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Quiz: Which bubble tea shop should you go to based on your personality?

By Alisa Chau 12 December 2020

Header image courtesy of Rosalind Chang (via Unsplash)

Double double, chewy pearls and bubbles: Having become an inseparable part of Hong Kong’s food culture, the iconic bubble tea drink has been produced and reinterpreted by numerous shops all over the city. Are you looking for your perfect cup? Find out which bubble tea shop you should check out based on your personality!

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Be honest: Do your results match up with your personality? Take this quiz again to find out about the other bubble tea shops to check out, or send the quiz to your friends to see if you should be going to grab some bubble tea drinks together!

Alisa Chau


Always down for an adventure, Alisa’s general approach to life (and anything, really) is to “just go with the flow.” She believes that the most unforgettable moments are the most spontaneous ones. One thing she will always be certain of, however, is her love for the band My Chemical Romance and potato-based food.