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REVIEW: Skin Laundry 15-Minute Laser Facial

By Sophie Pettit 28 January 2016
Going under a laser is not how I would usually go about getting the occasional facial, but when I heard that Skin Laundry was opening three bars in Hong Kong, and bringing its 15-minute laser skin treatment to the masses, I was curious to give it a whirl.

The Concept

skin laundry Hailing from Santa Monica, Skin Laundry markets itself as a "simple, smart, and safe" solution to maintaining healthy skin, and has proven to be a hit in the States since it launched back in 2013. The treatment works by using laser and light therapy to vaporise dirt, debris, pollutants, and toxins deep within the pores to cleanse and tone the skin and boost collagen. Over time, frequent treatments are said to resolve complaints such as acne, pigmentation, dullness enlarged pores, and wrinkles. At $550 a pop, this seems a pretty hefty price for a 15-minute treatment, but there are discounts available if you buy a package (three treatments for $1,288).

How it Works

After signing a waiver form upon arrival, I removed my makeup, laid on the table, popped on some safety goggles, and let the treatment begin. I won't lie, my heart did start racing as the first laser pulse touched my skin and began creating a slight burning odor and pinching sensation. The staff reassured me, however, that I had nothing to worry about as this was the smell of dirt being vaporised as the laser cleared my pores. After the laser, a cooling gel wafaces applied to my face before the intense pulsed light (IPL) worked its magic. This was followed by cool compresses which were used to reduce minor swelling (apparently, I had turned slightly beetroot) and before I knew it, the treatment was over. Before even looking in the mirror, I could feel a difference in my skin, which felt tighter and glowing. By the time I got home, the redness has calmed down so I applied the brand's Hydrating Radiance Facial Treatment Mask ($100) which left my face nicely moisturised for bedtime. The next morning, my skin felt silky soft and the tightness had faded, allowing me to apply some light makeup for the day.

The Verdict

While I may not splurge on 15-minute laser facials every month, I can definitely see the benefits of having this treatment. The staff at Skin Laundry recommend visiting the bar two to three times a month to dramatically improve skin’s smoothness, evenness, tone, and texture, and this works out cheaper if you invest in their $1,288 package. It's been a couple of weeks since my brush with the laser and so far, my complexion has remained clear and puff-free - apart from the occasional late night out on the town! So if you're looking for a faster, longer-lasting solution to ease your facial woes, it might be worth popping into the Skin Laundry and giving it a go. I lived to tell the tale and it's really not as scary as it looks - promise! Visit the website for more information. Skin Laundry locations: Central - 12/F Century Square, 1-13 D’Aguilar Street, (+852) 2704 0166 IFC mall - Podium 3, Finance Street, Central, (+852) 3101 0020 Repulse Bay - Shop 205, Level 2, The Pulse, No.28 Beach Road, (+852) 2701 0266
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Sophie Pettit


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