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Hong Kong’s best hairy crab menus to try this season 2022

By Celia Lee 17 October 2022 | Last Updated 11 November 2022

Header images courtesy of The Murray Hong Kong and Tsui Hang Village

October in Hong Kong means that the season for hairy crabs is here! A much-loved delicacy amongst locals, restaurants across the city are bringing their A-game to the hairy crab arena. Fellow foodies, get ready to be overwhelmed by a premium selection of the well-loved crustacean this autumn. From hairy crab cream to crab roe to whole crabs served with indulgent sauces and sides designed to send your taste buds to umami heaven, here’s a round-up of the best seasonal hairy crab menus you need to try this October!

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Photo: The Legacy House

The Legacy House

Hairy crab lovers will be familiar with the annual seasonal menus offered by The Legacy House at Rosewood Hong Kong. And you won’t be disappointed this year, either! Curated by Chinese executive chef Li Chi-wai, you will love the plethora of traditional Cantonese deliciousness reinvented on The Legacy House’s hairy crab à la carte and set menus.

Associated with the luxurious Rosewood brand, you can expect the best of the best when it comes to their crabs. Sourced directly from Lake Tai in China, every item promises to wow guests with a mildly sweet taste and succulent texture of the “king of crabs.” Try the simple steamed hairy crab (offered at market price) with ginger and herb broth for a thorough taste of the seasonal crustacean. For fans of rich and indulgent hairy crab cream, the braised rice with fish maw ($320) is a perfect and aesthetically pleasing choice.

The Legacy House, 5/F, Rosewood Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Photo: Ming Court

Ming Court

If you’re looking to splash out on a luxury meal this hairy crab season, look no further than Ming Court. The Cantonese restaurant is renowned for its premium reinventions of local classics, and this October, the Michelin-starred restaurant is presenting an enticing six-course hairy crab degustation menu, available daily until the end of November.

From luscious starters like steamed Shanghainese dumplings and braised broth with bird’s nest to rich and nourishing steamed whole hairy crab and fried glutinous rice with air-dried cured meat and dried shrimp, Ming Court’s degustation menu is designed to fill your taste buds with hairy crab roe, meat, and cream with every bite.

Langham Supper Club members can enjoy the limited-time menu at a special price of $888 per person. Cathay members can take advantage of the October limited offer at $988 per person, plus a complimentary glass of wine to pair with your hairy crab delights.

Ming Court, 2/F, Great Eagle Centre, 23 Harbour Road, Wan Chai | (+852) 2878 1212



Chinesology knows how to pair a good hairy crab with a premium spirit—this is why the 10-course autumn seasonal crab menu ($1888) offers guests the option to elevate their meal with Huadiao cocktails and specially crafted wines ($328)! But before we delve into the bevvies, here’s how Chinesology presents the star of the menu with innovative methods.

The tasting menu features a total of four seasonal crabs: Alaskan crab, mud crab, blue crab, and, of course, hairy crab. Although prepared with traditional cooking methods, these crab dishes are no less modern and innovative when it comes to taste and presentation. The rich and flavourful Alaskan crab is stewed in chicken broth, then chilled and transformed into a clear and elegant jelly. The Furong crab claws feature parts from three types of crabs, complemented by fresh and fragrant Chencun rice noodles. The hairy crab is marinated in 15-year Huadiao before cooking, resulting in a simple yet luxurious dish that allows you to dote on the umami flavours of the crab and the aromatic Huadiao.

Chinesology has also prepared two signature cocktails to pair with their premium crab dishes: the yellow wine highball with its refreshing bitterness and the Huadiao old fashioned that highlights the aromatic Huadiao with Peychaud’s Bitters and housemade syrup. The autumn seasonal crab menu is available from now to 31 October. Book your space at this hairy crab feast 48 hours in advance for guaranteed delight.

Chinesology, Shop 3101–3107, One IFC, Harbour View Street, Central | (+852) 6809 2299

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The Murray Hong Kong

For such a luxurious ingredient, it only seems fitting to see a five-star hotel like The Murray dish out its very own hairy crab menu using premium Shanghainese hairy crab in a fine-dining experience accompanied by live jazz performances. The eight-course menu ($888) begins with The Murray signature appetiser platter comprising juicy abalone, authentic char siu, and aromatic truffles. This is a rich and mouthwatering selection guaranteed to get you in the mood for its crustacean counterpart later in the meal.

