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#852Basics: 5 hiking trails in New Territories for solo hikers

By Natalie Fung 30 September 2020

Header image courtesy of Big Dodzy (via Unsplash)

With the weather cooling down and the thunderstorms hopefully soon behind us, now is high time to hit the great outdoors. Doing things alone can sometimes be boring, by hiking alone is definitely an exception. To learn to enjoy the pleasure of our own company and do something for (and with) ourselves, what’s better than checking out a few of Hong Kong’s gorgeous trails? Here, we have come up with a list of best hikes for solo hikers in and around New Territories.

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Bride’s Pool (新娘潭)

Romantically named after the story of a bride getting drowned on the way to meet her husband, Bride’s Pool has a stunning view which certainly leaves hikers in immense awe. Starting at the Bride’s Pool barbecue site, the first part of the trail is a short grassy path with a few short flights of stairs. Moving on, hikers will arrive at a junction and should choose the bridge on the left which leads all the way to Bride’s Pool.

The trail indeed is quite easy to trek until the very last part which is bouldered by huge rocks. Once hikers climb across the boulders, alas! The wondrous view of the Bride’s Pool emerges! Just stand on one of the large rocks and listen to the soft but crisp chant of the waterfall! Given the beautiful view all the way to the waterfall, the trail is highly suitable for hikers trekking on their own as they will never be bored.

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Duration: 1 hour

Distance: 2 kilometres approx.

Photo credit: @inciris (Instagram)

Leung Tin Au Valley (良田坳峽谷)

Resembling a pineapple, Leung Tin Au Valley (also known Pineapple Mountain) has a view akin to the Grand Canyon in the United States. Commencing at a broad cemented road right next to Leung King Chuen, the route is somewhat demanding at the beginning, given its steep gradient. In an hour or so, hikers will reach the summit which is downright impressive. Remember to snap loads of Instagram-worthy photos! Enjoying sunset right there is also a smart option. Otherwise, descend to Ha Pak Nei for an equally, if not more magnificent sunset view.

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Duration: 2.5 hours

Distance: 5 kilometres approx.

Photo credit: @fungcwl (via Instagram)

Nam Sang Wai (南生圍)

Starting from a well-paved path next to Yuen Long MTR station, hikers will reach the cable ferry pier in 15 minutes. It costs a few dollars for hikers to take a 1-minute trip from one side to the other side of Shan Pui River. Despite the short duration, it is quite enjoyable for hikers, especially solo ones, to enjoy the company of other “passengers” also taking this one and only manually operated transportation route in Hong Kong. After reaching the other side of the river, a short path neatly lined with trees emerges. In no time hikers will reach an extremely lovely scenery of calm waters with flora and fauna. Don’t forget to snap loads of photos and sit at the bank to enjoy the wonderful vista

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Duration: 4 hour

Distance: 7 kilometres approx.

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Photo credit: @ar.travelogue (via Instagram)

Sheung Lok’s Four Pools (雙鹿石澗)

Despite their reputation of being notoriously dangerous, Sheung Lok’s Four Pools are worth visiting, given their extreme beauty which is almost unfound in Hong Kong, also known as the Jungle Forest. Starting from Sai Wan Ting (西灣亭), which is accessible only by bus (from Sai Kung city centre) or taxi, hikers can choose between two paths, one of which is slightly more challenging but shorter and the other one is more comfortable but longer.

They both lead to Tai Long Sai Wan (大浪西灣), which is a fascinatingly immense beach. There is an inconspicuous path near the only store on the beach (do ask for directions there if you are unsure and hiking alone) and yes, it leads all the way to Sheung Lok’s Four Pools, which are such a spectacle to just look at. Think twice if you would like to jump into the pools, especially if you are going alone—it is indeed pretty daunting.

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Duration: 2.5 hours

Distance: 5 kilometres approx.

Photo credit: @gimahoimunii (via Instagram)

Tai Lam Chung Reservoir

Known as “thousand islands of Hong Kong,” Tai Lam Chung Reservoir is reputable for its jaw-dropping panorama featuring innumerable small islands. Doubtlessly, the vantage point of enjoying the scenery is the Islands Reservoir Viewpoint and there are quite a few routes leading to it, including routes which start at Tuen Mun Bus Interchange, Gold Coast, Tai Lam—to name but a few. While the routes tend to be quite long and winding, they are suitable for experienced solo hikers who love to marvel at the surroundings!

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Natalie Fung


Born and bred in Hong Kong, Natalie is a medical student never bored with her hometown but is always infused with immense energy to explore everything inside out—intriguing spots, scrumptious food, hiking, and running trails, to name but a few. Supposedly burying her head in books or notes to keep up with her studies, she instead often hits the gym, new restaurants, and cool shops. If she is not in town, though, she is definitely out having fun—sometimes on her own—in exotic cities which you have barely even heard of. Follow Natalie on Instagram or take casual English lessons with her on her brand-new YouTube channel, Yinglish.