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7 coolest outdoor playgrounds in Hong Kong

By Beverly Ngai 20 September 2021

Header image courtesy of @kids.palette (via Instagram)

Outdoor playgrounds are a dime a dozen in nearly every pocket of Hong Kong, and chances are, there is one just a stone’s throw away from your front door. But why limit yourself to the nearest local playground when there is a world of opportunities for your little ones to romp around, make new friends, and get in some much-needed outdoor fun? The next time your kids are feeling a little cooped up, break out of your usual routine and add a little new excitement into your family time—here’s our list of the seven coolest outdoor playgrounds in Hong Kong to get you started!

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Snoopy’s World

Fans of Charlie Brown and his endearing pals will not find a happier place than Snoopy’s World, a hidden gem tucked away on the third floor of New Town Plaza in Sha Tin. With six amusement zones, a large collection of oversized figures of Peanuts’ comic characters, and carnival music playing in the background, this mini theme park fully immerses you into Snoopy’s zany, animated world.

Covering 3,670 square metres of playscape, Snoopy’s World offers a rich range of fun activities. Visitors are invited to spend an afternoon exploring life-sized replicas of Snoopy’s doghouse and the iconic yellow bus, bouncing and crawling through way through the Peanuts Dugout baseball playground, and even going on a relaxing canoe ride to relive their favourite moments from the series!

Snoopy’s World, Level 3, Phase I, New Town Plaza, Sha Tin (+852) 2609 3638


Ping Shek Playground

Have your kids unleash their inner wild child and stomp around Jurassic Park-style at this dinosaur-themed playground in Choi Hung! From secret rock caves and pseudo-archaic dinosaur bones, to dino eggs and colourful totems, there’s plenty to ignite your little ones’ sense of wonder and feed their fascination with giant archaic creatures. Of course, there’s no shortage of the usual thrills and spills either. Within the premises, you’ll also find swings sets and a castle-like play tower fitted with slides, a mini wall climbing structure, and a wobbly rope net to scramble on!

Ping Shek Playground, New Clear Water Bay Road, Ngau Tau Kok | (+852) 2324 4302

Photo: @lalaohohoh (via Instagram)

Hong Kong Park Playground

Nature meets playground at this rainbow-coloured haven. Nestled among the teeming gardens of Hong Kong Park, this whimsical playground spans six platform levels, giving kids across all age groups free rein to their imagination and expression through active play. Toddlers can engage with the interactive play panels and hit up the baby swings while school-aged kids can have a go on the tunnel slide or get creative in the sandpit! Doubling as an animal sanctuary, Hong Kong Park is also home to several artificial lakes filled with turtles and fish, and a walk-through aviary with over nearly a hundred bird species!

Hong Kong Park Playground, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, 7A Kennedy Road, Central

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Tuen Mun Park

In 2018, Tuen Mun Park unveiled the city’s first inclusive, barrier-free playground. Comprising seven zones spread across two distinct sections, namely the northern “Water Lily Park” and the southern “Reptile Fun,” this pioneering play space goes above and beyond to provide diversified and inspiring play facilities for children of all abilities, including wheelchair users.

In the northern section, kids can splash around with water, play with musical instruments, and test their balancing skills on the spinning plates. Make your way south and continue the fun with various climbing towers and nets, slides, and an egg-hunting sand table. Before calling it a day, you’ll want to set aside some time to explore the park’s other attractions, including the reptile house, tranquil ponds, and thematic gardens!

Tuen Mun Park, Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, Tuen Mun | (+852) 2451 1144

Photo: (via Instagram)

Tsz Wan Shan Lik Kei Playground (慈雲山歷奇樂園)

A new addition to the quiet neighbourhood of Tsz Wan Shan, this water-themed rooftop play area located on the fifth level platform of Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre brings a refreshing take on the classic playground pastime. Drawing upon elements of water into its design, kids can expect plenty light water play by way of water jets and spray grounds! If the weather is a little too cold or you’re not keen on getting splashed, there is also a massive cargo web, mini trampolines, and a two-storey steel slide awaiting your enjoyment!

Tsz Wan Shan Lik Kei Playground (慈雲山歷奇樂園), 23 Yuk Wah Street, Tsz Wan Shan | (+852) 3974 2244

Photo: U Magazine (via Facebook)

Discovery Bay Beach Playground

Sand playgrounds are an increasingly rare sight in Hong Kong, but if you are looking for some high-quality sand play and epic family fun, you can well end your search at the Discovery Bay Beach Playground. Occupying a generous strip of Tai Pak Beach’s gorgeous coastline, the playground’s equipment is well spread out, allowing ample space for kids to roam freely and play without the worry of bumping into others. While adults relish in some much-needed sea-side relaxation, kids can throw themselves into a mixed variety of play options ranging from slides and teeter-totters to climbing rope towers and even a mini zip-line!

Discovery Bay Beach Playground, 37 Seahorse Lane, Discovery Bay

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Photo: @babycorn_shem (via Instagram)

Metroplaza Fun Park

If the mention of fruits and vegetables elicits groans and complaints from the younger members of your family, then perhaps a visit to the Metroplaza Fun Park will change their disposition! Decked out with mega-sized, veggie-shaped play equipment, this eye-catching, produce-themed wonderland atop Kwai Fong’s Metroplaza is the perfect place to base the whole family after a long day of shopping. Offering a welcome change from the usual side benches, there is a family fitness corner from where grown-ups can get active on a stationary bike as they keep an eye on their little ones sliding out from a giant pumpkin or wiggling their feet in their air on a pear-shaped swing set!

Metroplaza Fun Park, Level 5, Metroplaza, Kwai Fong, Hing Fong Road | (+852) 2429 6500

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