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7 most romantic outdoor spots in Hong Kong

By Beverly Ngai 11 February 2022 | Last Updated 3 February 2023

Header image courtesy of Happygloria.cla1402 (via Wikimedia Commons)

With the recent Covid-19 wave putting a crimp in many people’s Valentine’s Day plans, couples are scrambling to find alternative ways to celebrate the holiday of love. While a candlelit dinner at your favourite restaurant is off the cards this year, there are plenty of romantic outdoor places around the city where you can enjoy a dreamy date and get the sparks flying with a fun new activity! From secluded beaches and pretty promenades to sunset-watching summits, here are the most romantic outdoor spots in Hong Kong to explore together with your special person.

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Photo: Happygloria.cla1402 (via Wikimedia Commons)

Ha Pak Nai

Unwind and bond with your S.O. with a romantic beach escape and an extraordinary sunset to set the tone. Touted as one of Hong Kong’s best sunset spots, Ha Pak Nai is a stunning wetland area along the shores of Deep Bay in northwestern New Territories. Made up of a shallow beach, mangroves, and mudflats, the uninterrupted, mirror-flat landscape makes the area ideal for long sunset strolls by the sea. It’s easy to feel sparks in the air as you listen to the sounds of the sea and watch the sky light up in a dramatic display of golden and lilac hues.

Photo: WiNG (via Wikimedia Commons)

Tai Long Wan

If you want to truly get away from it all and spend some quality time with your loved one, look no further than this secluded bay along the eastern coast of Sai Kung. While its soft-sand, postcard-perfect beaches are not exactly a secret among Hong Kong’s outdoor enthusiasts, Tai Long Wan is remote enough that it retains its pristine natural charm, evoking the tranquil moods of a private seashore hideaway.

From surfing and hiking to taking a dip in the gorgeous Sai Wan rock pools, there is no shortage of adrenaline-fueled activities for couples to bond over, but for the truly adventurous types, why not make an unforgettable overnight getaway out of it and spend a night under canvas? Camping kiosks in Sai Wan and Ham Tin allow you to rent all sorts of equipment for your camping escapade. Click here to read our detailed guide to Tai Long Wan.

Photo: Summa06 (via Wikimedia Commons)

Inspiration Lake

Located just a short stroll away from the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland, Inspiration Lake has the same charm and fairytale magic as its popular next-door neighbour—but without the crowds and long queues. From the picturesque man-made lake and lush arboretum to the landscaped lawns, everything about this tranquil oasis inspires romance. After an afternoon of cruising around on a pedal boat and exploring the scenic park, roll out a blanket by the water’s edge, fluff up some pillows, and cosy up with a picture-perfect picnic.

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Photo: @hk_hiking_trail_hugo (via Instagram)

Tai Hang Tun

Fancy adding an adventurous twist to your romantic rendezvous? Venture out to the coastal Tai Hang Tun in Clear Water Bay Country Park and enjoy a little stargazing with your partner. Overlooking the Clear Water Bay Peninsula and surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, this lush green wonderland lends itself as a gorgeous spot for a host of outdoor activities, including picnics, kite-flying, hiking, and barbecues. When night draws in, the romantic mood comes into full swing as the area quiets and the sky turns into a royal blue canvas studded with twinkling jewels—an impeccable backdrop for loved-up duos seeking to capture a precious moment.

Photo: Wpcpey (via Wikimedia Commons)

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park

Boasting a whopping 23,000 square metres of recreational space in the prime waterfront address of the former Kai Tak Airport, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park claims the title of Hong Kong‘s largest rooftop garden. Besides offering ample open green space for visitors to spread out and enjoy themselves, the area is also beautifully decorated with a water fountain plaza, an elevated viewing deck, and pathways lined with enchanting blooms. At night, the park comes to life with the twinkling glow of the Victoria Harbour skyline, adding to a heightened sense of romance.

Photo: @westkowloon (via Instagram)

West Kowloon Art Park

There’s a reason why West Kowloon Art Park has become a favourite date spot amongst so many couples—it has everything you need to spark a little romance. Occupying a frontier space in the West Kowloon Cultural District, the dog-friendly park comes with spacious green lawns, a lovely stone-paved promenade flanked by palm trees, seaside restaurants and cafés, tantalising sunset views, and even occasional live music performances. If you can, we’d recommend going early to claim your spot of grass or visiting on a weekday to avoid the crowds altogether.

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Photo: @dr.christopersee (via Instagram)

Red Incense Burner Hill

Red is the colour of romance, and nowhere does that play out more clearly than at the summit of Red Incense Burner Hill, where crimson sunset hues set the stage for a moment that can only be meltingly romantic. Only a short trek away from Tai Hang, Red Incense Burner Hill boasts an accessible and beginner-friendly hiking trail that allows you to take in the most seductive side of Hong Kong’s skyline and sunset. At the top of the hill are some large boulders where you can sit side by side with your beloved and savour the enchanting scenery.

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Beverly Ngai


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