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13 Weird Potato Chips Flavours You Can Find in Hong Kong

By Doris Lam 16 July 2019
Hong Kong’s home to innovative restaurants… and potato chips. We’ve rounded up some of the best experimental potato chip flavours you can find in the city. From wonton to Hainanese chicken flavour, these chips are everything but boring.

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Photo Courtesy of Calbee

1. Sham Tseng Roast Goose Flavour

To celebrate Calbee’s 25th anniversary in Hong Kong, they introduced two Hong Kong flavours, including a Sham Tseng Roast Goose flavour, paying tribute to Sham Tseng’s well-known speciality. Those who like the meaty, intense flavour of goose better pick a packet up quick! Available online and in stores at ParknShop supermarkets
Photo Courtesy of Calbee

2. Wonton Flavour 

There’s no doubt that wonton noodles play a big part in Hong Kong’s cuisine. For the second flavour of Calbee’s anniversary special, they introduced a Wonton flavour that is milder in taste when compared to the roast goose chips, making it the perfect mid-day snack when you’re craving something lighter.  Available online, in stores at ParknShop supermarkets and 7-11

3. Taiwanese-Style Sweet and Sour Beef Flavour

Imitating the flavour of sweet and sour vinegar space ribs, Pringle’s Taiwanese-Style Sweet and Sour Beef flavour balances out the tanginess of vinegar and sweetness evenly. After the initial bite, you will find hints of savoury spice and garlic seeping through.  Available at 7-11

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4. Taiwanese-Style Garlic Shrimp 

Get ready for some garlicky shrimp flavour explosion in your mouth. Pringle’s Taiwanese-Style Garlic Shrimp flavour tastes exactly that, combining the strong aroma of garlic with the brininess of the sea.  Available at 7-11 
Photo Courtesy of F.EAST

5. Laksa Noodle

Many potato chip brands have tried to copy Singapore’s iconic laksa flavour before, but none of the brands was actually from Singapore—until F.EAST. Launched in 2017 by a Singaporean couple, their chips have won the Best New Brand award at the Asia Food Innovation Awards 2018. For the Laksa flavour, heavy coconut and herby flavours from the Vietnamese coriander, also known as the “laksa leaf”.  Available at 7-11 and Wellcome supermarkets
Photo Courtesy of F.EAST

6. Hainanese Chicken Rice

F.EAST’S Hainanese Chicken Rice potato chip flavour brings together the fragrance of ginger, sesame oil, and chicken. If thinking about Hainanese chicken makes your mouth water, then make sure you stock up on these to cure your cravings.  Available at 7-11 and Wellcome supermarkets

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Photo Courtesy of F.EAST

7. Egg Prata with Fish Curry

The spiciest flavour in F.EAST’s Singaporean chips collection has to be the Egg Prata with Fish Curry flavour. Emulating the flavours of Roti Prata, a South Indian flatbread made with ghee mixture and savoury fish curry, only try this one if you have a strong spice tolerance! Available at 7-11 and Wellcome supermarkets
Photo Courtesy of Calbee

8. Tom Yum Goong

Sweet and sour soup, a.k.a. Tom Yum Goong, is a signature dish that defines Thai cuisine, making it a must-order when visiting a Thai restaurant. Tom Yum soup’s spicy, tangy and addictive flavour plus Calbee’s potato chips are basically a match made in heaven. Available online and in stores at ParknShop supermarkets

Calbee Chilli Crab

Photo Courtesy of Calbee

9. Singapore Chilli Crab 

Chilli crab was listed by CNN Go as one of the world’s 50 most delicious foods in 2011, which explains why these Singapore Chilli Crab flavour Calbee chips are so popular. Expect strong flavours of tomato, crab, and a kick of chilli.  Available online and in stores at ParknShop supermarkets
Photo Courtesy of Calbee

10. Cucumber

There’s no need to take a trip to Shenzhen for Lay’s cucumber-flavoured potato chips anymore. Calbee’s Cucumber flavour potato chips are slightly denser than Lay’s, but just as tasty.  Available at 7-11
Photo Courtesy of Calbee

11. Kimchi

With the growing popularity of K-pop and Korean skincare in Hong Kong, it’s not too surprising to see kimchi flavoured chips. What is surprising, however, is Calbee’s Kimchi shrimp crackers. We’ve seen kimchi-flavoured tortilla chips and regular chips… but shrimp crackers? That’s a whole new level.  Available at 7-11 and supermarkets

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Photo Courtesy of Calbee

12. Yuzu Pepper

While fruit-flavoured chips are usually unappetising, Calbee’s Yuzu Pepper shrimp crackers balance the flavours perfectly, mellowing the acidity of citrus with a dash of spicy pepper.

Available at 7-11 and supermarkets

Photo Courtesy of Calbee

13. Sichuan Laziji Chicken 

Sichuan is famous for its intimidatingly spicy dishes, including Sichuan Laziji chicken, a dish that consists of marinated chicken dish cooked with dried Sichuan chilli peppers, spicy bean paste and even more Sichuan peppers. Thankfully, Calbee’s Sichuan Laziji Chicken corn chips are significantly less intimidating and much more snack-able. Available at 7-11 and supermarkets

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