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8 new cafés & coffee shops in Hong Kong to visit this March

By Jen Paolini 1 March 2021

Header image courtesy of @urfoodbuddies (via Instagram)

Most people say that the world is obsessed with Australian coffee culture, but we’d say that’s just because they have not yet set foot in one of Hong Kong’s outstanding cafés. Small as the city may be, our neighbourhoods are brimming with boutique coffee shops, and new openings are popping up across Hong Kong every week. Join us as we follow the irresistible waft of freshly ground coffee beans to the latest and greatest café and coffee shop openings in Hong Kong.

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Fonji (楓子珈琲)

For a touch of eclectic Japanese charm in the depths of Kowloon, head on over to Fonji (楓子珈琲), a rustic café in Prince Edward that celebrated its grand opening a mere week ago. Specialising in baked goods and creative coffees, you’ll feel right at home amongst the mid-century armchairs, soothing sepia colour palette, maple trees, and boutique tableware, all of which ooze a welcoming atmosphere that feels novel and intimate against the sea of minimalist design choices dominating Hong Kong’s coffee shops.

For caffeinated beverages, take your choice between stand-out offerings like the signature maple caffe latte (starting from $40) and the yuzu coffee mojito soda ($48)—if you’re in the mood for something other than just regular coffee, that is. Pair your drinks off with sweet treats like the pandan & coconut cake ($58) or the canelé ($38)—one of their most popular items—or go for savouries like the spaghetti with tiger prawns, tomatoes & mushroom ($138) or the fig & avocado with vinegar toast ($88).

Fonji, 5 Maple Street, Prince Edward | (+852) 2445 5441

Photo credit: @f.o.v_ (via Instagram)

Bow Coffee

If you frequent the bustling neighbourhood of Wan Chai, we’re sure you’ll already have spied the attractive shopfront of Bow Coffee on Queen’s Road East, a rich blue teaser of a new coffee shop to come. While no official opening date has been announced, we anticipate that there’s a soft-opening on the horizon, as Bow Coffee has just completed a test run of their services. We await the day with bated breath—check back for updates soon!—but in the meantime, we can anticipate a beverage menu that includes familiar drinks like cappuccinos ($40), espressos ($30), and hojicha lattes ($48).

Bow Coffee, G/F, Queen’s Centre, 58–64 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai

Photo credit: @urfoodbuddies (via Instagram)

An Coffee (安•珈琲)

Fancy a trip out to Lam Tsuen this weekend? Make sure to stop by An Coffee (安•珈琲), a bright purple village-house-turned-café in the heart of Hang Ha Po. Choose a high stool by the window for people-watching and Instagramming or a more laid-back seating affair further inside the house, but wherever you decide to perch, you’ll enjoy their herbal and fruit teas and dessert dishes just the same.

Treat yourself to their matcha Basque burnt cheesecake ($28) or black sesame mousse cotton cake ($48) with a cup of steaming hot peach fruit tea ($48) or cooling mint limeade ($38). If you’re feeling up for a bigger meal, opt for the mushroom with avocado on sourdough toast ($78). Pets are welcome to join in on the fun, too!

An Coffee (安•珈琲), 41A Hang Ha Po, Lam Tsuen, Tai Po

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Photo credit: @cof.fee.nap (via Instagram)

The Third Bakery

If there’s one way to start your day off on the right foot, it’s to pair your piping hot bean juice with a lush dessert to delight the taste buds. How fortuitous, then, that The Third Bakery offers both options in one convenient place. Sister café to The Third in Yuen Long—which opened just a few months ago—this bakery arm in Sai Ying Pun marries the highlights of their coffee menu with delectable sweet treats.

Instagram is abuzz for their signature flan cake ($60)—a sponge cake and custard pudding amalgamation—which is served with a drizzle of caramel sauce, making for the ultimate breakfast indulgence. Other best-sellers include the black sesame financier ($30) and sea salt caramel financier ($30), which go perfectly with well-loved drinks like The Bomb ($50), a powerful double espresso concoction with fresh lime and ginger beer.

