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6 best places for flying kites in Hong Kong

By Beverly Ngai 24 November 2020 | Last Updated 1 March 2024

Header image courtesy of Wang Sing (via Shutterstock)

Autumn in Hong Kong may be brief, but when it’s here, it brings forth the most delightful breezes and clear, sunny skies. Compounded with a peaceful patch of open space, you have the perfect conditions for kite-flying; and luckily, our city has no shortage of expansive fields and grassy hills. So whether you want to take up a relaxing new hobby or make great memories with your little ones, it’s high time to embark on an exhilarating kite-flying adventure. Check out our round-up for the best places for flying kites in Hong Kong!

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Photo: @shayne_faulkner (via Instagram)

Nai Chung

Grab your kites and venture to Nai Chung for some fresh air and a refreshing change of scenery not too far from urban conveniences. Occupying the eastern end of Ma On Shan, this quiet countryside sanctuary amalgamates pebbled shorelines, unencumbered sea views, and smooth updrafts, lending an optimal setting for some high-flying entertainment.

Soak in far-reaching sights of Tolo Harbour and the mountainous ranges of Pat Sin Leng as you let your kite hover aloft in the breezy seaside airs. Don’t already own a kite? No worries—you can easily purchase one at one of the small local shops nearby!

Photo: @yukanta (via Instagram)

Grass Island

When it comes to strong winds and vast stretches of unobstructed space, Grass Island is your best bet. And it’s no surprise, given its far-flung location in the northeastern corner of the New Territories, accessible only by ferry from Wong Shek Pier or Ma Liu Shui Pier.

Set in rolling green hills and surrounded by rocky seaside shores, this tranquil island boasts an unparalleled backdrop to host kites of all shapes, colours, and sizes. Find the best launching spot on the huge grassy plateau by the seashore, where there’s ample space for you to roam around, superior wind conditions, and magnificent views to boot!

Photo: @saraslifeabroad (via Instagram)

Shek O Back Beach

Often overshadowed by the popular Shek O Main Beach, this smaller back beach is a hidden gem in its own rights. For starters, it is quieter and less trafficked, meaning you won't have to worry about fighting crowds for an open space to unleash your kite.

The breezes here are also known to blow steadily and consistently due to its sea-facing location, as if designed for the whimsical sport. And to top things off, you can easily make a day out of it exploring the adjoining beachside neighbourhood that brims with pastel-painted buildings, local eateries, and family-friendly recreational activities!

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Photo: @ariel_sotohp (via Instagram)

Tai Au Mun Kite Flying Area

With a large, spacious cliffside clearing overlooking Clearwater Bay, Tai Au Mun Kite Flying Area practically begs for kites to be flown in its windy airs. This recreational spot is located just a short 20-minute walk away from the Clearwater Bay Country Park Road within the equally named country park.

During the day, one can expect the site’s skies to be adorned with dozens of vibrantly-coloured kites, steered by first-time kite-fliers and seasoned pros alike. Stay until after the sun goes down and you will witness the heavens turn into a visual feast of the celestial type, attracting astrology enthusiasts and romantic couples for a satisfying night of stargazing.

Click here for more information on how to get to Tai Au Mun Kite Flying Area.

Photo: @issc._.choi (via Instagram)

Plover Cove Reservoir

Scenic beauty and a plethora of outdoor activities await at Plover Cove Reservoir. Flaunting an enormous two-kilometre main dam that provides jaw-dropping vistas of expansive blue waters on both sides, this adventurer’s paradise caters to everything from windsurfing and kayaking to cycling, barbecuing, and of course, kite-flying.

Plover Cove Reservoir is usually abuzz with visitors (especially during the weekends). Head to the far southeastern end of the reservoir to set your kite in motion. You won’t regret it the trek across the gorgeous dam—it’s an awe-inspiring experience within itself!

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Photo: @dijgig (via Instagram)

Tai Po Waterfront Park

If you’re looking for a chill spot to kick back and relax while taking in a mesmerising overhead display of colourful kites dancing in the sky, Tai Po Waterfront Park is an easy choice. The winds here are strong enough to pick up your kites, but significantly gentler than your typical beachside gusts, rendering it a great locale for spreading your blankets to enjoy an afternoon picnic after an invigorating kite-flying session.

Apart from the sprawling grassy lawn dedicated for kite-flying, you can also find landscaped flowers gardens, an insect enclosure, a peaceful promenade, and a spiralling observation tower within the park’s premises.

Click here for more information on how to get to Tai Po Waterfront Park.

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