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12 festive date ideas for Christmas in Hong Kong

By Ching Yuen 17 December 2019

Festive seasons always leave you longing for a little bit of loving, especially when the streets are teeming with couples and their PDA. Whether you are planning on how best to spend Christmas in Hong Kong with your partner this year, or out on the prowl seeking your special someone, here are some ideas for your romantic dates to come!

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Snuggle up together at an outdoor cinema

Love, Actually? The Greatest Showman? The Holiday? Catching a film with a loved one will always top the list for best date ideas, but why not see them all underneath a starry sky for a change? Hong Kong’s largest outdoor cinema is back just in time for Christmas this year, and—let’s face it—there are few things more romantic than snuggling up underneath a warm blanket as the chilly harbour wind breezes through.

Get to the Central Harbourfront early and grab a beanbag for the ultimate cuddle experience, and don’t forget the mulled wine and popcorn! Who knows—maybe you can replay some of the movie scenes later in real life... Click here to find out more about Moonlit Movies’ schedule and tickets.

Go crazy at a carnival and circus!

It may be a bit of a cliché, but a carnival date does make our hearts go oh là là. Jaunty music coupled with a magical atmosphere and bright lights dancing all around you—now that’s a romantic moment to remember. Scream your lungs out together on the thrilling carnival rides, gasp at the death-defying acrobatic feats of circus performers, or try your hand at the game stalls to impress your date, but there’s an even better fourth option: team up for a unique bonding experience and win cute plush toys for each other to bring home for a treasured memento! Click here to find out more about AIA Carnival and the Great Circus of Europe.

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Soak up some creative vibes at local galleries

Gallery hopping is better when it’s an activity for two, and local galleries make for great date spots, because you’re truly spoilt for choice, whether you’re looking to soak up something abstract, painterly, modern, or photographic. For an art experience that will raise the bar, you can’t miss Banksy: Genius or Vandal as it arrives in Hong Kong, the first city in Asia to hold this never-before-seen exhibition. If you are in the mood for something more light-hearted, Fly with Chicanos in Amanda Wei Gallery has plenty of funny chicken paintings for you to laugh at together! Click here to find out more about Banksy: Genius or Vandal and here for Fly with Chicanos.

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Pitch a tent under the stars

If Christmas crowds aren’t quite your thing, you can always take to the country parks in New Territories and Lantau Island. While the rest of the population gets their fill of the Christmas spirit out on the bustling streets of Hong Kong, a good way to avoid the crowds is to take your date on an adventurous camping escapade!

Make sure you do your homework though; be sure to bring everything you need to pitch a tent and note that some campsites don’t offer food options close by and you will need to provide for yourself. This may turn out to be the perfect opportunity to show off your hunter-gatherer skills (just kidding, please don’t harm the wildlife or unwittingly feast on poisonous berries). Connect with nature for Christmas and maybe it will help you connect even better with your date! Click here to find out more about where to camp in Hong Kong.

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Take your festive spirits into space

You may have missed the Geminids meteor shower earlier this month, but nature has one last show to put on before the year ends. On 26 December, thank your lucky stars for the public holiday and prepare yourselves for a partial solar eclipse, scheduled to take place during the afternoon. If you get the times right with your date, head outdoors to witness the moon taking a bite out of the sun, and remember to never look directly at the sun for your own safety—just save all that starry-eyed gazing for your partner. Click here to find out more about the solar eclipse to come.

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Get handsy at Christmas workshops

Handicraft workshops are perfect for dates—you get to plan an activity together, create an experience totally unique to your relationship, and end up with a memorable gift for each other, all in one go. Pick one of the many Christmas workshops happening around town to show off your crafty side, like baking your own Christmas cookies, decorating a gingerbread house, or forming a Christmas wreath—all of which can double as a Christmas gift to be passed on to a loved one. A bonus, of course, is that they will be thinking of you every time they look at your gift, knowing that you put blood, sweat, and tears into making it for them. Click here to find out more about creative classes and workshops in Hong Kong.

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Take a stroll around the Christmas markets

There will be a whole slew of Christmas markets taking place throughout the month, with your pick of indoors and outdoors. Check out some local handicrafts to pick out last-minute Christmas bits and bobs and stocking stuffers, talk about your shared love for the holidays, and really get the conversation started amongst the holiday tunes and Douglas fir scents! Click here to find out more about Christmas markets in Hong Kong this December.

Marvel at Christmas baubles displays together

It’s that magical time of the year again when shopping malls try to outdo each other with their grandest displays of festive cheer, leaving us spoilt for choice when it comes to entertaining ourselves. Hold each other’s hand as you walk through the displays and pick a good spot to take some photos to commemorate the occasion. We would recommend selfies, so you could sneak a kiss on the cheek if things are going well! Click here to find out more about Christmas displays around Hong Kong this year.

Pamper yourselves with a staycation

Celebrate Christmas with your date in comfort and style this year and try out a staycation deal. Sometimes, a change of environment is enough to create a cosy and intimate mini-getaway for the books—no jumping on planes or planning ahead necessary. Think afternoons by the pool, fine-dining meals, and award-winning spa treatments; now that’s a date we know we would love! Click here to find out more about staycations deal in Hong Kong.

Prepare for winter hibernation with these Christmas foods

Christmas is all about food, food, and more food. There’s something for everyone, whether you are a sucker for the traditional Christmas turkey and pudding or something more adventurous for your palate. If your partner is a die-hard foodie, why not indulge them in a luxurious Christmas feast? Whether you are a couple who cannot resist lovingly feeding each other bites or the kind of couple who gets a little bit too wine-drunk and rowdy during the holidays, there’s no judgment from us whatsoever! In fact, let’s help you find the best Christmas dinners and menus this year around Hong Kong.

Shake things up with these gin-gle drinks

For a low-key date idea that can be cobbled together at late notice, why not take your partner out to sample some of the best festive drinks in town and feed their souls with lively conversations—and maybe a Christmas feast right after? Whether you’re looking to share the best hot chocolates, get a little tipsy on heart-warming mulled wine, or want to explore new bars and cocktails, you best bet Hong Kong has them all.

Netflix and chill

Last but not least, we think that the cosiest alternative to all of these (quite active) date ideas is to just Netflix and chill. Who said you have to leave your house to have the most fun? Invite your date over for a timeless Christmas film, heat up some popcorn, serve up a mug of homemade hot chocolate with marshmallow bits, and you’re all set! You can never go wrong with classics like Home Alone or The Nightmare Before Christmas to share the festive joy! Click here to find out more about the best Christmas films to watch on Netflix, as well as our bite-sized reviews on Netflix’s Christmas originals this year.

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