The Third Bakery, Shop B, 38–40 Eastern Street, Sai Ying Pun



Serving artisan cuppas by day and speciality wines and spirits by night, Dio is a self-proclaimed “booze apothecary” that will please both coffee snobs and weekend warriors, should you decide to indulge together. In a twist that should come as a surprise to no one, Dio is named in tribute to Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of wine and all things debauched, and while their sleek, modern façade is a far cry from the pastoral rolling fields of the beautiful Mediterranean, the fun to be at Dio had will no doubt remind you of a lively Greek taverna.

Have a Bacchanalia (instead of a ball, geddit) with their menu of espressos, made with locally roasted beans by Hong Kong-based Cotton Mutton, before switching gears to evening enjoyments from their curated wine list.

Dio, 49 Gage Street, Central | (+852) 9199 3596


Until Coffee

Fans of clean lines and minimalism will want to add this one to their café-hopping list: Until Coffee takes austere aesthetics to the next level, rivalling even the most modest of Hong Kong coffee shops with their spotlessly white interiors (looks like % Arabica has its work cut out for them). Standing out like a stark, brilliant beacon amongst the weathered industrial buildings of San Po Kong, Until Coffee prides itself on an unadorned and simplistic approach to its appearance, shifting the focus instead to its rich, bold coffees and flavourful dessert cakes.

Add a splash of colour to your visit with an iced matcha latte ($48) and the signature house white ($65), a creative concoction that the team calls their “non-alcoholic version of sauvignon blanc.” If the unsullied surroundings encourage your mind to wander, you could always wonder about how much is spent on cleaning fees...

Until Coffee, 1 Sheung Hei Street, San Po Kong | (+852) 6015 5409

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If you missed their opening in Tai Kwun just four months ago, you’ll now get to be the first to check them out at their new digs in Wan Chai. Led by award-winning head barista Zac Wu, Between is taking their coffee solutions and casual Japanese-inspired menu to a new neighbourhood, dedicating their latest location to more than just culinary delights—expect a wealth of wellness events, artistic endeavours, lifestyle programmes, and more.

Favourites like the Sesame Mountain ($68) and matcha latte ($48) will make a comeback, in addition to new exclusives such as the Green Nana ($50), a powerful punch of a smoothie with avocado, banana, and almond milk, and the King of Gems ($88), an ambitious, thirst-quenching combo of lime juice, strawberry purée, espresso, and Prosecco. Sate your sweet tooth with the yuzu pecan tart ($58) and monaka ice cream sandwich ($38).

Between, Shop G03–04, G/F, Sunlight Tower, 248 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai


So Coffee & Gin

Our hunt for coffee takes us back to ye old faithful neighbourhood of Sham Shui Po, where cafés are aplenty and the new openings never cease. What used to be a boutique family business specialising in antique sewing machines has now transformed into a neighbourhood café serving up keto-friendly meals! Continuing the legacy of Man Hing Sewing Machine Company while appealing to the modern sensibilities of the hip Sham Shui Po neighbourhood, So Coffee & Gin feels perfectly at home amongst the decades-old textile and fashion accessories shops hawking their wares.

Churning out espresso blends from its mighty Astoria Storm—whose vintage look is quite on-brand—you’ll find few faults with their caffeine-based drinks, but what’s been drawing crowds to So Coffee & Gin are their affordable avocado & bacon toast ($48) and mouth-watering stir-fried zucchini noodles with garlic tiger prawns ($88). It’s also the only place in Hong Kong (that we know of) that serves a whisky tea ($52), which is—you guessed it—a piping hot cup of tea brewed in whiskey, replete with the spirit’s smooth texture and smoky aroma.

So Coffee & Gin, 221 Lai Chi Kok Road, Sham Shui Po

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