You can find seasonal ingredients in a selection of indulgent dishes. The deep-fried crab shell stuffed with hairy crab roe offers a perfect balance between crunchy and creamy. Fans of crab meat, treat your palette to the umami flavours of two steamed fresh hairy crabs. Slowly refresh your appetite with the light yet flavourful bamboo piths with seasonal vegetables and braised hairy crab roe. Why not finish your night of indulgent delights with a dessert? The sweetened ginger soup with Osmanthus and sesame dumplings is a hearty delight that harkens back to the festive Mid-Autumn just past.

For an even more rounded experience of the seasonal ingredient, a Huadiao pairing option ($388) is available at The Murray. Take advantage of four types of Huadiao and an unlimited serving of house wine, beer, and soft drinks! The limited-time dinner menu is only available on 14, 16, 21, and 30 October, and 3 and 11 November from 7 pm to 11 pm. Reservations are now available on The Murray’s website, don’t miss out on this luxurious crustacean experience!

Niccolo Room, 25/F, The Murray Hong Kong, 22 Cotton Tree Drive, Central

Photo: Dining Room

Dining Room

Ushered in together with hairy crab season is the prime time for indulging in another cult favourite cuisine for Hongkongers—hot pot. What do you get when you combine these two seasonal cuisines? The rich and delicious goodness that is a hairy crab hot pot! If the thought alone is mouth-watering, you’d be happy to know that Dining Room at the Racing Club has a seasonal hairy crab hot pot on offer.

Choose from two homemade hot pot soup bases: chicken broth with hairy crab roe and fish maw ($438) and crab meat congee with hairy crab roe ($398). Included in the hot pot sets are a selection of add-ons and sauces. From the hairy crab roe dip sauce to the cuttlefish balls with hairy crab roe and salted egg yolk, Dining Room is generous in their helping of hairy crab roe throughout their set menu! Dining Room’s hairy crab hot pot menu is available from now till 29 October during the dinner period, so try it before it’s gone.

Dining Room, The Racing Club, Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley | (+852) 2966 8232

Photo: The Drunken Pot

The Drunken Pot

Another option for hairy crab and hot pot lovers, The Drunken Pot has a crustacean offer you cannot refuse! The hairy crab set for two ($568) includes a variety of seafood that complements the hairy crab in a pot of hearty goodness. Seasonal Babylon shellfish and shrimp are roasted in sea salt, heightening their rich and umami flavour.

Paired with Yang Cheng Hu hairy crab, the marine goodness comes in a nutritious chicken broth with Dungeness crab and fish maw. The Drunken Pot also has a selection of crab roe-themed ingredients on offer for those who want to upgrade their hairy crab hot pot experience with more hairy crab! The offer is available now until 30 December. Head to The Drunken Pot for a culinary experience you won’t forget!

The Drunken Pot, locations across Hong Kong

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Sexy Crab

When it comes to contemporary, innovative twists on traditional ingredients, Sexy Crab is a strong contender on the Hong Kong hairy crab scene. The noodle bar only uses the finest specimens from Jiangsu, where roe and crab meat are skilfully deshelled so you can easily indulge in the rich and flavourful crustacean. Paired with the restaurant's signature artisanal noodles, expect a fresh and umami experience you wouldn’t forget.

Apart from Sexy Crab’s signature crab noodles, the restaurant also features a selection of Shanghainese classics filled and adorned with hairy crab meat and roe. From the traditional wontons in broth to an elegant platter of abalone, crab roe, and seasonal seafood soaked in wine, Sexy Crab’s menu will definitely leave crab lovers in awe!

Sexy Crab, Shop 401A, 4/F, K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


The Chinese Restaurant

The Chinese Restaurant is returning to Hyatt Regency with a luxurious hairy crab menu this October! Dishing out the seasonal crustacean, the chefs promise to bring to their crab-loving patrons the most exquisite plates incorporating the hairy crab.

Savour the complex umami flavours of the crustacean with the simple steamed Jiangsu hairy crab. Using the best specimens from the region, the rich flavours of the crab are complimented by dried perilla leaves, black vinegar, and hot ginger tea. Give the filling pan-fried abalone glutinous rice dumpling with hairy crab roe a taste! The delectable dish serves generous portions of 10-head South African abalone wrapped in glutinous rice, which sits comfortably on a blanket of hairy crab roe. You can book your reservation at this hairy crab feast here. Head over to Hyatt Regency for a luxury dining experience!

The Chinese Restaurant, 3/F, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


Ying Jee Club

If you’re really looking to splash out on a hairy crab feast, you have to check out Ying Jee Club’s hairy crab degustation set menu. For two months from October, the two-Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant will be offering diners an exquisite eight-course hairy crab experience, featuring steamed whole hairy crab from Yang Cheng Lake.

