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Quiz: How well do you know Hong Kong’s hiking trails?

By David Yeung 13 October 2020 | Last Updated 18 March 2022

Header image courtesy of Jen Loong (via Unsplash)

Hong Kong: highly versatile and colourfully juxtaposed. You can find yourself wandering around in a dense, urban space and from one moment to the next, emerge from the concrete jungle for a day trip into Hong Kong’s wilderness. Whether it is camping or hiking, boating or watersports, Hong Kong has us endlessly spoiled with options for staying active. Needless to say, hiking may be one of the most popular hobbies and outdoor recreational sports to do over the weekend, as we are gifted with mountainous slopes throughout the city.

From Victoria Peak and Tai Mo Shan to Lantau Peak and much more, the convenience of hiking and the rewarding views are second to none. While you have almost certainly been on a hike before in Hong Kong, how much do you really know about the trails, mountains, and terrains you have set foot on? Put your knowledge to the test and see if you can guess these facts about Hong Kong’s hiking trails!

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Be honest: How many of these questions on Hong Kong’s hiking trails did you get right? Take our quiz again if you want to take another stab at a better score, or share this quiz with your friends and see if they are couch potatoes or master climbers.

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David Yeung


Born and raised in Hong Kong, David is a recent high school graduate embarking on a gap year. He is always interested in writing and sharing stories that tend to be unnoticed. When he is not in the office typing away, you may find him taking photographs, running around the city, hiking, swimming in the ocean, or just chilling with a nice book at bay.