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10 newest cafés in Hong Kong you must visit this June

By Ching Yuen 4 June 2020

Header image courtesy of @cafe.hopping (Instagram)

Hong Kong is a small city compared to the rest of the world but there is a plethora of exciting new things to do to keep us entertained. Hongkongers are fast-paced people and a cuppa (or two, or three) is something most of us need almost every day, so new boutique cafés are constantly opening up across the city to cater to our caffeine addiction. We’ve been exploring the city, walking through alleyways, and keeping an ear to the ground to discover the 10 latest cafés openings in Hong Kong. Let’s get us some coffee!

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Photo credits: food.life_kei


The freshest and latest café opening in town is Kennedy Town’s AFFEE—they’ve only been welcoming business for five days! The concept behind the café is to encourage guests to have an affair with coffee, and thus, the four creative baristas behind the concept came up with the name. As a petite shopfront, AFFEE’s menu is purely focused on coffee, and we hope to soon have a taste of their Cappuccino ($38) or Hojicha Latte ($50). They encourage customers to bring their own cups for a $3 discount, but otherwise, their own takeaway cups are also oxo-biodegradable!

AFFEE, Shop 3, 19 Hau Wo Street, Kennedy Town | (+852) 6379 2755



Speaking of hot new cafés, Nomad is Sham Shui Po’s newest addition—and it opened just last week to great acclaim. During the day, Nomad is a coffee destination that also offers all-day dining options, but at night, it transforms into a sultry yakitori restaurant. Japanese floor cushions litter the staircase leading up to the second level for customers to sit down, and the wooden accents of the interiors are super Instagrammable. Nomad’s menu also includes craft beer next to coffees and teas, so depending on what sort of day you’re having, you can freely opt to start drinking early!

Nomad, 32 Poplar Street, Sham Shui Po

Photo credits: f.o.v_

APT. Coffee Central

APT. Coffee isn’t an entirely new café but they did recently open a new branch in Central, with a three-course tasting menu available only at this location. Those familiar with APT. Coffee will know of their signature toasts that you can tailor-make with sauce and toppings. We’re not too sure if they will keep these customisable items on their menu in Central, but their food menu now includes all-day dining dishes like Pan-fried Duck Liver and Grilled Black Cod, so you can sit down for a proper meal instead of just a snack!

APT. Coffee Central, Shop C, G/F, 34 Cochrane Street, Central | (+852) 6378 8912

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Photo credit: @themagicalbunnies (Instagram)

Joint Coffee

Nearly two weeks ago, Joint Coffee relocated from Kennedy Town to their new location in Wan Chai. The shopfront boasts two floor-to-ceiling windows where people can look in from the street, with one window framing the barista’s coffee station. The signature olive green window frame with their logo—two pieces of bone sandwiching their shop name—was transported from their old location and their coffee and drinks menu remains the same as their Kennedy Town shop.

Joint, G/F, 8 Wood Road, Wan Chai

Photo credit: @cafe.hopping (Instagram)

Sonne CAD

Tai Hang is also sporting its own new café and it has arguably the most aesthetic entrance out of any on the list. Sonne CAD took over one of Tai Hang’s old two-storey buildings and refurbished it into a vintage coffee house that specialises in quality drip coffee. Push open the wooden doors and walk into the café, where you will be warmly greeted by the owner and barista who will introduce to you the coffee beans of the day and what would be most suitable for your palate. You can then take a seat upstairs in their relaxing space made up of sustainable items, such as a foldable cardboard sofa that you can twist to your liking!

Sonne CAD, 16 Sun Chun Street, Tai Hang | (+852) 6922 5398

Photo credit: @foodographiee (Instagram)

Press Button

Another new addition to the coffee scene that we have mentioned before is Press The Button Coffee in Sham Shui Po. Snaps of this café are fast becoming one of the top five subjects taking up our Instagram feed. The idea behind the shop is to encourage an appreciation of the little joys we find in our fast-paced world, even if we sometimes feel a bit left behind by everyone else’s hustle and bustle. Press The Button’s logo is designed by acclaimed Japanese artist Chalkboy, a joint effort that originated when the owners and artist kept fortuitously meeting at culture fairs around the world. Check out the cute logo printed on its glass doors!

Press The Button Coffee, G/F, 132A Ki Lung Street, Sham Shui Po

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Bone Coffee & Design Studio

Bone Coffee & Design Studio started out as a multidisciplinary design studio that collaborated with high-end brands such as Lee Gardens, Sony, and Landmark on graphics and advertisements. After obtaining their own business registration, the studio is now offering custom designs and items as well as quality hand-drip coffee in their new workshop. Bone Coffee & Design Studio’s toasts are some of their most popular items; look out for the Red Bean and Butter Toast ($45), where a heaping mound of sweet red bean paste is laid on top of a rectangular block of toast, which goes perfectly well with their Japanese Hand Drip Coffee ($50).

Bone Coffee & Design Studio, Shop 2B, G/F, 38 Bonham Road, Mid-Levels


Black Coffee

This all-black café in Mong Kok is making us swoon with their chic aesthetics! Everything in Black Coffee is decked out in black (obviously) with an occasional gilded edge that makes the overall design look super sleek and modern. This is actually a sister café to Heysonuts in To Kwa Wan, so you know their desserts are going to be the bomb. Black Coffee’s Dirty Tiramisu ($65) and signature Souffle Pancakes ($88) are something sweet-tooths can look forward to, and you can wash down the sweetness with drinks like Hazelnut Latte (starting from $40) or an Americano (starting from $34).

Black Coffee, Shop 3, G/F, 3 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok | (+852) 2796 0082

Photo credit: @caffeinated_hk (Instagram)

The Roastery X

The Roastery X is a new addition to the Tai Kok Tsui neighbourhood, offering up quality coffee, all-day dining, and aesthetic interiors. They have quite an extensive menu, with a list of black coffees, white coffees, and others for you to choose from. The Tasting Set ($52) is worth trying, just because everything seems equally attractive! The Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict ($88) is covered in a luscious layer of Hollandaise sauce, and the Onsen Egg Carbonara ($72) is totally drool-worthy.

The Roastery X, Shop G707, G/F, Square Mile, 18 Ka Shin Street, Tai Kok Tsui

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Photo credit: @lizeatery (Instagram)

Hushush Ice Cream Coffee Sai Kung

Hushush Ice Cream Coffee recently unveiled a new shopfront in Sai Kung just around the corner from its first location, and it’s entirely focused on coffee. Their menu includes creative cuppas like the Apple Cold Brew ($65) and the ever-popular Affogato ($65) from its original branch, as well as even more hand-brewed coffee options and fragrant, rich roasts from around the globe. There is also a larger outdoor seating area in this new location, so if you are ever around Sai Kung promenade, you know where to drop by for a tea break!

Hushush Ice Cream Coffee, Shop 2, G/F, Kam Po Court, 2 Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square, Sai Kung

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Ching Yuen


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