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7 best places for crêpes in Hong Kong

By Beverly Ngai 26 July 2021 | Last Updated 16 December 2021

Header image courtesy of Crêpe Delicious

When it comes to pancakes, love is endlessly showered upon American-style stacks or pillowy iterations from Japan, but what about their equally saliva-inducing French counterparts—crêpes?

Hailing from Brittany, France, the platonic ideal of a crêpe is soft yet crispy on the edges, mildly sweet, and paper-thin, providing a light and tasty vehicle for infinite permutations of fillings. From sweet to savoury, breakfast to dinner and dessert, the landscape of these lacy delicacies is boundless, and one that’s well worth exploring. To help you get started, we have scoped out the best crêpes in Hong Kong for you to relish and swoon over!

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La Crêperie

From the chic nautical décor to the exquisitely-made crêpes and galettes, La Crêperie lives and breathes the coastal towns of Brittany. Sticking with tradition, the French restaurant’s lauded savoury galettes are made with buckwheat flour, which imparts a subtle nutty flavour. Its sweet crêpes use wheat flour and are light and crispy, balanced out by the richer homemade sauces, ice cream, and other sugary accompaniments.

In terms of cooking technique and execution, La Crêperie does it by the books, but as far as toppings go, they are like an inextinguishable fountain of creativity, plating up everything from pan-fried scallops ($162) and shrimp with mango & asparagus ($158) to mango sorbet with homemade lemon cream ($118)!

La Crêperie, 1/F, Kui Chi Mansion, 100 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai | (+852) 2529 9280

Photo: @crepedelicioushk (via Instagram)

Crêpe Delicious

Straddling both sweet and savoury recipes with effortless aplomb and dressing each dish to the nines, it’s by no stroke of luck that Crêpe Delicious is one of the world’s most formidable international crêpe brands, with over 60 branches around the world, two of which are in Hong Kong.

The cheerful crêperie takes culinary inspiration from across the globe while keeping the charms of a traditional French crêperie: Welcome Hong Kong ($98) is a spin on truffle scrambled eggs toast—a classic cha chaan teng favourite; while Big Feast ($118) takes on an American flair with its generous stuffing of BBQ pulled pork and cheese. For dessert, Caramel Garden ($88) is a must-order—it doesn‘t get better than warm apple filling enveloped in a thin, chewy crêpe, topped with custard, caramel sauce, and caramelised walnuts.

Crêpe Delicious, locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

Photo: @foodieleaf_hk (via Instagram)


Ôdelice flaunts a full-fledged menu of delicious French bistro noshes—ranging from burgers and pasta to steak tartare and duck confit—but the crêpes alone are enough to drive hordes of customers this cosy neighbourhood spot. Carnivores and vegetarians alike drool over the OmniPork meatballs galette ($95), featuring plant-based meatballs, egg, mozzarella cheese, and peach salsa. If you’re a French food purist, the parma ham galette ($125) and smoked salmon galette ($125) will send you straight to Parisian heaven.

To round off your meal, how about a flambéed crêpe Suzette ($95)? Served with a luscious orange butter sauce that is set alight in an impressive tableside spectacle, the dessert is simple yet extravagant.

Ôdelice, locations across Hong Kong

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Fleur de Sel

Walk through the white-brick doorway of this homely crêperie and prepare to be whisked away on a journey of French culinary excellence under the stewardship of chef Gregory Alexandre. Promising an authentic taste of Brittany, the crêpes here are wonderfully thin and lacy, complete with the hallmark golden edges.

Delight in options galore for both sweet and savoury flavours, such as the stand-out La Toulouse ($138), starring smoked sausage, Emmental cheese, onions, and French mustard; or the more outlandish L’Escargot ($168), if snails are on your radar. Depending on how much room you have left, you can opt for a simple sweet crêpe with butter & sugar ($55) or go all out with the indulgent La Speculoos ($43), which comes slathered in Speculoos cookie butter spread and topped with biscuit crumbs!

Fleur de Sel, Shop 2J, Po Foo Building, Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2805 6678

Photo: (via Instagram)

Café Août

The modest exterior of this quaint French coffee shop belies the deft artistry that goes into their top-tier coffee and crêpes. Mostly a takeout spot, there are just four counter seats inside Café Août, but if you manage to nab a spot, the vibey atmosphere is a real delight.

Every good crêpe always starts with the batter—and Café Août has crafted an exceptional sourdough recipe made with a blend of both wheat and buckwheat flour. The result is a uniquely complex and well-rounded pancake that holds up to all sorts of delicious fillings. To make the most out of your crêpe experience, pace yourself in between bites with some freshly brewed coffee!

Café Août, 16 Nanking Street, Jordan | (+852) 2698 9018

Photo: @annieatsalot (via Instagram)

Mamie Yvonne

The only thing better than enjoying a well-made crêpe is enjoying it against a laid-back seaside setting. Nestled in the heart of Stanley, where salty breezes and coastal European vibes abound, Mamie Yvonne is a hidden gem worth seeking out. They specialise in just pizzas and crêpes, but their quality ingredients, generous portions, and seemingly endless topping combinations ensure that every palate is catered for.

Among the savoury options, the ham, egg, crème fraîche & chive crêpe ($82) has proven to be a perennial hit. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, opt for the homemade salted butter caramel crêpe ($48) or frangipane & pear ($78)—don’t forget to add a scoop of vanilla ice cream ($35) as the proverbial icing on the cake!

Mamie Yvonne, Shop A & B, Princeton Court, 118 Stanley Main Street, Stanley | (+852) 9430 3008

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Café Crepe

Café Crepe has been using the same delicious crêpe recipe since the brand’s establishment in 1999—and judging by their international success, they must be doing something right. Hailing from Vancouver, the North American influences of this French-inspired international café is evident throughout the menu, with ingredient combinations like smoked salmon and cream cheese in the West Coast crêpe ($129), and the rum raisin sauce and vanilla cream cheese icing in the cinnamon bun crêpe ($89).

Don‘t sleep on their fantastic drinks menu either, which includes French sodas, luxurious milkshakes, and speciality coffees like Nutella latte ($46) and ruby mocha ($48)!

Café Crepe, locations across Kowloon and Hong Kong Island

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Beverly Ngai


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