The imperial bird’s nest broth with hairy crab coral and bean curd is an indulgence in the best the ocean has to offer, and a dish fit for royalty. The sautéed lobster with hairy crab coral and vegetables transforms local produce into a premium dish with seasonal lobster and umami hairy crab coral that will certainly leave you craving more!

Don’t forget to round off your hairy crab experience with Ying Jee Club’s selection of warm and cold desserts, including the hearty sweetened ginger tea with sesame glutinous dumplings and chilled coconut pudding with osmanthus and yuzu.

Ying Jee Club, Shop G05, 107 & 108, Nexxus Building, 41 Connaught Road, Central

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Photo: West Villa

West Villa

Hairy crab lovers are surely keeping an eye on the abundant Cantonese restaurants located in Lee Gardens. This year, much like any other, Lee Gardens restaurants are featuring seasonal ingredients in decadent menus! Particularly eye-catching and mouth-watering is the luxurious crab feast ($988) from the Michelin-recommended West Villa.

A six-course crustacean extravaganza, West Villa’s menu features classic items such as steamed hairy crab and crab roe dumplings, all made from the finest specimens from Jiangsu. Of note is the innovative Inaniwa udon and crab roe, where the Japanese noodle is seasoned with the umami flavours of the hairy crab. Designed with the diner in mind, West Villa’s hairy crab menu also includes the healthy and nurturing braised whole fresh abalone with goose webs and warm ginger tea with glutinous rice balls—perfect “warm” pairings with the hairy crab, which is considered “cold” in Chinese medicinal terms.

West Villa, 5/F, Lee Garden One, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2882 2110


10 Shanghai

It’s hairy crab galore at this authentic Shanghainese restaurant this autumn. Delve into hairy crab heaven with 10 Shanghai’s golden Shanghainese hairy crab set menu ($998) and the à la carte seasonal Shanghainese hairy crab delights menu.

You can enjoy classic and innovative courses across the eight courses. Hairy crab roe acts as an umami seasoning in the sautéed shredded mandarin fish that elevates ordinary seafood into an elegant delicacy. Give their deep-fried fish maw stuffed with minced shrimp and hairy crab roe a try! The soft and chewy fish maw is transformed by flavourful marine delights in a balance between nurturing ingredients and mouth-watering cooking methods. Take advantage of their drinks package which includes a bottle of Shaoxing Huadiao ($50) and two hours of free-flow champagne, white, and red wines ($298). Members of 1957 & Co. can enjoy a two-for-one deal on 10 Shanghai’s hairy crab set.

Items from the à la carte hairy crab menu are no less extravagant. Their sautéed hairy crab roe with handmade pancakes ($880) offers a delicious taste of the seasonal crustacean, whilst the steamed whole yellow croaker stuffed with hairy crab roe ($528) showcases the hairy crab’s complex flavours in a pairing with equally luxurious seafood.

10 Shanghai, Shop 101, Lee Garden Two, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay


Tsui Hang Village

With over 45 years of culinary excellence, you can expect an authentic feast of the seasonal hairy crab at Tsui Hang Village. Offering artisan Cantonese cuisine crafted with premium ingredients, the restaurant’s first authentic hairy crab feast menu (starting from $588) uses the top selections from Jiangsu. The menu features two four-tael Jiangsu hairy crabs, a whole crispy roast pigeon, and a selection of artisan hairy crab coral items specially crafted by chefs at Tsui Hang Village. From the elegant sautéed king prawns with asparagus complemented by hairy crab coral to the warming crab meat and Wensi tofu thread soup, this is a hairy crab indulgence to be enjoyed for all.

Tsui Hang Village, locations across Hong Kong

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Photo: One Harbour Road

One Harbour Road

When it comes to hairy crabs, the seasonal menu at One Harbour Road can’t be missed by crab lovers! Executive chef Chan Hong-cheong has curated a variety of seasonal items featuring the popular crustacean in their hairy crab indulgence set dinner ($800) this autumn, which is also available for à la carte-style dining.

The menu has traditional Cantonese dishes such as steamed pork dumplings ($80 each), braised snow swallow with steamed egg white ($300), and crispy Kansai sea cucumber with pork and shrimp mousse and bamboo charcoal ($350), all decorated with the hairy crab in roe, meat, and sauce forms. One Harbour Road’s hairy crab set menu ends with a warming and nutritious egg white chestnut soup, a “hot” counterpart to the “cold” hairy crab in Chinese medicinal terms that promises to rejuvenate your body.

The set dinner menu can also be enjoyed together with Grand Hyatt’s staycation package ($3,380 per night). Treat yourself this autumn with a luxurious stay and dine experience!

