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6 best wheelchair-accessible views in Hong Kong

By Annette Chan 15 September 2021 | Last Updated 31 December 2021

Header image courtesy of @sandy.hkday2day (via Instagram)

Hong Kong has no shortage of beautiful views—from glittering cityscapes to natural vistas, our city is a feast for the eyes. While many such views are often defined by their altitude, happily, that does not mean they are off-limits to wheelchair users. Read on to discover just a few of our favourite wheelchair-accessible views in Hong Kong!

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Photo: @jessica_lkw (via Instagram)

Victoria Peak

Boasting one of the most famous views in Hong Kong, the Peak is a must-see for any visitor or local. While the famous Peak Tram is not wheelchair-friendly (or indeed, operational at the time of writing), wheelchair users can reach Victoria Peak by bus or taxi from Central and surrounding neighbourhoods. Once there, beautiful—and accessible!—views can be had on Findlay Path or, our personal favourite, the Lugard Road Lookout. If you wish to get a little exercise in afterwards, the Peak Circle Walk (which starts at Lugard Road) is a flat, wheelchair-friendly trail.

Alternatively, Sky Terrace 428 observatory deck at the Peak Tower and the free green terrace at the Peak Galleria are both wheelchair-friendly, though the telescopes at the terrace are sadly too high for wheelchair users.

Tsing Ma Bridge / Ma Wan Park

One of the best things about travelling to the airport is seeing Tsing Ma Bridge in all its glory. Although it may still be a while before international travel resumes, you can easily get a view of Hong Kong’s answer to the Golden Gate Bridge from Ma Wan, with some added artsiness from the poles on the platform in the shape of a giant bird.

Park Island is easily reached by bus or ferry from Central, Tsing Yi, Tsuen Wan, and Kwai Fong. Within Ma Wan Park, visitors can encounter gorgeous views of Tsing Ma Bridge from Hilltop Lookout, a flat, paved platform that can be accessed by a barrier-free ramp. Once you are done marvelling at the bridge and snapping photos for Instagram, you can also check out the park’s other sights—the “Sweet Garden” area is a particularly beautiful spot, with a wrought-iron gate and tunnel, as well as a beautiful old pavilion that is popular with couples.

Photo: West Kowloon Cultural District

West Kowloon Cultural District

With its panoramic views of Hong Kong Island’s skyline and flat, easily navigable paths, the West Kowloon Cultural District is one of the best places for wheelchair users to explore and have a scenic day. The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority even has a dedicated Accessibility Office, which you can email to arrange a guided tour of the area.

If you would prefer to explore the cultural destination on your own, however, the best views can currently be enjoyed from the waterfront promenade adjacent to the Art Park. Now that M+ is open, we predict that its horizon terrace and lush roof garden will also be popular spots for wheelchair users to view the sunset.

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Tai Mo Shan

As the biggest peak in Hong Kong, the view from Tai Mo Shan (which literally translates to “Big Hat Mountain”) is one of the most staggering, awe-inspiring sights around. While the hike itself is not wheelchair accessible at all, you can drive up Route Twisk to the Rotary Club Park car park, which is very close to the mountaintop.

Given that the parking spaces are small and limited, your best bet is to head up bright and early—perhaps during sunrise, to catch the morning mist rolling over the hills below—and then venture back down for some well-deserved dim sum at Duen Kee afterwards. Barrier-free toilets and car parking spaces are also available at the Tai Mo Shan Visitor Centre further down the mountain.

Note: Access to the Rotary Club Park is currently prohibited due to the government’s Covid regulations on campsites. Please check the current regulations before visiting.


As the tallest building in Hong Kong, taking pride of place in West Kowloon, the ICC has what may be the most spectacular vantage point of the city (unless you are counting helicopters). Take advantage of the towering skyscraper’s vertiginous views at the Sky100 observation deck, which is accessible by an atmospheric glass elevator. Once there, you will find 360-degree views of the city from an unparalleled birds-eye perspective.

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Photo: @oleg.manzhura (via Instagram)

Tai Tam Reservoir

With its beautiful mountain scenery and flat paths and walkways, the Tai Tam Reservoir is a popular choice for wheelchair users looking for an accessible, easy nature walk. From the Tai Tam Country Park South Entrance, you can take a three-kilometre accessible hike to the Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir Masonry Bridge to see its graceful arches above the glassy water— alternatively, you can drive (or take a cab) along Tai Tam Reservoir Road for a scenic journey.

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