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Quiz: How well do you know dim sum?

By Jen Paolini 11 August 2020 | Last Updated 31 August 2023

Header image courtesy of @e7art (via Shutterstock)

You dim sum, you lose sum, and then you dim sum some more. Hongkongers of all ages will no doubt be familiar with the treasured Sunday tradition of going for yum cha, a time-honoured ritual where family, friends, and even business associates come together to enjoy a comprehensive meal of dim sum, tea, and other delicious bites. Aside from savouring these delicious morsels, have you ever spared a thought as to how much you actually know about dim sum? Let’s put your knowledge to the test with our dim sum trivia quiz!

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Be honest: How many of these trivia questions on dim sum and yum cha culture did you get right? Take our quiz again if you want to take another stab at a better score, or share this quiz with your friends and see how well they remember their favourite dim sum dishes.

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Jen Paolini

Content director

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Germany, and educated in the U.S., Jen is an award-winning creative with a background in illustration, communication design, art direction, and content creation. When she’s not getting lost in a good book, you’ll find her doing crosswords, eating dim sum, covering all sides of a “Hamilton” number, and taking naps.