One Harbour Road, 7/F & 8/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai


Hong Kong Cuisine

This autumn, chef Silas Li at Hong Kong Cuisine brings back the popular seasonal hairy crab menu. Sourcing the seasonal ingredient from Suzhou, the hairy crab items at the restaurant champions the philosophy of “less is more.” Whilst dishes are complemented by the natural umami tastes of the hairy crab, these rich flavours of the seasonal delicacy will be brought out by other ingredients used to complete the dish.

Dive in with the deep-fried tofu puff stuffed with hairy crab roe ($380) for a complex journey in texture and taste. Follow up with steamed Shanghainese pork dumplings ($160) where the ordinary xiaolongbao (小笼包) is elevated with hairy crab roe. For your mains, chefs at Hong Kong Cuisine recommend the baked crab shell stuffed with fresh crab meat and hairy crab roe ($480) for a full experience of the seasonal delicacy in all its prime forms, as well as the braised deboned fish head with hairy crab roe ($580) for a rich and flavourful sharing dish suitable for the family.

Hong Kong Cuisine, 1/F, Elegance Court, 2–4 Tsoi Tak Street, Happy Valley

Photo: Bifteck


French-Japanese steakhouse Bifteck might be the last place you’d expect to find a hairy crab menu. But the seasonal crustacean is not only delicious, it is also crafty in its ways when it comes to crawling onto every menu across the city!

Helming the alluring fusion culinary scene at Bifteck, chef Ken Kwok has chosen the popular and delectable hairy crab for culinary experimentations this year. And the result: the Crabe à Mitaine du Bifteck hairy crab seasonal five-course menu ($880). Bifteck’s hairy crab delicacies are for crab lovers who want the crab without fuss. The finest specimens are deshelled by the culinary team to extract all of the mitten crab’s sought-after contents.

From a platter of renowned Japanese savoury sensations and hairy crab chawanmushi (ちゃわんむし; Japanese steamed egg) to Botan shrimp and spot shrimp tartare with hairy crab soup udon and hairy crab risotto paired with slow-cooked chargrilled French pigeon, grouper, or snow-aged Wagyu with hairy crab seaweed cone (additional $380), you can expect a unique combination of the East and West in Bifteck’s seasonal offerings. Rounding off this magnificent feast is an elegant ginger-poached pear that revives the palate after an indulgent night of hairy crabs.

Bifteck, 23/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai | (+852) 2246 8805

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Photo: Yong Fu Hong Kong

Yong Fu Hong Kong

Michelin-starred Shanghainese brand Yong Fu is bringing the first seasonal hairy crab menu to its outpost in Hong Kong! A staple of Ning Bo cuisine in Hong Kong, you can expect the authentic flavours of Ning Bo infused in its autumn hairy crab feast.

Crafted by Chef Liu at Yong Fu, the restaurant is introducing four seasonal hairy crab dishes. The Sorghum liquor marinated hairy crab ($298) has been cured and marinated for four hours before being submerged in a marinade for two to three days to ensure the richest flavours for fans of raw seafood. In the delectable baked minced pork hairy crab ($398) you can find minced pork fried in authentic Ning Bo bean paste and mixed with hairy crab meat, then baked in a crockpot for the perfect blend of flavours of the land and the sea.

The grilled hairy crab with taro ($368) pairs the crab with another seasonal ingredient, Ning Bo taro, which is grilled with salted cured pork. This is a delightful combination of saltiness and sweetness that complements the crustacean in irresistible ways. The dry fish noodles with hairy crab ($3,980 for eight people) fuses the traditional artisanal Ning Bo dish with seasonal hairy crab meat for a luxurious delicacy that speaks to the season.

Yong Fu Hong Kong, Shop 2, G/F & 1/F, Golden Star Building, 20–24 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai | (+852) 2881 7899

Photo: PICI


Pici might be the last restaurant you’d expect to see on this list, but we have exciting news for hairy crab and pasta lovers! The beloved pasta bar is getting in on the crustacean action of the hairy crab season for the first time. Introducing Pici hairy crab ($260), you will find the seasonal dish at all Pici locations across the city throughout November.

Combining the umami flavours of hairy crab roe and meat with the chewy and creamy texture of its signature, thick-cut pasta, the Pici hairy crab is a true indulgence. Although a pasta dish, Pici also keeps the balance between the “hot” and “cold” in mind when crafting its newest innovation. Cooked together in a rich ginger clam stock and Shaoxing wine, the “coldness” of the crab is perfectly balanced with the “warmness” of the sauce. The Pici hairy crab pasta is available on a first-come, first-served basis every night with only 30 portions per night, so make sure to get yours before they’re all gone.

