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Quiz: How well do you know Hong Kong’s famous landmarks & historical buildings?

By David Yeung 25 August 2020 | Last Updated 4 March 2022

Header image courtesy of Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences (via Facebook)

From slick and modern high-rises to rustic colonial buildings, Hong Kong has a spectrum of landmarks of all shapes, styles, and sizes. Counting the most skyscrapers in the world, even more than New York, all of these famous buildings and structures are spread throughout a densely populated metropolis, leaving locals and foreigners in awe.

With its intricate and interesting history, Hong Kong is no doubt one of the fewest places in the world with old and new buildings right by each other. From the stoic banking giants lining Victoria Harbour to aged and majestic public service buildings that are still in use, how well do you know the many famous historical buildings that grace Hong Kong? Put your knowledge to the test with our trivia quiz on Hong Kong’s famous landmarks!

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Be honest: How many of these trivia questions on Hong Kong’s historical buildings and structures did you get right? Take our quiz again if you want to take another stab at a better score, or share this quiz with your friends and see how much they know about Hong Kong’s famous landmarks.

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David Yeung


Born and raised in Hong Kong, David is a recent high school graduate embarking on a gap year. He is always interested in writing and sharing stories that tend to be unnoticed. When he is not in the office typing away, you may find him taking photographs, running around the city, hiking, swimming in the ocean, or just chilling with a nice book at bay.

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