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Made in Hong Kong: 4 best local nut butters to try

By Beverly Ngai 9 June 2021 | Last Updated 9 January 2023

Header image courtesy of @thenuttercompany (via Instagram)

If Skippy is where your knowledge of nut butter starts and ends, then it’s time for you to expand your horizons! Gone are the days when big-brand peanut butters, loaded with preservatives and additives, were the only options when it came to readily available, spreadable foodstuff in Hong Kong. 

With the rise of a collective, health-conscious mindset in recent years, more and more home-grown nut butter brands have entered the market armed with decadent jars of minimally processed, handcrafted spreads. From classic peanut butter to unique spreads made with cashews, almonds, and pistachios, here are the best local nut butter brands in Hong Kong to check out for your next breakfast jamboree. 

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Photo: @nuttie.b (via Instagram)


Standing out as a success story that has relied on quality and creativity to flourish in the midst of the pandemic, NuttieB whips up a unique range of handcrafted nut butter made with no added oil, sugar, or preservatives.

Starting out as a small Instagram shop peddling just one item—crunchy peanut butter—it was not long before the online business gained momentum and expanded to the less-charted realms of cashew and pistachio butter, re-invented with interesting flavour combinations.

Its aromatic pistachio butter is dangerously addictive, but if you’re a fan of tea-flavoured products, then the matcha cashew butter or hojicha cashew butter will get your cravings sorted. Order directly via direct message on Instagram or find their products in various retail shops across the city.

Photo: @thenuttercompany (via Instagram)

The Nutter Company

Founded in 2018, The Nutter Company quickly made a name for itself as a pantry staple amongst Hong Kong’s health-obsessed masses. Although this local start-up does not yet have its own brick-and-mortar shopfront, you have probably seen their nutty spreads around town, as they are sold in over forty retail locations across the city, including well-known supermarket and grocery chains like Green Common, Aeon, and Muji.

Unmatched in variety, The Nutter Company makes a spread for nearly every type of nut you can think of—be it peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios, and even pecan! The majority of their collection is made of 100 percent nuts, but if you’re looking for a dreamy dessert experience, go for their hazelnut chocolate butter ($118). The lightly sweetened, swoon-worthy concoction is reminiscent of Nutella, but much better for you!

Photo: (via Instagram)

Taking pride in using locally sourced ingredients,’s peanut butters are made with organic peanuts obtained straight from the farms of Kam Tin and sweetened with just a hint of local honey. Despite specialising solely in peanut butter, their spreads are anything but boring, with both creamy and crunchy varieties offered in three delicious flavours: classic, rosemary, and Earl Grey. only produces their nut butters in limited quantities by order each month. This is in part because everything is made by hand in a labour-intensive process, but also because they spend so much of their time hosting farm tours and workshops, teaching people how to re-create their scrumptious spreads!

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Photo: Foodcraft (via Facebook)


A distinguished one-stop-shop for healthful, allergen-free, and alternative foods, Foodcraft puts much care into crafting its gourmet nut butters, ensuring that the nutritional value is preserved as much as possible. Nuts are soaked and sprouted to become more digestible, processed in small batches, and carefully stone-ground at a low temperature so that heat-sensitive nutrients are retained.

In spite of the heftier price tags, the quality truly pays itself. Splurge on the signature organic raw sprouted dark almond butter ($248) or dabble in some less conventional flavours like raw sprouted walnut butter ($188) or raw stone-ground macadamia butter ($198) for an unusual breakfast treat.

Foodcraft, 21/F, Yiuga Factory Building, 62 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town | (+852) 2884 1299

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Beverly Ngai


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