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5 things we cannot wait for this Christmas season

By Sponsored content 29 November 2019
It’s the most wonderful time of the year; the Christmas tinsel is going up, everything is snowman-themed, and we’re dusting off our Santa hats. There are plentiful reasons why December is the most magical month, and we’re already counting down the days until we can crack open our first advent calendar window. Here are just five things we cannot wait for this Christmas.
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1. All of the Christmas giveaways!

Yes, yes, we know presents and objects may not be the point of the whole thing, but who can deny the delight of receiving holiday surprises in gift-wrapped form? We’re certainly not immune to the joy of giving and receiving and are already busy thinking of how we can woo our loved ones with thoughtful presents. And then, of course, are all of the Christmas giveaways we’re getting our secondary email addresses ready for… If your loved one is as into food as we are, wouldn’t it be lovely to surprise them with an exceptional experience, or an unforgettable meal? No need to look too far to find the perfect gift (or giveaway) then—Sip Song is offering its Instagram followers a chance to win daily prizes like no other. From a $2,500 dining gift card (yes, applicable to all Maximal Concepts restaurants!) to a Sip Song turkey dinner, there is a lot to get excited about. If you can’t sit still long enough to win your way to the meal, luckily, the Sip Song Festive Set Dinner Menu ($300 per person) is available from November 29 to December 26. Bookings made must be for a minimum of four diners. And what’s on the menu, you ask? Expect signatures like Compressed Fresh Watermelon, ‘Don’t Tell Mum’ Roti Pancake, Vegetable Green Curry, and a special holiday main: Crispy Turkey Breast.

Maximal Concepts John Anthony

2. Remembering the year we’ve had

It might feel strange to reflect the passing of yet another year, but one of the things we always look forward to is the opportunity to reminisce on the year we’ve had, as well as get ourselves ready for the things we’re hoping for in the new year. And why not do that over a plate of some of our favourite foods from 2019? Contemporary Cantonese dim sum house John Anthony has created a Festive Menu ($680 per person) of fan-favourite dishes to celebrate the year we’ve had, as well as give diners a chance to taste their much-loved dishes in one convenient package. Popular items like Razor Clams, White Vinegar-Pickled Peppercorns, Pink Rosé Lobster Har Gao, Stir-Fried Duck Rack with Ginger and Scallion, and Ginseng Panna Cotta are sure to leave a favourable last impression on your palate as you enter 2020. And the crowning glory of your holiday meal will be a new signature 42-Day Roasted Peking Duck as the centrepiece! John Anthony’s Festive Menu is available from November 29 to December 26. Bookings made must be for a minimum of four diners and must be pre-ordered 24 hours in advance. You can do so by calling 2898 3788.

Maximal Concepts mulled wine

3. Mulled wine for everyone!

There are few things in life that signals the arrival of the holiday season more than a piping hot cup of mulled wine. We think it tastes like Christmas in a glass, and while you can recipe-test this warming beverage at home in a slow cooker and guzzle it all down over a solo holiday film sesh, it somehow tastes just a little more festive when you’re sharing with loved ones over a hearty meal. If crafting things at home is not your forte, we’ve made the hunt easy for you. True to the festive spirit, Maximal Concepts is also gearing up to ring in the holidays with a host of different seasonal menus, drinks, and Christmas surprises! To start with, Stockton, Brickhouse, Mercedes me, and Sip Song are all offering Housemade Mulled Wine ($70) at their restaurants, each served with a unique twist inspired by the venue’s cuisine. You know what that means: gotta try ‘em all!
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4. Going big or going home with Christmas dinners

Christmas is one of few occasions where you can truly go all out with your meal, and spending a bit more for a one-of-a-kind experience is worth every buck. For times like these, we like to go big or go home—and since we’d have to labour over our tiny Hong Kong kitchen stove and non-existent oven if we choose to go home, that’s definitely out. That’s where Mott 32 comes in, offering its own sophisticated fine-dining twist on the traditional holiday dinner with three exclusive Turkey Dinner Specials ($1,880) for sharing between up to six diners, featuring mouth-watering dishes like Free-Range BBQ Whole Bronzed Turkey sliced and served with thin Peking Duck pancakes, Shredded Turkey with Five Shades Salad, and Minced Turkey with Water Chestnut in Lettuce Cup. 48-hour advanced pre-ordering is a must for these holiday specials, and they are available from November 25 to December 31. Call 2898 3788 to book your table now.
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5. It’s turkey time—with a twist

Those who are giving Thanksgiving a pass will no doubt be looking forward to cherished and blessed quality time with the turkey. Classic menus, like Mercedes me’s Festive Set Dinner Menu ($400 per person) with its contemporary dishes of Whipped Sweet Potato Hummus with Sichuan Chickpeas, Seared Turkey Breast with Cranberry Spiced Jus, and Grand Marnier Chestnut Tart, will certainly do the trick for those looking to indulge in a belly-warming Christmas feast. If this is the kind of holiday nosh you’re after, jot down November 29 to December 26 in your calendar and call 2598 7080 to book the best seats in the house (as close as possible to the Mercedes, of course). That said, we also understand that not everyone’s into turkey, and Christmas meals are a big affair that need to take different palates into consideration. But if you’re looking to expand your turkey horizons into something that’s a bit less fowl and a bit more land and sea, why not try Limewood’s Festive Dinner Set ($450 per person)? The main highlights here are their Sustainable New Zealand Salmon Tartare and 48-hour Charred Beef Ribs, surrounded by dishes like Caribbean Coleslaw and Mixed Berry Pavlova Mess. The menu is available from November 29 to December 26. Bookings made must be for a minimum of four diners; call 2898 3788 to book.   Maximal Concepts True to the festive spirit, Maximal Concepts is gearing up to ring in the holidays with a host of different seasonal menus, drinks, and Christmas surprises! To make a booking for one of their Christmastime menus, email [email protected] or call (+852) 2898 3788.

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