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How to choose custom furniture that suits your home

By Localiiz Branded | 13 October 2021

Header images courtesy of Sprue Furniture

No matter the style of furniture you prefer, nothing makes a statement as bold as a solid wood piece. Not only does it elevate the overall mise-en-scene of your interior set-up, but it can also be designed to perfectly meld into your daily life. Blending style and function, bespoke-made products are the option to deliver durability, aesthetics, and worthwhile use. Local artisans Sprue Furniture lends us their expertise by sharing a few factors you should consider when selecting custom-made furniture, and how to land on the right fit for your home.

Before all else, size your needs

Even before putting pen to paper, the team at Sprue Furniture first evaluates the specifications you require in your piece, as well as details of the location where the piece will end up. Visualise your dream furniture in the space, not simply sitting pretty but also while it is in use. Will it be an accent piece that doubles as an ornamental focal point? Or will it be a tastefully subdued complement to the other elements of your room? It does not hurt to measure and measure again to prevent easily avoidable errors, while also mapping up a smooth delivery route into your house.

No matter if you are commissioning a cabinet, table, wardrobe, bed, chairs, or even shelving, you can always draw upon this process to make your decisions. The versatility in custom designs means that specific requests can be accommodated, not only in terms of sizing but also for the material types, finishes, and even utile qualities. What’s more, your budget constraints can be accounted for in the complexity of assembly, rather than skimping out on the components or craftsmanship quality. By placing consultation first, Sprue Furniture allows you breathing room in experimenting with multiple potential ideas before locking in on your preferred blueprint. 

Style meets substance

Once you have determined the dimensions and functionality of your furniture, brainstorm what you would like the item to physically look like. Be sure to compare and contrast this concept with the available colours and textures in its future surroundings, as it will give you several ideas on what materials and structures to employ. Whether it is fully solid wood with a gleaming smoothed-over finish or a partial wooden construction that integrates steel fabrication, the possibilities are incredibly diverse.

An inspiration board is a highly useful tool at this stage, where you can piece together reference photos of furniture with similar types of constructions, or even simply mood pictures. If you still find yourself stumped, take a look at these few popular furniture styles to get your creative juices flowing.

Mid-century modern

With its roots in the German-in-origin Bauhaus design that had found its way to the United States roughly during the mid-twentieth century, simplicity and functionality are the main elements in mid-century modern furniture. Variations come from the differing outlines and forms of the pieces, as well as the interplay between various sorts of traditional and non-traditional components that were considered novel at the time.

Industrial style

A raw, earthen feel is central to the industrial style, except with a bit of a factory-made twist. Capturing and reinterpreting the aesthetics of factories and warehouses, industrial interiors tend to show expansive spaces with exposed walls or structures, in addition to reclaimed objects that give a bare-bones yet dashing feel.

Modern luxury

Lavish yet tasteful, the appeal of the modern luxury décor is a restrained approach to opulence. Natural materials and surfaces are key, with stone, granite, and marble as common furnishings that appear beside your furniture.

An aspect of solid wood that stays true, no matter the form or style, is that it is built to last. Your customised furniture is one that will be built to last through the seasons, remaining a uniquely gorgeous fixture that can accompany not only you, but also your future generations when it is passed down in the future.

Every little step

By keeping communication open and honest with the team behind your commission, you can hammer out any doubts or uncertainties as the collaboration goes along. From consultation to delivery, the Sprue Furniture team offers a streamlined process that keeps you on the pulse, constantly updating you with real photos and development notes.

Having built their workshop up from humble beginnings, the Sprue catalogue has grown to offer bespoke products crafted by a sizeable team, who all make use of diverse woodworking and construction techniques. However, one tenet from their early days remains: every piece you get your hands on is certified “made in Hong Kong.” By shopping local, you can plant your roots in your living space with their collection of gorgeous home-grown ware!

From now until Christmas, Sprue Furniture is offering a weekly release of their classic designs at special prices, with additional chances for customisations and personalised tweaks. To find out more, stay tuned to their Instagram page, where featured products are released each weekend.

Sprue Furniture

Specialising in solid wood furnishings, Sprue Furniture is Hong Kong’s largest bespoke furniture company that is also entirely “made in Hong Kong.” Its experience stretches as far back as 2013 when the brand began as a humble workshop. Employing artisans from all over the world, rest assured that your tailor-made pieces are designed and crafted using well-cultivated skills and quality materials from start to finish.

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