Pici, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: CIAK – In The Kitchen (via Facebook)

CIAK—In The Kitchen

CIAK—In The Kitchen’s crab and wine extravaganza ($2,980) is another iteration of an Italian twist on the traditional hairy crab. Two veterans of the Hong Kong culinary scene are joining hands to craft a unique hairy crab menu this autumn. Chef Valentino from CIAK—In The Kitchen and Chef Billy from Old Bazaar Kitchen present a seasonal crab dinner menu with a wine pairing option for your ultimate indulgence.

Start your crustacean feast with chilled bean curd with fresh crab meat in sesame sauce, a traditional appetiser elevated with flavourful and chewy hairy crab meat. Further delight your palate for the umami indulgence ahead with the luxurious spanner crab salad with avocado and caviar. Don’t miss out on the two collaborative dishes between Chef Valentino and Chef Billy on the menu! The charcoal-grilled Alaskan king crab is paired with spinach and hairy crab roe for an elevated taste, whilst the braised minced pork with hairy crab roe paste and clam sauce risotto combines the rich flavours of the hairy crab and clam in a perfect East-meets-West dish.

This menu is only available for a limited time from 14 to 16 November. Book your spaces now for an elevated indulgence of the hairy crab this season!

CIAK—In The Kitchen, Shop 327–333, 3/F, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central | (+852) 2522 8869

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Photo: Duddell's


Duddell’s is introducing a plethora of hairy crab offerings this season! From now till 24 November, guests can indulge in eight new hairy crab specials. On the menu are a few classic offerings of the hairy crab, including xiaolongbao with hairy crab coral ($98), braised noodles with hairy crab roe ($188 per person), and, of course, the unmissable steamed whole Hokkaido hairy crab ($738 per person).

Not sure how to order for the best hairy crab experience? Opt into Duddell’s hairy crab tasting menu (starting from $1,488) for a satisfying feast. Apart from the items listed above, the six-course menu also includes indulgences like the pan-fried scallop stuffed with shrimp paste and hairy crab roe and a warming double-coiled chicken soup with sea cucumber, ginkgo nuts, and pepper. Why not treat yourself to Duddell’s yellow wine pairing (starting from $588) for the best experience of the hairy crab? Book your space at Duddell’s now for a seasonal and sophisticated feast.

Duddell’s, Level 3, Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell Street, Central | (+852) 2525 9191

Photo: Yuè


The Michelin-recommended restaurant Yuè is serving up the seasonal hairy crab in two speciality menus this autumn. You can choose to enjoy the premium crustacean à la carte by ordering from the hairy crab cuisine menu. Featuring mouth-watering items such as the steamed five-tael hairy crab ($288 each) and braised bird’s nest soup with hairy crab roe and caviar ($288), you are guaranteed a well-rounded taste of the seasonal crab.

Not satisfied? Indulge in an eight-course wonder with the hairy crab degustation menu ($888). Highlights include the appetising Chinese yellow wine drunken abalone with caviar and foie gras and preserved egg strained with glutinous rice wine. Follow up with steamed hairy crab with perilla leaves and steamed cheese shrimp balls with hairy crab roe for the ultimate sampling of the seasonal ingredient. Don’t forget to round off your hairy crab indulgence with the warming sweetened ginger tea with sesame dumplings.

Yuè, Lower Ground Level, Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, 1 Castle Peak Road, Gold Coast, Tuen Mun | (+852) 2452 8668

Photo: Yè Shanghai

Yè Shanghai

Yè Shanghai is a relaxed fine-dining restaurant serving up traditional Shanghainese fare with a contemporary twist. Showcasing the sensuous and alluring flavours of Shanghai, you can expect the hairy crab to be made in the most authentic way at Yè Shanghai.

Enjoy your crabs à la carte or opt for a culinary journey exploring its umami flavours with the fresh water crab set menu (starting from $880). Highlight dishes include the steamed rice with fresh water crabmeat, fermented pork and vegetables, and the drunken freshwater crab in Yè Shanghai taidiao, a Yè Shanghai exclusive.

The use of taidiao wine (太雕酒; taai3 diu1 zau2) is the seal of authenticity for all things Shanghainese at Yè Shanghai. The seasonal hairy crab is traditionally matched with this alcohol, and at Yè Shanghai, you can pair your hairy crab extravaganza with an eight-year or twenty-year taidiao for an elevated culinary experience.

Yè Shanghai, Shop 332, 3/F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty | (+852) 2918 9833

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