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Quiz: How well do you know Hong Kong supermarkets?

By Ngai Yeung 31 July 2020

Header image courtesy of Daniel Fung (Shutterstock)

A staple of modern civilisation, it’s no wonder the food palace is one of the few things that stay open no matter what. We all need to visit them on a regular basis, so it’s only natural for supermarkets to be on every single street corner. Yet despite our seeming familiarity with the supermarkets of Hong Kong, how well do you actually know them? Take our quiz to find out if you’ve been paying attention to the institution behind your groceries.

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How did you end up doing? If you’re feeling dizzy from realising that you still have some ways to go in exploring Hong Kong’s supermarkets, then brush up on your trivia and go again or share the quiz with family and friends to see who’s the supermarket superfan amongst your bunch!

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Ngai Yeung


Ngai was born and raised in Hong Kong and is currently studying at university in the United States. You can find her wandering around the city, experimenting with egg recipes and nerding out about the news.