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11 hidden cafés to explore in West New Territories

By Ching Yuen 21 April 2020

Header image courtesy of @cafe.hopping

Even though most of us will most likely be spending our time inside for the foreseeable future, it is time to appreciate the New Territories! With small hills, open space, and an abundance of green, you can really lay back and enjoy the pastoral scenes of Hong Kong here. We have put together our favourite hidden cafés in New Territories for you to bask in the hidden Hong Kong vibes that only the locals know about. If you’re in a hurry though, click to the section you want to skip to below:

Yuen Long | Tuen Mun | Tsuen Wan | Kwai Tsing

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Yuen Long


CoHee Studio

CoHee is a petite café and speciality coffee roaster providing a wide range of single-origin beans and professional accessories to local coffee lovers. Located on the corner of a quiet village street, the studio is minimalistic and sleek in design with a peaceful atmosphere. Try a Cappuccino ($38), an Espresso Tonic ($48), and their affordable Hand-Drip Coffee ($48) with your bites of Hokkaido Scallop, Salmon Roe, and Scrambled Egg Toast ($78). The proprietors hope to promote the Japanese culture of artisan brewed coffee in Hong Kong as an affordable luxury for everyone to share.

CoHee Studio, G/F, 152 Kam Tin Shi Street, Kam Tin, Yuen Long | (+852) 9449 7310


The Glock

This hole-in-the-wall establishment is another café that found its home on a corner—and their name is even pronounced as ‘corner’ in Cantonese! The Glock’s signature selling point revolves around their homemade and traditional Japanese sweets that sell out on a daily basis, so you know it must be good. Try their Cake Roll ($35), which comes in seasonal flavours such as matcha, hojicha, or sweet potato cream. We also love the Kuzumochi ($28), a water-like mochi that melts in your mouth, and their Roasted Mitarashi-dango ($32), a mochi toasted on a grill and dipped in a sweet sauce.

The Glock, Shop 16, G/F, Ho Wang Building, 11 Yu Wing Path, Yuen Long | (+852) 6682 5273


Leisure Café

This hidden café embraces the charm of Yuen Long, incorporating rustic vibes and farmhouse aesthetics into the design of the cafe. Grab a seat at one of their small wooden tables and order an All-Day Breakfast ($118) with truffle scrambled eggs, herb sausages, fried beefcakes, smoked salmon, ciabatta, and a portobello salad to kickstart your day. Wash down your hearty meal with a Flat White ($36) and don’t forget to take a quick picture of their charming entrance!

Leisure Café, Shop 28, Cheong Wai Maison, 9A Fung Yau Street North, Yuen Long | (+852) 3568 7741

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Tuen Mun


Kaleido Coffee

Opened for merely the last three months, Kaleido Coffee is already attracting flocks of coffee lovers from across the city—if you can find their shop, that is! Hidden inside a residential estate, you might miss the lovable café if you weren’t already looking for it, but that’s exactly what makes the Kaleido so attractive. Try their Filter Coffee (starting from $60) for a taste of their coffee-making expertise, or if you like a dash of milk, then go for the Dirty ($40) for a shot of espresso with cold milk.

Kaleido Coffee, Shop 21, G/F, Rainbow Garden, 351 Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun | (+852) 9888 1422


White Goat Coffee

This neighbourhood coffee shop in Tuen Mun is actually a hidden gem for quality coffee. Paying homage to their Hong Kong roots, White Goats Coffee roasts their own coffee beans in-house in order to guarantee an authentic flavour. Their Espresso (starting from $17) is essentially the taste of the coffee shop’s soul. It wasn’t an easy journey for the baristas to develop such a flavour profile so unique to their shop but rest assured that you will be drinking the condensed effort put behind every sip!

White Goat Coffee, Shop 104, G/F, Wah Lok Mansion, 2 Tsing Shan Square, Tuen Mun | (+852) 5405 8815


Hidden Coffee & Roaster

We certainly couldn’t leave out Hidden Coffee & Roaster when we are talking about hidden places! There are two things we really appreciate here: the first being the comprehensive menu with diagrams of how different coffees are composed (so there is no guesswork around your order), the second is their creative signature drinks. The most eye-catching among them is the Shakerato ($48): cold coffee without milk that is shaken like a cocktail and served in a tall glass!

Hidden Coffee & Roaster, Shop 6, G/F, Lucky Building, 106 Castle Peak Road (San Hui), Tuen Mun | (+852) 6490 1236

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Tsuen Wan


Blank Café

A truly hidden cafe, Blank Café is just about the size of a small corridor with some plain plant decorations hung up along the walls. You can get a Rose Latte ($35) for a small break, or you can try one of the signature bagels that will definitely fill up your stomach. For something sweet, we would recommend the Earl Grey Apple Bagel ($45) with earl grey cream cheese and caramel apple. If you're looking for something salty instead then we would recommend the Beef Bagels ($65) with slow-cooked beef, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and salad spinach.

Blank Café, Shop 12, G/F, Cheong Ning Building, Tsuen Cheong Center, 202–216 Sai Lau Kok Road, Tsuen Wan


Between Haru

In we are talking about Tsuen Wan, it’s always nice to hit up The Mills. In the corner of the first floor, you can find Between Haru, a small café to let you rest—as their name suggests—between moments of the day. Taking on the vintage aesthetic, we love their bakery display and cake stands that shows the selection of the day.

Between Haru, Shop 103, 1/F, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan | (+852) 3572 0173


The 5B Private Corner

Industrial buildings are full of surprises, such as The 5B Private Corner, a hidden café just 15 minutes away from The Mills. As long as you have the address right, it’s not actually that hard to find. There are many reasons to love this café, from the epic sea view you get treated to from their window seats to the board games you can play anywhere. This café is like a slice of childhood that manage to survive throughout the times!

The 5B Private Corner, Room B, 5/F, Tsuen Tung Factory Building, 38–40 Chai Wan Kok Street, Tsuen Wan | (+852) 3956 3926

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Kwai Tsing


Patisserie Uriwari

One of our favourite finds in Kwai Chung, Patisserie Uriwari is a dessert café that answers all of our dessert dreams! This dessert café takes on a Japanese flair that focuses on Japanese tea, such as their tea and latte selections all inspired by matcha and hojicha. You can pick some of their pastries on display for takeaway, or go for something on their dessert menu such as their Matcha Parfait ($78) or their Dessert Platter ($88) filled with all sorts of sweet creations.

Patisserie Uriwari, Shop 409, 4/F, Life@KCC, 72–76 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung | (+852) 2135 6705


The Story Café and Bakery

Who could have guessed that there is such a pretty place in Tsing Yi? If you ever find yourself out and about in this neighbourhood, then you could choose to relax at The Story Cafe and Bakery. Try their Rose Latte ($38), served in a dedicated gilded cup or any of their other colourful creations—we’ve even heard rumours of a blue-coloured burger!

The Story Café and Bakery, Shop 117, 1/F, Maritime Square, 33 Tsing King Road, Tsing Yi | (+852) 3105 1825

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Ching Yuen


Having lived in Hong Kong, Beijing, and London sure is a fun fact whenever people try to guess Ching’s accent. She loves switching between all these language channels and her “mother tongue” is just determined by how many drinks she’s had for the night! She loves movies, travelling, and exploring cities, from hidden alleys to gourmet dining, so feel free to hit her up if you need any suggestions for dinner!