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Take a Hike: How to hike the Lung Mun Country Trail in Tsuen Wan

By Grace Chong 28 May 2021 | Last Updated 13 October 2023

Header image courtesy of @mipig (via Instagram)

Hong Kong houses a number of hiking trails originally carved out for travel between different villages. As such, these trails are often tucked away under trees and the forgiving shade of the forest, starting or ending in villages with local eateries for a hearty meal. Lung Mun Country Trail in Tsuen Wan features bridges, streams, and a trek in the outskirts of Hong Kong. So pack some mosquito repellant, water, and a friend, and head for the hills!

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Overview and fast facts

The entrance to the Lung Mun Country Trail is guarded by Chuen Lung, a Hakka village that sits 30 minutes away from the entrance. Originally a settler village created by Chinese immigrants from Guangdong in the fifteenth century, it is now the perfect spot for a pre-hike dim sum meal at the popular Choi Lung Restaurant.

Lung Mun Country Trail will sweep you away from the Hakka village and into the mountains, across a handful of bridges and streams that are perfect for a quick dip to cool off from the scathing summer sun. And although the foliage can get a bit thick, sections of the hike open up to a skyline view of Tsuen Wan District and Ting Kau Bridge, along with views of Tai Mo Shan (if the sky is clear enough). At the very end will be the welcome sight of the Shing Mun Reservoir, its blue waters a beautiful treat for the eyes after the long journey.

Distance: 7.6 kilometres approx.

Difficulty: Beginner

Total ascent: 232 metres approx.

Total time: 2.5 hours approx.

How to get there

Lung Mun Country Trail is located on the hillside behind the Tsuen Wan neighbourhood. It takes some time to get to the trailhead, as it is pretty remote, but it’s all part of the experience for this pastoral hike.

From Central:
  1. Take the Tsuen Wan line to Tsuen Wan Station (Exit B1).
  2. Cross the bridge that runs over Castle Peak Road
  3. Take the stairs down on the right side.
  4. Turn left to walk next to Wah Kin House.
  5. Keep walking until you reach the corner of Shiu Wo Street and Chuen Lung Street
  6. There should be a minibus stop for green minibus 80.
  7. It will bring you to Route Twisk Chuen Lung Village bus stop.
  8. It’s hard to miss the stop, as it’s the turning point for the circular route!

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The hike 

Once you alight from the minibus, it’s still a 30-minute trek to the starting point of the trail. Head into the village past Choi Lung Restaurant, and keep walking straight until you turn onto the bridge at the first junction.

Eventually, the path splits into three, with a flight of stairs to the left and a path headed to Ngong Tong to the right. Keep on the middle path and you will soon be greeted with the first roadside marker indicating the direction to the Lung Mun Country Trail starting point. Another 10 minutes uphill and an abrupt right turn with appropriate signage will bring you down a flight of stairs to the trailhead.

For the next hour, the trail is relatively straight-forward. As the path is relatively well-shaded, make sure you snap photos of Tsuen Wan when the bush opens up, as most of your journey will be under trees and foliage. Notable landmarks are the three bridges that you will cross, each marked accordingly. You will also come across road signs directing you towards the Shing Mun Reservoir, which is the ending point of this trail, so follow in that direction!

Soon, you will reach the first junction on the Lung Mun Country Trail. It will require you to make a hard left up a few steps, before a slow climb upwards. Fortunately, there will be signs pointing you onto the Lung Mun Country Trail in the direction of the Shing Mun Reservoir next to the stairs!

After another 15 minutes of stair-climbing, follow the sign to the right for Shing Mun Reservoir, before arriving at a split in the path. Both paths are marked as ending at the Shing Mun Reservoir, but only one continues along the Lung Mun Country Trail, so take the path on the right.

It will lead you on a long flight of stairs down for another 20 minutes, before arriving at the end of the Lung Mun Country Trail, as marked by another trailhead sign. This will bring you onto the perpendicular Shing Mun Forest Track—Reservoir Section road. If facing away from where you just came from, turn right and continue forward

At this point, it’s a comfortable five-minute walk to the minibus station, and the path is well-marked. Minibus 82 should take you back into Tsuen Wan neighbourhood, where there are plenty of transit options to get home.

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Grace Chong


Having grown up in a creative community, Grace can often be found taking photos, journaling on train and bus rides, and writing poems to her friends. She is fond of asking friends, family members, and strangers personal questions about their happiness and mental health. If she could ask the whole world a question, it would be, “What was the last thing that made you laugh?” She is an avid fan of Radiolab, Mamamoo, volleyball, and Shin Ramen.