and WiFi and you’re good to go. Gleneagles’ virtual consultation is suitable for people aged nine and above who are physically in Hong Kong at the time of consultation.

Photo: Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong

Easy to book

Booking an appointment is just a click or phone call away. After securing a date, all you have to do is fill in your registration details and make the payment online. The appointment details will be sent to your email or WhatsApp. A dedicated personnel will contact you on the day right before your scheduled consultation time for verification. After your session with the doctor, you can choose to have your prescriptions sent via door-to-door service or self-pick-up*.


Not only is the service quality the same as the one you’ll receive at a physical consultation, but the price also doesn’t hurt your wallet, either. A general practice virtual consultation costs $400. Medication cost depends on the patients’ needs, with an extra $200 for prescription delivery. 

The COVID-19 virtual consultation all-in-one package costs $680 and includes all the essentials, including a consultation session with a family doctor, three-day basic medication, and delivery. Keep yourself safe and receive medical advice in the comfort of your home through Gleneagles’ virtual consultation! Book your session online or call (+852) 2122 1333.

*Except for a COVID-19 virtual consultation, where only door-to-door medication delivery is available.

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong

A state-of-the-art private hospital committed to providing Hong Kong people with high-quality and accessible healthcare services. It provides 500 beds and a comprehensive range of clinical services spanning more than 35 specialties and subspecialties. Gleneagles is the first private hospital in the city to offer all-inclusive medical packages as part of its efforts to provide price assurance and transparent pricing structure.

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