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10 Hong Kong-related trivia quizzes to test your knowledge

By Localiiz 4 September 2020

Header image courtesy of Bady Abbas (via Unsplash)

Think you know Hong Kong like the back of your hand? Prove it—with our extensive collection of Hong Kong-related trivia quizzes! Whether you’re a self-professed expert on Hong Kong food and snacks, transportation systems, lifestyle topics, history, architecture, culture, or more, we guarantee that you will be able to find something in here to feed your curiosity and uncover new facts about our beloved city!

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Dim sum trivia quiz

You dim sum, you lose sum, and then you dim sum some more. Hongkongers of all ages will no doubt be familiar with the treasured Sunday tradition of going for yum cha (飲茶; “drink tea”), a time-honoured ritual where family and friends come together to enjoy a comprehensive meal of dim sum, tea, and other delicious bites. Aside from savouring these delicious morsels, have you ever spared a thought as to how much you actually know about dim sum? Let’s put your knowledge to the test with our quiz on dim sum!


Hong Kong MTR trivia quiz

Anyone who’s ever set foot in Hong Kong would have almost definitely ridden on the MTR, a world-famous mass transit railway system—and a paragon of convenience and Hong Kong’s pride. But despite its prevalence and wide reach, do you actually know the MTR as well as you think you do? It’s high time to find out with our quiz on the ubiquitous Hong Kong MTR.


Hong Kong newspapers trivia quiz

Without the news, none of us would know what is going on in the world. Whether you follow the news religiously or pick and choose attention-grabbing headlines to peruse, there’s no denying that it’s an indispensable part of our daily lives. That being said, how familiar are you really with this essential service on a local level? Put your knowledge to the test with our quiz about Hong Kong’s newspapers and see how much you know about Hong Kong’s own broad array of newspapers.

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Hong Kong public transportation trivia quiz

Hong Kong is famous for having one of the world’s most developed public transit networks with a range of transportation methods to choose from. How well have you been taking advantage of this convenience on steroids? Take our quiz on Hong Kong’s public transportation systems to find out how much you really know about the city’s trams, buses, trains, ferries, minibuses, and more.


Hong Kong street food trivia quiz

Known far and wide as a culinary capital of Asia, Hong Kong’s food scene is so vibrant not only because of its acclaimed fine-dining restaurants—the rich street food culture also excites the taste buds of locals and travellers alike. What was once a throng of hawker carts in the open have now evolved into stalls in malls and along the streets, selling palatable snacks from around the world. But despite its ubiquity, how much of a Hong Kong foodie are you really? Take our quiz on Hong Kong’s many traditional street foods to find out!


Hong Kong museums trivia quiz

Remember all those school field trips to the museum? Even today, the feeling of wonder when one steps inside such an institution has not faded; with its unique exhibitions and architectural designs, no two museums are the same. From the pale geodesic dome of the Space Museum to the tiled roofs of the Heritage Museum, how well do you know the many museums that grace our city? Put your knowledge to the test with our quiz on the multifarious museums of Hong Kong!

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Hong Kong childhood snacks quiz

Childhood is made up of a lot of little things: trips to the playground, cartoons, and, of course, childhood snacks. From sweet treats to savoury bites, candies to gummies, there is a multitude of snacks available on the shelves of convenience stores and tuck shops. Some of them are almost extinct, but they will forever live on in our memories. Do they live in yours? Take our quiz on Hong Kong childhood snacks to find out!


Hong Kong supermarkets quiz

A staple of modern civilisation, it’s no wonder the food palace is one of the few things that stay open no matter what. We all need to visit them on a regular basis, so it’s only natural for supermarkets to be on every single street corner. Yet despite our seeming familiarity with the supermarkets of Hong Kong, how well do you actually know them? Take our quiz on Hong Kong supermarkets to find out if you’ve been paying attention to the institution behind your groceries.


Hong Kong cha chaan teng drinks quiz

Sure, most of us have been to a cha chaan teng (茶餐廳; Hong Kong-style “tea restaurants”) at least once before, but how well do you know your cha chaan teng drinks beyond the common naai cha and ling cha? As most menus are written in Cantonese and daily specials are scrawled haphazardly on walls, you need to work to know what drinks to order. Are you a beginner or an expert? Put your knowledge to the test and see if you can ace our quiz on Hong Kong cha chaan teng drinks!

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Hong Kong’s landmarks & historical buildings quiz

With its intricate and interesting history, Hong Kong is no doubt one of the fewest places in the world with old and new buildings right by each other. From the stoic banking giants lining Victoria Harbour to colonial public service buildings that are still in use, how well do you know the many famous historical buildings that grace Hong Kong? Put your knowledge to the test with our quiz on Hong Kong’s famous landmarks!

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