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VIDEO: An Eerily Beautiful Look at the Flow of Hong Kong

By Localiiz 7 April 2015
We love this black and white time-lapse about the 'Flow' of Hong Kong City. Created by the talented team at production house SSL, we think it perfectly captures the relentless pulse of energy and never-ending flow of traffic and footsteps on the streets. We asked Dennis Dung of SSL to tell us more about this video. Here's what he told us. "The city is formed by individuals – living, working; with no people there will be no city. In the city people work together, flowing, living. Roads are like blood vessels in human bodies, and people are the blood in the vessels, circulating in them, transporting nutrients and energies to this city, and meanwhile bringing away waste. Hong Kong is such a dynamic city, and the source of this flow. I don’t think the individuals are useless. This operation requires the power from everybody to put effort in order to work out. "My recent project on photography is to record this phenomenon with a slow camera shutter. This year I am working with SSL Production. We have spent some time, put in some efforts, and expressed our thoughts to push this project to a higher level, and to turn flat art into dynamic scenery with more tension. "This time-lapse photography is to combine individual photos. For example, this time we picked the busiest places in Hong Kong. In order to create the effect of slow shutter, each photo has to be underexposed for a few seconds or longer. Then we made the photos into video with 24 photos per second. We were shooting non-stop at every place, and it took a few hours to shoot photos to select the best effect. Therefore, the project takes a few months to finish."  

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