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Indulge in sky-high birthday celebrations at sky100

By Localiiz Branded | 19 October 2021

Affixed upon the hundredth floor of the tallest building in Hong Kong—the International Commerce Centre (ICC)—sky100 is Hong Kong’s one and only first-rate viewing spot that offers an all-encompassing panorama of the whole city. Sweeping through the skyline to encompass Victoria Harbour, the vantage passes along all the domains of Hong Kong, before circling back to complete an unparalleled 360-degree flourish.

More than just a viewing platform, this world-class indoor observation deck is brimming with untapped fun and is a great location for your next birthday celebration with family and friends. Check out our list of sky-high celebrations to dive into at sky100, and fill your birthdays with unforgettable memories that will have you feeling on top of the world!


The Prelude: A ride to the sky in one minute

This big ascent to the premier sky100 Observation Deck is perfect for setting the tone of your visit, making for a thrilling ride full of anticipation. The altitudinous observation deck stands at a gob-smacking 393 metres above sea level, yet only takes around 60 seconds to reach using the fastest double-deck elevator in the entire city! Step into a glossy elevator clad in gleaming panels and feel the anticipation build as you rush headfirst on a journey skywards under its atmospheric flashes of indigo and sky-teal lights.


The views say it all

Located at the centre of the city, sky100’s 360-degree panoramic views of Hong Kong are what the observation deck is famous for. It has been said that even if you had put on your hiking gear and climbed up Hong Kong’s highest mountain, the views you see from its peak would still be hard to compare to the one from sky100.

At sky100, you can admire the magnificent skyline of Hong Kong Island’s landmarks, as well as the uniquely compact cityscape of the Kowloon peninsula, and the emerald outlying islands, namely Lantau Island and Cheung Chau. There are numerous locations that you can snap some jaw-dropping profile pictures for your social media to wow your friends!

A tenet to remember when striving for front-cover-worthy photos is to “find your light.” There is no better place to catch the best lighting and attain the perfect naturally lit glow than during sunset hours. This magic timeframe at sky100 is famously hard to beat, and being stationed at this high point on a clear evening makes for stunning portraits and incomparable shots of the city awash under soft golden hues.


Explore AR among the clouds

Get up close and personal with the skyscrapers thanks to the special AR effects of the official sky100 mobile app, which edits in photorealistic elements to show you flying high amongst the clouds. With the help of the augmented reality function built into the app, you can try your hand at paragliding above the elusive Victoria Harbour, or spurt to 490 metres tall to stand side-by-side next to the ICC.

What’s more, you can even virtually project your “Happy Birthday” message on the façade of the ICC! Have a blast snapping cutesy photos to plaster all over your Instagram story and profile using the frames provided in-app, each of them featuring quirky illustrations that represent a piece of Hong Kong’s many unique attractions.


Fun for the little ones and the young at heart

While grown-ups can marvel at the amazing skyline and happily snap away taking gorgeous portraits, the SmarTone 5G LAB at sky100 offers perfect fun for the little ones and those who are young at heart! Since its opening in May, the 5G LAB has been a popular destination for kids all around. The exhibition not only helps them to become better acquainted with, and to embrace the real-life applications of this exciting new tech, the seamlessly integrated hands-on interactivity also gives the kids a lot of “edutaining” opportunities.

The Smart Transport installation presents insight on how 5G has been used to battle problems in bus route connectivity from the past, as well as offering a KMB check-in spot for children to experience being a bus captain first-hand! There is also the riveting Smart Retail post that displays the technology that will refresh our current day shopping experiences. Strap in and get ready for some heart rate-raising VR games, like the 5G Driving Battle that unfolds in real-time, or the VR Scaffolding Freefall that tests your daredevil tendencies.


Have a mini birthday party up in the sky

Let’s bring the birthday celebration to new heights! Treat your loved ones to the breathtaking skyline at 393 metres and a tantalising a birthday cake from Café 100 by The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. The Café 100 Birthday Celebration Package is an exclusive offer for Hong Kong residents to enjoy during their birthday month, with the package already including admission to sky100 for two, as well as a half-pound chocolate cake served alongside coffee or tea of your choice. The rich chocolate flavour is combined with the soft and moist sponge cake, then topped with a chocolate plaque, making it the best birthday gift for your beloved one!

Fancy celebrating with a bigger circle? You can opt for the Café 100 Mini Birthday Party Package, which includes admission to sky100 for up to four people. Aside from the mouth-watering chocolate cake, you can choose up to two kinds of party snacks from the à la carte menu as well. sky100 has also handpicked some party favours for you to take some Instagrammable shots with, in front of the magnificent skyline as an impeccable backdrop, turning into lasting happy memories with your family or your best friends!


Give your loved one a little surprise

Planning for a romantic birthday surprise? Message of Love may just be the right activity for you. Message of Love is a personalised message service, letting you to express your love at the heart fluttering altitude of 393 metres! Besides “Happy Birthday,” you can choose from four other pre-set animated messages, including “I Love You,” “Will You Marry Me?,” “Happy Anniversary,” and “Congratulations.”

Simply log onto the sky100 website, select your preferred animated message together with the names of you and your beloved, and your romantic declaration will be projected on the nine-metre screen at your selected designated date and time! What’s more, there is also an exclusive premium option of this package that comes with a bouquet and Champagne celebration offered up at Café 100.


An award-winning destination, sky100 offers locals and tourists the most stunning viewing point to admire Hong Kong from, alongside a treasure trove of fun activities and exhibits to make for unforgettable experiences. Dine, shop, play, and most importantly, soak it all in via their iconic space that lies 393 metres above sea level.

100/F, International Commerce Centre (ICC), 1 Austin Road West, West Kowloon

(+852) 2613 3888